Autel AP200 MaxiAP

Autel AP200 MaxiAP: Both iOS & Android Compatible OBD2 Review

The suffering of the car owners soared when they faced some regularities in the car’s function. And it tends to be a headwind where exactly the defect has occurred and to resolve this adversity, they started to find a possible solution to prevent those by themselves. It is no wonder that tons of car scanning devices are available on the market, and it needs exquisite acumen to figure out which is trustworthy for scanning the car. For maintaining that aspect, here we present the most powerful scanning tool, the Autel ap-200 scanning device. This Autel AP200 review article will trigger the salient features and some perspective differences from the other models.

Technical Specification of Autel AP200 MaxiAP OBD2 Sanner

FeaturesAutel AP200
Dimensions: 2.32 x 1.73 x 0.85 inches
Input Voltage Range:9 VDC to 26 VDC
Communications:BL 4.2 Dual-Mode
Wireless Frequency:2.4 GHz
Supply Current:100 mA@12 V
Sleep Mode Current:3 mA@12 V
Storage Temperature:-20°C to 70°C
Operating Temperature:0°C to 50°C
Operating System:IOS, Android
Batteries:1 AA batteries required.
Price:Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Autel AP200 Maxiap Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Review

The wireless diagnostic interface AP200 is one of the minuscule interface adapters that is incorporated to maintain the link between a vehicle’s diagnostic connector and vehicle data transmission. This device is compatible with both ios and android devices, adds a fantastic glimpse to it, and turns it into a dark horse of the scanning device arena. The AP200 comes with a powerful Bluetooth connector and a Super functional AP200 app. It is regarded as the perfect all-rounder tool for car owners and mechanics who are searching for simple OBD-II scanning. The vehicle-specific diagnostic functions are too rigid, whereas a universal compatible model can be impressive. Autel AP200 Maxiap Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

Another tremendous feature is that it can transmit vehicle data to the screen of the device in a quick and super fast manner. The Bluetooth gets coverage of more than 33 feet range which is humungous. The signal lost its accurate position after it moved outside the range of Bluetooth, but no worries because it will automatically be restored once the device is brought within transmission range. The unit powers if it is linked with the OBD-II compliant data link connector (DLC).

Some opposing sides of Autel AP200 you need to know 

A communication error occurs if the AP200 sees a failure to locate the vehicle’s control module when performing service procedures. If you want a decent result, follow the steps first, and ensure that the ignition is on. Check that the AP200 connector is perfectly connected to the vehicle’s OBD-II port. Now Turn the ignition button off and wait for a few moments. Then turn the ignition back on and restart the operation. Finally, verify the control module and that it must not be defective. These might be the legit reasons for the vehicle linking error.

Vehicle Compatibility

Compatibility is a big issue for car scanners, but it is not the case for the Autel ap-200 scanning device. It is compatible with almost all the models that are manufactured after early 2000. Renowned car brands like Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, BMW, Suzuki, and many more. The vehicle supports the 16-pin OBD II port and protocol. It would read clear codes on all supported vehicles, but the special functions may apply differently for each model, and there is another astonishing fact that this Bluetooth-compatible device can be used from a decent distance. 

Advanced Features Autel Maxiap AP200 Full System Diagnostic Scan Tool

The tremendous scanning device Autel ap-200 is here to solve almost all of your car issues. Autel has arranged this scanning device with many bone-chilling features that save car owners from discrepancies. Let us discuss the colossal features of this scanner,Autel Maxiap AP200 Scan Tool

Complete System Diagnosis

Some decades ago, you needed to have purchased different scanner tools for scanning some exact portion of the car. But Autel ap-200 can single-handedly scan almost all the parts of the car, including the engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, Tires management, and many more, within a few minutes. But your mobile phone needs to have adequate storage and specifications to perform the diagnosis process efficiently and smoothly.

Mobile App support 

A certain mobile app is available from the scanning device company that is completely free of cost when purchased with the product. But extra payment should be imposed if you need another brand scanning tool. As long as your phone is compatible with the app, you will be able to operate the scanners with no issues. You can find this app on the android apps play store platform. The customer care of Autel is open seven days and twenty-four hours, so you can contact them in case you have faced any issues.

EPB Reset module 

The applications of the EPB (Electric Parking Brake) assign both initiation and discontinuation of the brake control system. The brake fluid control, opening and closing of brake pads, and setting of brakes must be well-governed. The EPB control system requires closure before carrying out any diagnostic braking system. The EPB control system is readjusted after the repairing process work has been completed. This reactivation process can be achieved from the tool menu.

Advanced OCV technology 

The OCV technology means the scanning device can scan the entire oil control valve system. The engine oil life system inaugurates an optimal oil life change interval. The Oil-control system must be initiated every time the oil is replaced, so the system can realize when the next oil change is initiated. It is completely an alien section that governs the vehicle’s fuel level, viscosity, and density of the oil. The oil control valve’s filter is sometimes occupied by lots of cognitive dust that mostly fails the normal operation of the entire car.maxiap ap200

SRS Service

SRS means the supplemental restraint system related to the vehicle’s airbag system. The Airbag reset service model administers the functioning status of the supplemental restraint system. SRS is an operation-preventing formula that includes Impact initiation Sensors, Vehicle Control modules, and airbags. When the impact sensors see something is going to be wrong, they send a lightning-fast signal to the control module, then the signal to the airbags module gets activated. When the control module sneaks out an inconvenience in the airbags or sensors mechanism, the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) will turn on. The steering wheels, dashboards, and security system are pursued according to the illumination of the MIL.

If the SRS system gets banged, it seeks help from the internal cushioning portion of the car. On the Service page, manually select a vehicle make, and then tap the diagnosis or hot function section to choose the specific function you prefer.

BMS in operation 

To maintain the mechanism’s simplicity, assume that the actual battery is recapitulated by a brand-new version of the automated battery. A lead-acid battery is inserted with an AGM battery to accommodate the entire implication. The vehicle needs a refreshing and reprogramming of the overhyped battery type in addition to checking the real battery management. Check the vehicle manual for additional vehicle-specific information.

The BMS (Battery Management System) sanctions the scanning device to evaluate the battery charge rate. If you want to recuperate the close-circuit current, then make sure that the battery is replaced with a more conclusive one and activate the rest state of the vehicle. So if the battery charge is not sufficient, then the actual rate must be replaced. If there is insufficient charging power to operate the car, recharge it at any automaker’s station. The sub-functioning test screens of the BMS may vary for different test vehicles. 

TPMS at its best

Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS governs the tire management section of the vehicle, and it starts to blink the MIL if there are any sorts of tires leaking or low tire air pressure. This function is closely related to the vehicle’s ECU. TPMS and sensor tests can identify all the possible issues that cause harm to the car’s tire. The tire pressure monitor system application is also enlisted in the Autel scanning device, and anyone without having sound knowledge of vehicle management can also apprehend the total procedure.

DPF system support 

A diesel particulate filter, or DPF, is responsible for reducing the emissions from the vehicle. DPF regeneration and DPF component replacement are all associated with the engine control unit (ECU). The DPF regeneration is pretty much obvious in maintaining a sound filtering system. You must obtain a prolonged high exhaust temperature to initiate the vehicle smoothly. If the vehicle needs to be driven to perform a DPF service, you always have to have a backup system. Obtaining a complete diagnostic system and reading out relevant manual guides will help have a sound internal vehicle system.

IMMO redirecting 

The IMMO service makes you safe and authorized. Manual operation is sometimes necessary when you need to operate particular tests or check engine-related components. The IMMO service is completely reprehensible from your device, but the functionalities may vary slightly for each compatible vehicle. If the IMMO code is correct, the ECU allows the fuel supply and ignition systems to initiate and start the car. If the code is not correct, the ECU disables the system, and the car will be unable to start if you do not put the right key in the ignition chamber. 

AutoVIN Retrieval module 

This enables the scanner to provide you with more intuitive data that are very helpful if you want to manage the problems more thoroughly. It can quickly scan and diagnose the actual problems in your vehicle. You wouldn’t necessarily redo the diagnostic session for the corresponding vehicle as the scanner keeps the history records of the previous tests.maxiap ap200

SAS Supported

SAS means the steering and suspension system in vehicle operation. The front and steering wheels should be set precisely at the calibration section. Additionally, the vehicle identification number (VIN) is also retrieved from the instrument cluster and collected permanently in the steering angle sensor (SAS). The entrance of the connector hub from the steering angle sensor to the column, wheel alignment, or wheel track adjustment must be well maintained.

Scan Live data

Live data can be very helpful for knowing the actual issue that may have occurred in the vehicle. It includes the measurement of the RPMs, temperatures, speed, and volts. You can also investigate things like the fuel system and its real-time status. The live data recording feature is prominent for intermittent problems that may not initiate a DTC error. It can record more than a hundred frames of live data. These are like the freeze-frame data that is stored upon a DTC event.

Is The Autel AP200 Better Than The AP200C?

  • Both are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that also provides a remote diagnosis.
  • Both of them are supported on Android and iOS devices. 
  • They are available for a wide range of vehicles across the world.
  • The Autel AP200 can diagnose oil reset, EFB, SAS,  throttle service, and many more. At the same time, some of the features are missing in the Autel AP200C.
  • Autel AP200C is a brand-specific software system. On the other hand, Autel AP200 is compatible with almost every possible car model.
  • There exists a clear price difference, and the AP200C is more cost-effective than the Autel AP200.

Recommendation: The Autel AP200 is more compact and cheaper than the AP200C

Autel AP200 vs. Bluedriver: Staggering differences 

  • Both of the scanning devices are compatible with Bluetooth adapter, and the type of scanner is OBD2 supported.
  • The AutoVIN Retrieval module is present in both models and compatible with many car brands.
  • Both of them can diagnose almost every module in the cars.
  • The prime difference is in their price tag. Bluedriver can cost you nearly a hundred dollars, whereas Autel AP200 is available at almost half the price of the former.
  • Autel AP200 supports the provision of an Online Diagnostic Report, whereas Bluedriver does not provide this advantage. 
  • Real-time Data Streaming is available in the Autel AP200 but not in the Bluedriver model.

Recommendation: I recommend the Autel AP200 over the Bluedrive for its affordable price and advanced features.


  • Does the software have an expiration date that comes with the Autel AP200?

The answer is absolutely no. Autel is giving you a lifetime of free-of-cost updated software with the box. You do not need to pay extra dollars for the purchase of this software package, but I want to be clear that if you need another set or brand of software, then you can purchase them with extra bucks, and the expiry period of that software package will be the utmost 12 months.

  • Is the Autel AP200 scanning device compatible with both ios and Android platforms?

I have good news for you: now you can have a splendid Autel AP200 scanner that is user-friendly with both the ios and android platforms. That saves you lots of money, as it is a kind of two-in-one scheme. But some researchers show that this scanner works more efficiently on android platforms.  

  • Is Autel AP200 compatible with the Toyota car models?

This is a kind of device that is universally compatible with almost any car brand, including the Toyota brand car that was manufactured after 1996. Besides Toyota, it also scans the cars of Maruti, Buggati, BMW, Nissan, and so on.

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