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Autel Autolink AL619 ABS/SRS/Engine OBD2 Scanner Review

Autel AL619The Autel AL619 diagnostic scan tool is a great OBD2 scanner for beginner technicians, mechanics, or DIY enthusiasts who want to advance from a basic code reader to an advanced scanner. Basic code readers are amazing and easy to use, but they’re only suitable for small tasks like reading and clearing error codes.
For those who want an Autel brand scanner at an affordable price, the Autel AL619 is a great diagnostic tool to acquire. It is sold at a very fair price but comes with additional features that basic scanners lack. The AL619 automotive OBD2 scanner can determine why the check engine light, SRS, or ABS warning lights are on. Read this Autel AL619 review to know more about this scanner.AL619 Scanner

This Autel Autolink AL619 scan tool provides similar features as the Autel Al519 OBD2 scanner, but it also features ABS & SRS system diagnosis, code reading, and clearing. In addition, it covers more than 50 vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, it is a wonderful device to have if you deal with more than two car models.

Technical Specifications of the Autel AL619 Autolink OBD-II scan tool

FeaturesAutel AL619 Car Scanner
Works:All 1996 or older vehicles
Display:TFT color display
Check Engine Light:Yes
SRS, ABS Airbag:Yes
Views freeze frame data:Yes
Retrieves generic vehicle information:IN, CIN and CVN
Reads, Stores, and Playback Live PCM DataStream:Yes
Displays monitor and I/M readiness status(emissions):Yes
Retrieve and Clear Codes in Anti Lock Braking System (ABS):Yes
Model Support:Over 50 different vehicle
O2 Sensor Monitor Tests:Yes
Vehicle Service Type:GM, Ford, BMW, Chrysler, Volvo, Honda, VW, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, etc.
Update option:Lifetime Free Update
Warranty:One Year Warranty
Price:Autel AL619 ReviewCheck Today’s Price

Remember, Autel al619 is a perfect tool for srs and abs but not suitable for professional use. If you want more advanced features like EPB, Airbag, and Oil Reset features, then Autel Maxidiag Elite MD802 or Autel MaxiCheck Pro scanner. You have to double your budget to get this tool.

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Autel AL619 Diagnostic Scanner- Review in 2023

  • The Autel AL619 is a versatile code reader as it is able to retrieve manufacturer-specific, generic, and pending codes.
  • This scanner has the ability to diagnose and erase both the anti-lock braking system and the safety restraint system. These two are very important safety features for any car.
  • Apart from providing a visual display with LEDs, the AL619 as well offers audio sounds. This built-in audio technique informs the user when the scanner is done scanning and fully repaired.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of OBD1, OBD2, and CAN compliant vehicles. This includes more than 50 car brands from Asia, Europe, and the domestic market.
  • It is of a compact design and lightweight as it only measures 4.1 by 1.5 by 7.8 inches. With these two features, this is a simple-to-use and portable car diagnostic code reader.
  • It as well features IM messaging, which offers the user the capacity to get live data feeds and the ability to check the status of emissions.
  • The Autel AL619 performs a wide range of functions, such as retrieving vehicle information, retrieving and clearing codes in ABS & SRS, viewing freeze frame data, and reading, storing, and playing a live data stream.

Features Details: Autel AL619 Autolink Scanner

Extensive vehicle coverage

One of the main reasons why people advance from a basic OBD2 scan tool to a more advanced code reader is to cover more vehicles and perform a wide range of tasks. It is supported on all domestic Asian and European vehicle models. The Autel AL619 scanner covers OBD1, OBD2, and CAN vehicles. This includes more than 50 car brands – domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. Some of the car brands that the Autel AL619 works on include Mercedes, Peugeot, Jaguar, Ford, BMW, GM, Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai, Subaru, VW, Land Rover, etc.


If you’re looking for a reliable scan tool, then the Autel AL619 car diagnostic code reader is a great OBD2 scan tool for you. Not only is this scanner reliable, but it is also very accurate. So, using this scanner will ensure that you get accurate results every time the check engine light or SRS light comes on. Additionally, the OBD2 scanner features a built-in audio and LCD screen that simplifies the work of the mechanic.
autel autolink al619 scannerCheck Price
Furthermore, the intuitive user interface and sleek design are easy to handle, and they can fit in tight areas during use. If you drop it accidentally, the device will not break or crash as it is protected from impact with the outer cover or housing.

A wide range of functions

Whether you want to detect faults in anti-lock brakes, supplemental restraint systems, and airbag systems, this device will come to your rescue. Also, it can be used to read, store, and playback live data streams. Other important functions include turning off the check engine light, clearing trouble codes, and resetting monitors. This is more than just a basic code reader and can be used for a wide range of uses. If you want more functionality than this, then look at the Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro.

Intuitive User Interface

As we’ve discussed earlier, this code reader comes with easy-to-use features. It has a large LCD color screen that displays the information detected from your car’s computer system. DTC Lookup displays full diagnosis data regarding the problem on the large LCD screen. The screen allows the results to be read even in dimly lit areas. It has built-in audio that helps in ensuring that you don’t miss the results. At the same time, the clearly labeled buttons make the device to be simple to use, even by beginners. With its multilingual menu, you can switch to a language that you’re okay with.

Autel Autolink AL619

High-quality and aesthetic value

The Autel AL619 is perfectly designed and very appealing to the eye. In addition, it has the capability to scan excellently due to its high resilience rate. With these two features combined together, they make the AL619 diagnostic scanner to be very reliable and efficient in performance.

Budget-friendly scanner

Even though this OBD2 scanner comes with additional features that make it ideal for technicians and mechanics, it is sold at a very great price. So, you get additional features that cannot be found in basic code readers in a simple and reliable gadget. In addition, it is very easy to use and comes with a free lifetime update.

Recap: Main information about the Autel AL619

  • Autel Autolink AL619 can be used with ALL 1996 and other newer vehicles.
  • Reconcilable with Domestic, European, and Asian vehicles.
  • The system identifies ABS SRS codes on the main models that were created in 1996 or later.
  • Reads vehicle information (VIN, CIN, and CVN).
  • Recovers general (P0, P2, P3, and U0), producer particular (P1, P3, and U1), and pending trouble codes.
  • TF memory card for data backup and software updates.
  • Shuts off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) and ABS/SRS error lights, removes codes, and sorts out monitors.
  • Scans collect and restore live PCM data stream and live sensor data.

More functions:

  • Restores and clears codes in Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Restores and erases codes in the Supplemental Restraint (Airbag) System (SRS)
  • Comprehends and deletes codes on all 1996 and newer domestic, European and Asian vehicles
  • Shows monitor and I/M preparation status (discharge)
  • Looks over Freeze Frame Data
  • Reads, collect, and playbacks Live PCM DataStream.
  • Restores vehicle data (VIN, CIN, and CVN)
  • It features ABS/SRS warning lights
  • Loquacious menu and code descriptions (English, Spanish, French)
  • Prints via PC
  • Internet Updatable
  • Technical data
  • Brand name – Autel
  • Model – AL619
  • This Autel AL619 Scan Tool weighs 2 pounds and has a tension of 18 volts
  • Autel Autolink AL619  is not a folding diagnostic tool
  • Dimensions – 7.8 x 4.1 x 1.5 inches

Why is this scanner useful for car owners?

This scan tool can help you to easily identify why the ABS, SRS, or Check Engine Light warning lights are on. This tool has features that are similar to AL609. Of course, this new tool has more advantages. It is better at SRS system diagnosis, code reading, and clearing. It can be used by over 50 various car producers.
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What comes with the case:

  • The scanner (It has a colorful screen, USB port, and Micro SD slot, it comes with a 4 GB micro SD card)
  • A user manual
  • Software
  • Cable, which you can connect to your car
  • USB cable

Why should you buy the Autel Al619?

  • It is a necessary product for professionals. Autel is an advanced developer, so it makes professional and reliable tools that are reasonably priced.
  • Easy-to-use push-button interface. You can easily read and clean the Anti-lock brake system and supplemental restraint system codes. The description of each code is also shown, so it helps to diagnose problems.

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  • It is inexpensive. This scanner works just like other scanners that are a lot more expensive. A great choice for those who want to save money and get a useful product
  • It has a great color screen.
  • It does the operations quickly because it’s a fast & easy to uses scanning tool.


This product, like every other product, has good and bad sides.

Cumbersome update process

Despite having many exceptional features, the Autel AL619 is very cumbersome to update. Many users have found it to be challenging as it can take up to 1 hour or so. Also, the process of updating is cumbersome as you need an SD card to do so. This should be worked on.

Compatibility issues

Another common problem with the AL619 is compatibility problems. It is not easy to determine all the vehicles that it works with. You cannot really rely on the vehicle list. For example, it can be suitable for vehicles that are not on the list. Before purchasing this quality scanner, get in touch with the manufacturer and ensure that it is compatible with your car.

Another challenge with using this device is that it doesn’t allow the user to print data into hard copies. Though, the scan tool can be connected to a PC or any other external device.

Autel Al619 vs. ML619

Is there any difference between Autel al619 and ml619?Autel ML619 vs Al619

No. They don’t have any features difference. The Autel AL619 color is red, but the Autel ML619 color is black. It is the only difference between them.

How to update the Autel AL619 OBD2 Tool?

  • Go to and click on update. Then the User Register will pop up. Now click on that and register with the Autel AL619 scanner’s serial number and a new password.
  • Now install the PC Suit software via the internet or CD to connect the scanner to your computer. Just remove the TF card from the scanner and insert it into the PC via the card reader.
  • Run the PC suit software and log in with your username and password. Then download all the updates shown on the screen.
  • Don’t worry. Downloaded software updates will install automatically and will replace the old version.
  • Now insert the TF card into the Autel AL scanner and restart the system. Your update is finished.

How do I register my Autel AL619 scan tool?

There are two different registrations that you have to carry out. The first registration is for updating the software, specifically to install the car manufacturer updates, and the second is to look up your device manual and link up with the brand online. The updated software can be found on the disc included in the purchase, or you can as well download it from Autel’s website.

You will have to insert the device model during the installation of updates. In addition, you’ll as well create your username and password. This will be totally different from the one that you sign online with Autel. Normally, the online user ID/name will be your email address, and the user ID/name on the Autel update software will be unique.

Why is Autel AL619 not linked to the vehicle’s ECU?

  • First, check whether the scanner is compatible with your vehicle’s model. If it is, then follow the steps below.
  • Turn on the ignition and firmly attach the obd2 device to the connector to the e vehicle’s DLC. Ensure the vehicle’s ECU is not defective.
  • Now turn off the ignition for ten seconds and restart. The connection will be restored.

My Autel AL619 is not turning on. What to do?

  • Check the connection and attach the scanner tightly. If the connection is OK, check the DLC port. The DLC pins might break, clog, or bend.
  • Ensure the voltage is at its minimum requirement of 8.0V.
  • If the scanner freezes or stops suddenly, reset the tool and turn off the ignition for 10 seconds.

How does the AL619 differ from the AL519?

The Autel AL619 is for diagnosing ABS and airbags, while the Autel Al519 is for diagnosing the vehicle engine. Also, the Autel AL619 is slightly more costly than the Autel AL519.

Comparison Between Autel AL619 vs Autel ML619 vs Autel ML629 OBD2 Scanner

FeaturesAutel AL619Autel ML619Autel ML629
Display:TFT color displayTFT color display2.8” LCD screen
Dimensions: 7.83 x 4.11 x 1.48 inches7.83 x 4.11 x 1.48 inches7.2 x 3.6 x 1.3 inches
Weight:280 g280 g247 g
Views Freeze Frame Data:  YesYesYes
Resistance Test:   NoYesYes
AC/DC Voltage: NoYesYes
Battery Test:   NoNoNo
Component Test:   NoYesYes
AutoVIN for Quick DTC Definition:NoYesYes
Compatibility:1996 US-based cars, 2000 EU-based cars, Newer carsAll 1996 and Never Major Vehicle1996 US-based cars, 2000 EU-based cars, Newer cars

Conclusion- Autel AL619 Review

If you want to advance from using a basic code reader to a more professional car scan tool at a fair price, the Autel AL619 scanner is for you. This scanner is sturdily built and very reliable in performance. It features an easy-to-use LCD screen, clearly labeled buttons, and a multilingual menu. The tool covers more than 50 car brands and can be updated. It is suitable for DIYers, technicians, and car repair shop owners. I hope this Autel AL619 review article will help to make buying decisions.

Autel AL619 is a useful scanner at a reasonable price. It is suitable for everyone that has 1996 and newer vehicles. It can check ABS and SRS systems, read and clear codes and etc. This scanner saves you money and time because you can quickly check your car with it just by yourself. It quickly solves many car problems and leaves the owner satisfied.

Still, have a question after reading this Autel AL619 Review? Comment below.

11 thoughts on “Autel Autolink AL619 ABS/SRS/Engine OBD2 Scanner Review”

  1. What is the cost to allow its use on two vehicles? I understand that only one vehicle usage is included in the price.

  2. You give the dimensions of the Autel 619 as “only measures 70.9 by 31.5 by 102.4-inches”. That larger than I am and I’m 6ft 2″.

  3. Richard Anderson

    Before I open the Autel ML 619 that I should be receiving today I would like to check that it’s the scanner I need for my 98 Chevy K3500 6.5 turbo diesel. I know, I should have done this first, but for some reason this one shipped in two days and the ML 629 would have taken longer and I am desperate to get the truck running this weekend. While I do need a scanner that will do CEL and ABS, I will also need one that will run diagnostics on the 6.5 engine. Would you please tell me if the 619 will work for me, or should I return it and upgrade to the 629? Thanks in advance, Rick Anderson.

  4. I have tried to use this Al619 several times over a year and less than pleased. I needed to clear SRS codes on a 2001 Volvo V70. didn’t do it. Gearbox automatic fault on Mercedes A170, didn’t cover it. Connect to 2000 SEAT Ibiza 1.6i, only did ABS, pretty useless in fact. Then to top it all Autel lost my registration and I have to do it all again, don’t think I will bother, Off to buy a Delphi.

  5. looks like this only works on chev chrs and ford for abs and srs. I have a mish outlander. I should not have to spend an hour of my time researching this tool to find out what should be in the sales blurb. I will be sending it back…

  6. Not so good for professionals but a great tool for the DIY crowd. My Al619 has worked well on Chevy Volkswagen and dodge vehicles. The live data and system checks have greatly enhanced my ability to do much of my own troubleshooting,reducing my need to get a professional involved.

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