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Foxwell NT630 Review 2021 [Elite OBD2 Scanner]

Made by one of the most reliable and popular diagnostic scan tool brands on the market, the Foxwell NT630 is a fast and accurate code reader made for DIY enthusiasts and small car repair shop owners. The NT630 scan tool is equipped with a large TFT color screen for displaying code definitions and has a multilingual menu. NT630 Elite has more features than the most popular Foxwell NT301 scanner. Read this Foxwell NT630 review to know more about this obd2 scanner.

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Like most Foxwell scan tools, the device is very easy to use, and its compact design means storing isn’t a problem. Whether it is performing an active test or diagnosis of SRS/ABS/SAS/ faults, this scan will come to your aid. Additionally, its rugged construction means that it will sustain you for a very long period of time, and you can update it for free in order to have the latest software for exceptional vehicle coverage.

Technical Specifications of the FOXWELL NT630 Scanner


Foxwell NT630

Works: ALL 1996 and later vehicles
Display: DTC definitions on unit screen
Global OBDII: Yes
ABS Active Test: Yes, (Typical special test options include)
Airbag Diagnostic Functions: Yes
Live data: Yes
Full OBD2 Service Function: Yes
Service Functions: Yes! Reset Check Engine Light, ABS, and Airbag Service Light
ESP sensors data: Yes
Reads, stores Data: Yes
Steering Angle Sensor Calibration: Yes, (For more than 35 car makes)
Bi-directional Control Tests: Yes
Update Tool: FoxScanner
Mode: 6 functionality
Update Option: Life-long Free Updates
Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty
Price: Foxwell NT630 ReviewCheck Today’s Price

So, if you’re a DIYer or small car repair shop owner looking for a quality scan tool at a great price for both basic and some special functions, then this is a great tool to have. It has a rubber covering which protects the gadget from impact, and it is also dustproof. NT630 isn’t a professional-level scanner. The Foxwell NT644 scanner or Foxwell NT624 car diagnostic scan tool is suitable for Professional mechanics. But, NT630 is a perfect tool for beginners or Pro DIYers. Continue reading this Foxwell nt630 review to find out more about the Foxwell NT630 diagnostic OBD2 scan tool.

OBD2 Scanner Foxwell NT630 Review 2021

Extensive vehicle coverage

This scan tool has perfect compatibility as it works on most OBD II compliant vehicles. Actually, it is compatible with SUVs, light-duty trucks, minivans, and cars sold around the world. In addition, it has excellent ABS & SRS coverage for 60 plus vehicle makes. Apart from that, it has SAS calibration on 30 plus selected vehicle makes. With such extensive vehicle coverage, this is an amazing scan tool for mechanics as well as DIYers.

Intuitive user interface

One of the challenges that beginners and startup mechanics face is having a scan tool that they can hardly use. This is not the case with the Foxwell NT630 code reader, as it comes with an easy to use interface. The TFT color screen is large and displays all the results clearly. The hotkeys are well labeled and easy to use. Therefore, you won’t have any confusion using the gadget regardless of whether you’re an experienced mechanic or not.

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Compact and rugged construction

Another distinctive feature of Foxwell scan tools is their compact and rugged construction. Foxell scan tools are fun to use because they usually feature a compact design and rugged construction. So, you can use it in the garage or on the road for tests. This is the same as the Foxwell NT630 diagnostic scanner. It has a rubber cover that protects it from impact, and its compact design is easy to handle and store.

Wide range of functions

The Foxwell NT630 automotive diagnostic code reader may be sold at a favorable price, but it still offers outstanding features. First of all, it supports full OBD2 ABS diagnostic functions such as read and clear check engine light, reads and clears codes and turns off MIL, and performs emissions readiness status and on-screen DTC definitions. Besides, it performs some special functions such as auto bleed test, ABS manual control test, traction control system, brake bleed preparation, gear tension relief test, and automated test.

Fast and accurate

One of the features that set apart Foxwell scan tools from its competitors is that it provides a quick and fast diagnosis. Hence, if you acquire the Foxwell NT630 diagnostic code reader, you will be able to diagnose, read, and clear codes easily and quickly. On top of that, the Foxwell NT630 OBD2 scanner is accurate and reliable. But you should always use it on compatible vehicles.

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Multilingual menu and clear hotkeys

Whether you speak Spanish, English, or French, you don’t have to worry about using this gadget. Since it comes with a multilingual menu, users who speak or are familiar with different languages will have ample time to use the gadget. It comes with English as the default language. In addition, it has clearly labeled hotkeys for easy use.

Internet updateable

Do you intend to use the NT630 scanner for a very long time? Worry not, as the diagnostic scan tool can be updated every year. Thanks to its free lifetime update provided by the manufacturer. You will be able to update the device for it to have the latest software and bug fixes. So, there is no need to acquire a new scan tool to cover the latest vehicle makes and models.
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42-month warranty

Most Foxwell diagnostic code readers come with a one-year warranty. But this is not the case with the Foxwell NT630 scanner. This code reader comes with a 42-month warranty, which is just amazing. You can relax knowing that you will have 4 years of coverage. During this period, you can return the device in case it has a defect.


The first setback is that this device cannot be updated on the MAC system. This is a huge hindrance for people who have the MAC PC.

The second disadvantage is that it is not compatible with all the vehicle makes it says it is. Simply confirm with the manufacturer to find if it will be compatible with your car.

Another setback is that the user manual is not very clear. As a result, this might be confusing to beginners who don’t know what the different DTCs mean or how to efficiently utilize the gadget.

Who will buy this Foxwell scan tool?

This diagnostic code reader is built for any person who is looking for a reliable scanner at a great price. The scan tool offers basic functions and special functions. Also, it covers different vehicle types and brands. As a result, it is better suited for people with small car repair shops, startup mechanics, or car enthusiasts.

Finding a quality scan tool such as the Foxwell NT630 at such a price is not easy. Besides, the scan tool still offers important basic and special functions that make it be ideal for diagnosing different car types and brands.

If you’re a mechanic or car enthusiast looking for a fast, reliable, and accurate scanner at a great price, then you should consider getting the Foxwell NT630 scan tool. On top of that, you will be assured of getting free lifetime online updates and a 42-month warranty from the manufacturer. With this, you can rest assured that your scan tool will be in use for a very long time. I hope this Foxwell NT630 review will help you a lot.


Question: Does the Foxwell NT630 come with a one-year update or a free lifetime update?
Answer: This is a good question because some brands advertise their code readers to have free lifetime update only for users to find out that it is a one year update. The Foxwell NT630 scan tool comes with a free lifetime online update. This is for registered users. In addition, this means that you will get free lifetime updates and keep your device up to date with the latest bug fixes and software.

Question: Why does the screen of the Foxwell NT630 scan tool go blank after upgrading?
Answer: If you delete the OS-software by mistake, this issue may emerge. As a result, you will have to format the memory card and upgrade the software again. It is important to upgrade the OS-software when performing the update or upgrade. Because, without the OS software, the scan tool will not work as it is supposed to.


  1. hi henry, i have seen a video on the NT630 elite which i think was american. will it be ok for an australian hyundai i30 which i think has a different name in usa. also there is a nt630 pro and nt630 plus, its a bit confusing as to which i should get as they seem to all do the same thing, all check airbag and can reset steering angle sensor, any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

  2. Is the Foxwell NT630 Plus compatible with the 2005 jeep liberty, including airbag/abs check and reset? Just received mine and will not pick up Vin# automatically or manually entered


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