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Innova 3140g ABS/Bluetooth/Live Data Scan Tool Review

If you’re looking to upgrade from a basic code reader to a more professional diagnostic scanner with additional features, then the Innova 3140g scan tool is a great tool to have. This Innova scanner was built for DIY enthusiasts, car owners, and beginner mechanics. The Innova 3140g is not a very basic scan tool, just like the Innova 3030 or Innova 3040e scanner.

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The Innova 3140g comes with a large LCD color screen, a multilingual menu, clearly labeled buttons, and a compact design. It has extensive vehicle coverage of OBD2-compliant and OBD1-compliant vehicles. Some of its functions include resetting the oil light, read and clear ABS, playback and graph real-time live data, read and clear check engine light, and much more.

Additionally, the Innova 3140g can be used to retrieve manufacturer-specific and generic codes. It has free lifetime software updates and comes with outstanding customer support.

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Technical Features of the Innova 3140g Scan Tool


Innova 3140g OBD2 Tool

works:All 1996 and newer OBD2 (DLC) cars, trucks, SUVs, or hybrid
Read & Erase Check Engine Light OBD1, OBD2 Trouble Codes:Yes
Freeze Frame:Yes
Battery Backup:Yes
ABS, SRS Codes:Yes
View Live Data:Yes
LED Lighted Connector:Yes
Charging System Test:Yes
Read and Record Live data:Yes
Batteries:3 AA batteries are required. (included)
Emissions Readiness:Yes
Service Light Reset:Yes
Live Data Graphing:Yes
Update Option:Free updates
Price:Innova 3140g ReviewCheck Today’s Price

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Innova 3140g Code Reader- All the Key Features Review

Pros: Why buy the Innova 3140g code reader?

  • Outstanding vehicle coverage of OBD1 and OBD2-compliant vehicles
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy sharing and transferring of data
  • Free lifetime software updates
  • Large LCD screen for easy use
  • It has a lighted USB cable that allows easy connection even in the dark
  • Performs various functions
  • Multilingual menu for convenient use by different people
  • Great customer support
  • Battery backup for off-car review analysis

Is the Innova 3140G both OBD1 & OBD2 compatible?

If you have an OBD1-compatible vehicle made from 1982 to 1995, this scan tool will be able to work with it. This includes vehicle brands such as Ford, Lexus, Honda, Chrysler, Toyota, etc. It is also compatible with OBD2-compliant vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer. It can be a light truck, SUV, car, or even hybrid.

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What are the diagnostic service functions?

With this scan tool, you will be able to diagnose, read, test, and erase error codes on your car. In addition, it is able to stream, record, playback, and real-time graph data. You can as well read and clear ABS lights and SRS airbag lights, read and clear check engine lights, reset oil lights after an oil change, check emission readiness status, and initialize a battery.

Does it support Bluetooth connectivity?

Sharing and transferring info with clients, colleagues, or even fellow mechanics is made easy with Bluetooth connectivity.

Is the user interface easy for beginners?

The device comes with a large colored screen where code definitions and functions are shown. This large screen makes reading and erasing error codes to be easy and fast. It is also convenient as one can use it in dark or poorly lit areas. Also, the clearly labeled buttons remove any confusion, as even a beginner will have an easy time using the scanner. With the multilingual menu, this gadget can be used in any corner of the world.

Do you need to pay for software updates?

This is a durable diagnostic scanner as it can be updated to have the latest software and bug fixes. So, no matter the types of vehicles that you deal with, you can update them to fix the different error codes. Thanks to the free lifetime updates offered by Innova.

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How is the after-sale customer service?

In case of any issue with the scan tool, you can get in touch with the Innova support team and find answers to your problems. In addition, you should download the Innova repair solutions app to have quick solutions to various vehicle fixes.
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How to use the Innova 3140g OBD2 Scanner?

First, turn off the ignition and plug in the OBD2 cable with the vehicle’s 16-pin DLC connector. Check if the connection is tightened properly. Now make sure the vehicle’s engine is off but the ignition is on. The screen will automatically light up after turning on the ignition.

Now you will see some icons on the device screen that are called display functions. Here are those meanings:

I/m Monitor Status: The connection is established correctly.

Monitor icons: The solid green means the diagnostic testing is completed. Red means it is incomplete.

DTC Display Area: Red-Permanent DTC, Yellow-Pending DTC, Green-No DTC

Vehicle icon: The scan tool is connected to the DLC

Link icon: The Scan tool is connected to the vehicle’s computer.

Computer icon: The Scan tool is connected to the personal computer.

Battery icon: It shows the battery status, whether it is low or high.

Bluetooth Icon: Shows communication Status

Innova 3140g vs. Innova 3160g: Full Comparison

FeaturesInnova 3140g Innova 3160g
Dimensions:10 x 7.25 x 3.75 inches10.25 x 8.25 x 1.5 inches
Weight:4.07 pounds1.52 pounds
Freeze Frame Data:YesYes
Battery Low Indicator:NoYes
Emissions Readiness:YesYes
GM OBD I Cable Included:YesNo
Chrysler OBD I Cable Included:YesNo
Ford OBD I Cable Included:YesNo
Case Included:YesNo
Display:3.5 Inches3.5 Inches

Conclusion: Our Innova 3140g Review

Although the Innova 3140g is a decent mid-range scan tool with lots of amazing features, it is still not the best professional diagnostic scanner on the market. But it’s great for DIYers, startup mechanics, and car shop owners. It will help assess emission status, view freeze frame data, perform a battery reset, reset the oil maintenance light, etc. With great customer support and free lifetime online updates, this is a gadget that you can rely on for a long while.


  • The OBD1 protocol is compatible with a few cars, which makes this feature to be somehow irrelevant.
  • It is not compatible with all vehicles. Confirm with the manufacturer before purchasing.


Question: Does this scanner function on a 2013 Toyota car model?
Answer: Yes, it does. The Innova 3140g scan tool functions on all OBD2-compatible vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer. It is also compatible with OBD 1 vehicles manufactured from 1982 to 1985. So, if your car falls within this range, it should function. And of the most recent car makes and models, you can update the gadget to function with them.

Question: Does the Innova 3140g work with GM OBD1 vehicles?
Answer: This is a good question, as many users have had problems in the past. The Innova 3140g is supposed to work with any GM model manufactured from 1982 to 1995. But this is not the case, as some users have shown frustration after the device failed to work on their cars. Before buying this scanner, you should get in touch with Innova and find out if it functions with your car’s make and model or not.

Q. Innova 5160 vs. 3140g: Which is better?
Innova 5160 is the advanced version and has some additional features that Innova 3140g doesn’t, like network scan, active test, and steering angle reset.

Q. What is the best alternative?

If the Innova 3140g is discontinued, you can buy the Innova 3150F as an alternative. It features:

-Display: 3.5″ LCD Screen
-Live Data Graphing
-Service Light Reset
-Freeze Frame
-Check Engine Light
-Oil Light Reset
-Emissions Readiness
-LED Lighted Connector
-ABS, SRS Codes
-Free updates

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  1. I have a 1999 buick lesabre with a 3800 v6 engine. I connected my 3140g innova scan tool to read live data, but it could not do it. Is there a problem with my tool, or am I doing something wrong. I know I pressed the LD button with no luck. According to innova it will read live data on GM models.

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