Innova has brought to you some of the most robust and handy car scanning modules of all time. All the models from this company are recognized as some of the most popular and renowned scanning tools. And from the inventory today, we are presenting three of the most popular scanning devices: the Innova 6030p, Innova 5210, and Innova 6100p. In this comparison article, we will compare these three models and recommend which one you should buy.

Innova 6030P Vs. 6100P Vs. 5210: Features Details

Let us see the brief comparisons among these scanning models, 

Innova 6030P key features Innova 6030P key features

Innova 6100P key features Innova 6100P Review

Innova 5210 key features Innova 5210 OBD2 Scanner Review

Comparison Chart: Innova 6030P vs. 6100P vs. 5210

Besides lots of similarities, there are tons of notable features among these scanning tools. Let us see those disguised differences in a tabular form, 

Differentiating features Innova 6030PLatest Innova 6100PInnova 5210
Compatible vehicle module Only the US-manufactured vehiclesCompatible with any type of manufacturer-specific car, the ABS & SRS module is compatible with more than thirty brands. Supports all 10 OBD2 modes having almost compatible with any brands
Target usersPerfect for the Advanced level mechanics and DIYersPerfect for the basic and beginning-level DIYersBest for only beginners and DIYers 
Navigational information It has a 9-button function panel, arrows, and hotkeys9-button function panel, arrows, and hotkeysIt has a patented all-in-one screen and hotkeys 
Price tagThis costs you Around a hundred dollars Most costly among the three scanners. Price is almost around one hundred and fifty dollars inclusive.The price is between ninety to a hundred dollars. 


Final Verdict: Which one should you buy? 

Which scanner should you buy after going through the whole article? The answer is quite confusing because all of the three products are excellent in their own right. But let’s make things clear to you. If you are a beginner, then Innova 5210 is best for you because it covers all the basics of the diagnosis system, and the process is comparatively easy. If you are a medium-level DIYer or need the gadget for professional prospects, we recommend trying the Innova 6100p model. Since it includes an oil reset, it’s a great choice for those who want to maintain their vehicles at home.

And for professional mechanics, the Innova 6030p model is the best option because it provides all the diagnostic functions most drivers need at an affordable price, and there is also the advantage of the RepairSolutions2 app that includes almost all the necessary operations that you need. You can undoubtedly purchase the Innova scanning tools because that is the best scanner you can have on the market.


Does the Innova 6100p get any scratches when it is used in a regular manner?

The possibility of having a scratch is not that evident because there is a tightly-fitting screen protector that comes with the OBD2 scanner, and there is another tremendous attribute that is it is located at the upper left or upper right corner, and if it gets broken, then you have an option of having a replacement of the screen protector.

Can Innova 6030P clear and eliminate all the engine codes?

Innova 6030P is a fantastic product that can fully scan and eliminate the DTC codes. The process is so simple. Just connect the scanner with the 16-pin OBD port of the car, initiate a scanning process, and wait for some time. After a while, the codes will appear on the screen. Then try to eliminate the code by deleting those, and sometimes a test drive can also eliminate the codes.

Can you tell me what the battery alternator test is?

The battery alternator test is initiated by disconnecting the battery’s negative cable and then reconnecting it. If the car is started without inconvenience, then you must successfully test and repair it. If the battery dies, then the car won’t restart easily.

Do I have to purchase the software by paying extra money with Innova 5210?

No, Innova 5210 is giving a full software package while purchasing the product. This software is compatible with almost all car brands. But if you need a better model of software, then you need to pay an extra 21.99$ for redeeming the software package, and the expiry date is about 12 months. After that, you need to renew the package if you want.

Hi, I am Henry, the owner of this website. If you are a DIY car enthusiast like me and are looking for an all-purpose OBD2 scanner, you’ve come to the right place. With 5+ years of experience in the automobile industry, I have in-depth knowledge about most of the OBD2 scanners regarding their software versions, firmware, features, updates, and compatibility. I love reviewing these gadgets after using and testing them personally. As a result, I always try to provide my honest opinion on the overall product quality.

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