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Autel VS Actron

One of the biggest nightmares for car owners is seeing the check engine light come on. But did you know that having a scan tool can help you detect and even rectify the issue as quickly as possible?
Many motorists and car owners rush to the mechanic, where they spend a lot of cash and time. With a reliable and accurate OBDII diagnostic scanner, one can diagnose the car and know if the problem is major or not. Some of the notable scan tool brands to consider buying from are Autel and Actron. But which one is the best? Read this Autel VS Actron comparison to know more about these two brand scanners.

Autel and Actron Brand Reputation

Autel has a great reputation as one of the leading producers and suppliers of professional diagnostic tools, accessories, and equipment in the automotive field. They create easy to use, high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective scanners. So, if you’re looking for technologically advanced code readers, Autel is a nice brand to consider.

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When you talk about the best scan tool brands, you cannot leave out Actron. The Actron brand boasts of a number of sturdy and accurate scan tools. Their diagnostic scan tools are easy to use, reliable, and come with exceptional features.

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Brand Comparison Chart: Autel VS Actron




Reputation: Most Popular Less known
Beginner Tools: Yes Yes
Professional Tools: Yes No
Product Variety: Huge Only Few
Pricing Idea: High low
Product Quality: Impressive Good

Autel and Actron Brand Two Top Selling Scanner Comparison

In this Autel VS Actron article, we’re going to compare the Autel MaxiLink ML619 scanner and the Actron CP9670 automotive diagnostic scan tool.


Autel MaxiLink ML619

Actron CP9670

Works: Most 1996 and newer major vehicle models Most 1996-2013
Update Option: Yes Yes
Vehicle Coverage: Abarth,Acura,Alfa, Bentley,Benz, Bmw,
Bugatti,Chrysler, Audi,Auford, Citroen,Dacia, Euford,Fiat,Ford,
Gm, Hyundai,Infiniti, Holden,Honda, Isuzu, Jaguar,Kia,
Lancia,Land Rover,Lexus, Maruti Suzuki, Mini,
Mitsubishi, Nissan, Maybach,Mazda, Opel,Peugeot,Porsche, Renault,Saab,
Scion,Seat,Skoda, Smart,Sprinter,Subaru,
Toyota, Vauxhall, Suzuki, Volvo,Vw
Most 1996-2013 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai vehicles
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. Batteries not required to use when connected to the vehicle
Weight: 1.95 pounds 1.3 pounds
Dimensions: 7.3 x 10.2 x 3 inches 11 x 8 x 1.5 inches
Warranty: 1 year quality warranty 12-month warranty
Details: Read Reviews Read Reviews
Price: Autel VS ActronCheck Price Actron VS AutelCheck Price


Autel MaxiLink ML619 OBD2 Scan Tool

The Autel ML619 code reader is suitable for beginners as well as DIY enthusiasts. It can perform most of the basic OBD2 functions and it is easy to use. The gadget is also compatible with most 1996 and newer vehicles. This includes CAN and OBD2 vehicles. It comes with a clear display that makes interpreting results to be easy.
Difference between Autel Maxilink ML619 vs Actron CP9670Check Price

Some of the functions that it performs include reading, storing and playing back live PCM data stream and live sensor data, view freeze frame data, read and erase error codes, graph data, and much more. You can as well update the software of this device free for a lifetime.

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Actron CP9670 Automotive Scanner

What I like most about the Actron CP9670 scanner is its compact and easy to use design. It has a large colored display for easy reading of results and the buttons are well-labeled for easy use. In addition, the OBD2 features a trilingual menu and the long cable allow the user to read or erase fault codes in the comfort of their car seat. The CP9670 scan tool functions with most vehicles manufactured between 1996 and 2013.
Actron scanner and Autel scanner comparisonCheck Price

Such vehicle brands include Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Chrysler, Hyundai, and many more. Some of its functions include recording and playing back live data, reading and erasing DTCs, and displaying generic and manufacturer specific codes.

Differences and similarities: Autel ML619 VS Actron CP9670

Vehicle coverage

These two scanners cover most vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer. But the Actron scanner covers vehicles manufactured between 1996 and 2013. This might be a limiting factor.

Software update

Both devices can be updated online but the Autel diagnostic scanner comes with free lifetime updates. So, you won’t be charged for any upgrades.

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Size and weight

If you want a more compact and lightweight gadget, then the Actron scan tool is the best option for you. It weighs around 1.3 pounds, while the Autel scanner weighs around 1.95 pounds.


For those who are tight on the budget, you can go for the slightly cheaper Actron CP9670 diagnostic scanner. It costs a few dollars less but still performs at a high level.

The Autel ML619 and Actron CP9670 come with similar functions. They are also easy to use and can be updated over the internet. If you want a compact and lightweight gadget, then you should go for the Actron CP9670 scan tool. But if you want a slightly advanced scanner, then I will suggest that you get the Autel ML619 scan tool.


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