Foxwell NT604 Elite Scanner

Foxwell NT604 Elite: 4 in 1 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool Review

Foxwell is an efficient code reader. It works well and lasts a long time. Foxwell is a renowned brand producing the latest and most trustable OBD II scanners. Foxwell provides you with some unique features. Some of its admirable technologies, including auto VIN, prove its uniqueness. Getting more advantages with easier maintenance is always admirable for vehicle users. So we decided to review the Foxwell NT604 Elite scanner in this article.

4-in-1 Car Scanner (ABS/SRS/AT/Engine) With 10 Modes- NT604 Price

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Quick Facts- Foxwell NT604

  • Where are Foxwell Scanners Made?

Foxwell is a car code scanner company. Although China is the manufacturing country of Foxwell OBD2 scanners, New York, Australia, and the UK are equivalent to placing its headquarters. 

  • Will it show the engine coolant temperature?

Yes, it can show both engine coolant and intake air temperatures.

  • Does Foxwell NT604 have a DTC lookup library to show the fault code meaning?

You can find the DTC lookup option in the menu.

  • Is the auto-VIN function compatible with all vehicle models?

No. Check the vehicle compatibility in the user manual.

  • Do you need to pay for future updates?

No, it is free.

Is the Foxwell NT604 Elite scanner really good?

Most people suggest the NT604 and NT614 models of Foxwell. A medium 4.3″ color screen and 16 GB of memory are available in this scanner. When you repair your vehicle, some data about your vehicle’s problem will remain. Foxwell presents the memory for saving the repairing logs and data. It will help you next time to make your identification and solution easy. The 4.3″ color TFT display is easy and pleasant to search for the trouble code. nt624 elite

Which Vehicles Are Compatible With The Foxwell NT604?

Foxwell NT604 is a popular trouble code scanner that can read the data on four vehicle parts. Engine, transmissions, airbags (SRS), and anti-lock brakes (ABS) systems are the four parts of the Foxwell NT604 scanner’s testing scope. There are both graph and text forms on the scanner. Whenever any part of the four is problematic, the scanner will give you a notification to fix it quickly. That will be a time to clean the code from the dashboard by repairing the problem. 

Foxwell NT604 Elite Review With Pros and Cons

If you have good knowledge about the scanner’s quality, you can quickly certify that Foxwell is an excellent and trustable brand. Moreover, it is suitable for a low budget but does not affect the quality. Thus you are getting an opportunity to use a good product within the limit of your affordability.foxwell nt624 elite reviews

  • Diagnose The Trouble Codes

OBD II scanner is a piece of user equipment mainly for checking the trouble codes. Firstly, Foxwell NT604 allows you to check the DTC code to get a notification of your vehicle’s specific issue. Whatever the problem is, Foxwell NT604 enables you to detect the problem and also determine the solution.

  • Diagnose The SRS

Diagnosing trouble codes is expected. But, The Foxwell NT 604 is your abs/airbags (srs) scanner. An OBD II scanner helps you identify your vehicle’s problems. But Foxwell NT 604 assists you with working as a live data stream, data playback, print, and built-in DTC library, all these features available. 

Check engine light is a problem identification sign of a vehicle. But, it is a panic moment for some people; what should they do if the engine light becomes problematic? Do not worry when Foxwell NT604 is beside you. It will notify you of the vehicle’s issue automatically, and you can be sure your car is problematic without help from the engine light. Moreover, you will be ready to fix the engine light problem after the check engine issue notification.  Foxwell NT604 Elite OBD2 Scanner

  • Diagnosing ABS System/ABS Light

ABS light is one of the ways to get notified of chassis-related issues. When any problem occurs, the ABS light turns on and shows that the chassis is problematic. It also may stop working as the engine light. So, the vehicle user should find another alternative to detect the vehicle’s issue. Foxwell NT604 Elite makes the diagnosis easier. It detects the ABS light problem and turns off the enlightened ABS light after repairing it. 

  • Transmission System Diagnosing

The powertrain control modules include a transmission system. It works well when the control modules are fit. But, when some of the essential electronic accessories of powertrain control are broken, the transmission light turns on. The time is too short for diagnosing and fixing the issue immediately. This transmission system diagnosis tool is ready to give you entry into the most straightforward problem identification.   

Friendly Scanner When Warning Light Flashes

Flushing the warning light (ABS/Check Engine/transmission/SRS) becomes a massive problem in solving the OBD II code. It is a restriction against getting the perfect notification of the vehicle’s issue. But, these problems do not affect the extraordinary working process of Foxwell. This device will not send your car to the dealership. Thus, Foxwell NT604 is an excellent device for saving time and money.

Protective Case with Handy Design to Carry

Are you facing problems with carrying the OBDII scanner? Do not worry; the Foxwell brand assures you a handy protective case to make the carrying process easy for you. The firm carrying container of NT604 is suitable for the users to go to a shaking traveling way. FOXWELL NT604 Elite OBD2 Scanner

Essential Autovin Menu

The AutoVin menu of an OBDII scanner helps us provide VIN and vehicle info first. You have not utilized more time to find out the code. The general code readers present the code one by one. But, the Foxwell NT604 Elite is free from trouble for its fast result-delivering character. So, busy people can be pleased with the rapid working of the Foxwell NT604. Furthermore, the feature significantly saves your extra software charge. 

Suitable for Professional Drivers

The Foxwell NT604 scanner is so fast and accurate that it is suitable for personal and professional vehicle users. Its performance allows the drivers to use it regularly. The experts can be more satisfied after getting quick results and solutions. 

Multiple Language Settings

There are several language options in the device Foxwell NT 604. English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, etc., are available to present the vehicle’s trouble results. It means you do not need to use Google Translate. You can select your native language, which is available in this scanner. 

Lifetime Free Update on Foxwell NT604 Elite

You don’t need to think about the device’s update when you are a Foxwell NT604 Elite user. It updates without any cost. It has no software update charge or other fees to maintain for a long time. All appreciate this feature, so Foxwell NT 604 is popular among the people.  NT604 Elite Scanner

One year Warranty

Foxwell produced their NT604 scanner with a limited warranty. It is for one year after buying the new scanner. If you find any functional issue in the device, you can repair it from the showroom free of cost within time. A cost-free fast repair is enough for such a sustainable scanner. 

Comparison Table: Foxwell NT604 vs NT644 OBD II Scanners

FeaturesFoxwell NT604Foxwell NT644
Dimensions:  7.68 x 3.54 x 1.18 inches12.6 x 9.06 x 2.76 inches
Screen Size:4.3 Inches5 Inches
Item Weight :2.9 pounds3.03 pounds
Display Live Data in Text:YesYes
View Freeze Frame Data:YesYes
I/M readiness:YesYes

2 Alternative Of Foxwell NT604:

Foxwell NT614 Automotive Scanner

  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.7 x 2 inches
  • Supports Oil Service Reset: Yes
  • Transmission Systems: Yes
  • Clear MIL, Airbag, ABS, SRS service lights: Yes
  • DTC information and erase function: Yes
  • Check Engine Light (MIL): Yes
  • Reads freeze frame data: Yes
  • Display Live Data: Yes
  • Electronic Park Brake Service: Yes
  • Works: Over 52 brands of American, Asian, and European vehicles

FOXWELL NT630 Scanner

  • Display: DTC definitions on the unit screen
  • Global OBDII: Yes
  • ABS Active Test: Yes
  • Airbag Diagnostic Functions: Yes
  • Live data: Yes
  • Reads, stores Data: Yes
  • Bi-directional Control Tests: Yes
  • Service Functions: Yes! Reset Check Engine Light, ABS, and Airbag Service Light
  • Steering Angle Sensor Calibration: Yes
  • Update Tool: FoxScanner
  • Modes: 6 functionality
  • Update Option: Life-long Free Updates
  • Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty
  • Works: ALL 1996 and later vehicles

Why is Foxwell NT604 Different from Other OBD II Scanners?

Generally, the primary task of an OBD II scanner is to identify the specific issue of a vehicle and publish code to interpret that problem for us. But, there is a slight difference between the available scanners and Foxwell NT604. Foxwell not only presents the principle and interprets it but also makes the solution clear to us. Significantly, it is an efficient alternative to engine light, ABS light, transmission system, and SRS when they stop working. So, we can easily say that Foxwell is better than other scanners in several ways. 

Final Thoughts

Every Foxwell product is trustworthy. The NT604 is user-friendly and suitable for identifying major issues with any vehicle. It can identify the problems that other scanners cannot. The easy-to-carry feature added a different dimension to the Foxwell scanner. Most characteristics are sufficient to declare the Foxwell NT604 a good product.

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