OBDLink MX Review 2024: Compare with BlueDrive and OBD ELM

OBDLink MXAfter testing different OBD2 scanners on the market, I finally came to terms with the fact that the OBDLink MX scanner is one of the best diagnostic code readers that you will ever come across. It is the fastest scanner on the market and provides accurate results. The OBDLink MX is marginally better than the OBDLink LX. You can also read OBDLink MX and LX feature differences here. Read this OBDLink MX review to know more about this Bluetooth obd2 scanner.

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Furthermore, the Bluetooth MX Bluetooth scanner comes with exceptional features like battery-saver, over-voltage protection, great security protection, and automatic sleep mode & and wake-up function. You hardly find these functions in normal scan tools and set this scanner from the rest.

OBDLink MX+ is more advanced compared to OBDLink MX because it works with all Apple (iOS) devices and has free OEM Add-Ons.

Automotive Scan Tool OBDLink MX Review in 2024

The OBDLink also features extensive vehicle coverage of all cars and light trucks made in the USA and Canada from 1996 and newer. If your car is manufactured outside the US, get in touch with the manufacturer to know if it’s compatible. It also supports all the OBD2 protocols and can be updated.

OBDLink MX comes with Manufacturer Specific codes to clear DTCs data with a fast response time. This detailed review of the OBDLink MX diagnostic scanner with wireless capability will let you know why you need this scan tool for your professional work or just as a DIY enthusiast.

  • OBDLink MX Bluetooth is a very functional OBDII scanning tool with all the most necessary features.
  • It has worked with all vehicles since 1996(except electric or hybrid vehicles)
  • Free Android or Windows PC application on your smartphone or tablet with free upgrades
  • Read and clear check engine light – Check diagnostic codes yourself with all explanations
  • OBDLink MX Bluetooth Supports all 5 OBD-II protocols, plus SW-CAN (GM) and MS-CAN (Ford)

Technical Specifications:


OBDLink MX Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Scan Tool

Tool Works:All 1996 and newer cars
Supports all OBD-II protocols:Yes
Freeze Frame Data:Yes
Read and Clear Enhanced Codes:e.g., ABS brake system, SRS, Real-time data, Transmission, etc., for GM, Ford, Ford MS, Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan
Supports Single-Wire CAN (GMLAN):Yes
Automatic sleep & wake-up:Yes
Read and Clear Trouble Codes:Confirmed, Pending, and Permanent for all makes.
Windows PC, Windows Phone 8 & newer, laptops, Android phones, tablets:Yes
Bluetooth v3.0 interface, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g interface:Yes
World’s Fastest Bluetooth OBD adapter:Yes
Battery saver sleep mode:Yes
Supports Ford Medium-Speed CAN (MS-CAN):Yes
Maximum vehicle coverage:Yes
Updates Option:Free firmware updates
Warranty:3-year manufacturer warranty
Price:OBDLink MX ReviewCheck Today’s Price

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Why should you buy this OBD2 scanner?

  • It automatically goes to sleep when not in use, saving you the trouble of dealing with a dead car battery.
  • This is the only OBD2 code reader with overvoltage protection, which keeps it from catching on fire at the time of load dump condition.
  • It also uses robust encryption, and neither broadcasts its presence nor utilizes an easy-to-guess PIN to secure the communication link. A hacker would require physical access to the gadget so as to connect it.
  • It provides faster screen updates and more graph points, which is a vital advanced feature if you want to graph multiple parameters or show a virtual dashboard.
  • Works with any smartphone or tablet that has Android or Windows OS
  • No wires – Using Bluetooth connectivity
  • Live Data, you can capture and share any data supported by the vehicle
  • Works on various ranges of vehicles
  • Up to 4x faster than the closest rival
  • Easy to read and clear the check engine light

Main Features of the OBDLink MX Bluetooth

  • Outstanding security protection
  • Extensive vehicle coverage
  • Manufacturer Specific codes
  • Exclusive android diagnostics software
  • Automatic sleep mode and wake-up function
  • Compatible with Android and Windows
  • Connects with different 3rd party apps
  • Battery saver technology
  • Superfast OBD2 reader with the small form factor
  • Live data readings
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports all OBD2 protocols

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How to use the OBDLink MX Scanner?

How do I pair my OBDLink MX with Bluetooth?

  1. Check the bottom of the device where the 14-digit Wi-Fi key is attached.
  2. Now go to and download the OBDLink app. Then install it.
  3. Plug the device into the vehicle’s DLC under the dash. Turn on the ignition without starting the engine.
  4. The screen will automatically turn on, and the Wi-Fi icon on the screen will flash every 3 seconds.
  5. Now just open the settings app and tap on the Wi-Fi button to turn it on.
  6. Now tap on “OBDLink MX” and enter the Wi-Fi key (1st step) in the password box. Tap “Connect,” and the Wi-Fi indicator icon on the screen will blink slowly.
  7. Finally, launch the OBDLink app, tap “connect,” and choose the Wi-Fi option. The Wi-Fi icon will turn solid (no blinking), and your device will be ready to scan.

How do you connect the OBDLink MX to Wi-Fi?

  1. Follow the 1-4 steps from above.
  2. Now go to the settings option and enable the “Bluetooth” option. Tap on the “Bluetooth-pair with a device” and press the “Connect” button on the device. The Bluetooth indication icon will blink fast.
  3. Wait until the “OBDLink MX” appears on the “Available devices” list. Tap on it, and it will show a confirmation dialogue—”Bluetooth pairing request.” Click on ‘OK,’ and MX is paired.
  4. Now go to the OBDLink app, tap connect, and select OBDLink MX. If the Bluetooth icon on the screen turns solid, your device is successfully paired and ready to diagnose.

What can you do with the OBDLink MX scanner?

  • Sturdy and compact device the OBDlink MX scanner is a small and compact device that is easy to hold and store after use. It will withstand rough use and offer you many years of use.
  • Extensive vehicle coverage the OBDLink MX scanner functions with all 1996 and newer cars and light trucks manufactured in the United States. This is except for electric and hybrid vehicles. In addition, the enhanced diagnostics tool propriety connection algorithm allows MX to connect to more vehicle makes and models than any other scanner on the market.
  • Free android app and windows software Obdlink MX OBD2 comes with a free Android app (OBDLink app) and free OBDwiz diagnostics software for Windows PCs and laptops. These apps make it possible to read and clear check engine lights, check emissions readiness status, and access, graph, log, and export real-time engine data. Also, it allows you to customize and configure your vehicle settings.
  • Super-fast and accurate scanner this OBDLink MX scan tool is 4 times faster than the next OBD2 competitor, which makes it great for diagnosing many cars within a short period. The quick functionality leads to smooth and accurate, detailed graphs.
  • Performs a wide range of functions this is not an entry-level code reader but a professional scanner that can perform a wide range of functions such as read and clear check engine lights, read and clear enhanced codes, diagnose brake systems, view freeze frame data, check emissions readiness test and calculate instantaneous and average MPG, etc.
  • Links with different 3rd party apps unlike some scanners, this code reader allows you to easily connect with different third-party apps such as Torque, Dash, and DashCommand in order to unlock enhanced performance, cost savings, and social driving. While the OBDCANex allows you to control door locks and remotely ignite the engine.
  • Outstanding security protection this scan tool uses secure 128-bit data encryption, which is a reasonable precaution to keep hackers away from accessing your vehicle’s network. It is different from the normal scanners as it doesn’t use simple PINs that attackers can guess. Also, the PIN is not displayed in public.
  • Wireless capability this Bluetooth device comes with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions. These make it easy to link up with your smartphone and receive data in real-time. The Bluetooth scanner is very easy to install, and the wireless connectivity is hackerproof. So, no more worries about strangers breaking into your wireless connectivity.
  • Battery saver technology unlike many scan tools on the market, this Bluetooth scan tool comes with battery saver technology that saves the life of your battery. When the engine is turned off, the MX scanner goes to sleep and won’t use up your car battery. This is a great feature for such an affordable diagnostic scan tool.
  • Easy to use the device using this device is very simple and needs no rigorous steps to start using it. Just download one of the OBDLink apps and connect it to your phone. You will start receiving error codes, and you can clear trouble codes in no time. You can clear the error code with a single click.
  • Lifetime software and firmware upgrades if you want to use the device on the latest car models, you can still go ahead by simply updating or upgrading the software. Thanks to its free lifetime software and firmware upgrades.
  • 3-year warranty apart from offering outstanding features, the OBDLink stands behind its product by offering an outstanding 3-year warranty with free technical support on its scan tool. This is against defects in materials and workmanship. You will have it repaired for free or replaced if it doesn’t function as stated within the warranty period.

obdlink mx bluetooth scan toolCheck Price

Supported devices:

  • Smartphones 2.2 and newer versions
  • Tablets 2.3.3 and newer versions
  • Computer with Bluetooth connectivity, ultrabooks,  laptops and etc. (with Windows XP SP2 or newer versions)
  • Phones (with Windows Phone 8 and newer versions)
  • Tablets (with Windows 8 and newer versions)
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

OBDLink MX Bluetooth Connection with your car:

OBDLink MX Bluetooth
Turn your phone into an instant professional OBD2 Scanner tool. Small, functional, and inexpensive – this is the new OBDLink MX Bluetooth scanning tool. It is one of the best Bluetooth OBD scanners on the market. This is the only obd2 scanner in its type that can access these patent GM & Ford networks in addition to the 5 standard OBD-II protocols. Its price-performance ratio is winning against all of its competitors. Particularly good compatibility – works with many 3rd party apps and software(Like Toad Pro Software), unlike other OBD2 adapters. MX speeds up apps and software up to 400%. Get live data even faster and see everything even closer to real-time!

Hacker-proof ability because potential hackers must have a physical touch to this device, a unique security scheme eliminates the risk of unauthorized access.

It comes with a 3-year warranty that really makes this unit trusting. Bearing in mind that you have even 3 years to find factory spoilage.

OBDLink MX Bluetooth practically works on all vehicles except electric and hybrid. If your car is newer than 1996, this tool is for you. Feel safe because BatterySaver technology does not allow your car’s battery to discharge when it is plugged in. Unlike other OBD adapters – MX won’t drain your battery. It is the perfect solution because the cost is very good and this product is able to do so many great things.


  • It is not compatible with electric or hybrid vehicles. This is a disadvantage for people looking for a single scan tool for different types of cars. So, it is ideal for users who don’t deal with hybrid or electric vehicles.
  • The device only works with Android and Windows and not iOS devices. The manufacturer should work on this as there are many people with an Android phone who would love to use it.
  • It is quite expensive, considering that you can get a conventional automotive scanner with more features. But it will be 4x times faster than your previous device.

OBDLink MX vs. BlueDrive: Comparison

OBDLink MX and BlueDrive are compact in size and similar in price. But unlike OBDLink MX, BlueDrive is not compatible with Windows devices (only iOS and Android). But BlueDrive offers some additional service functions such as oil reset, GPS tracking, TPMS reset, and battery registration options that you will not get with OBDLink MX.


Both are Bluetooth OBD2 scanners. The only difference is that OBD ELM is not iOS-compatible. It only supports Android and Windows systems. If you compare the prices, the OBDLink MX is a little more costly, but it shows some additional data like axle ratio, wheel size, etc.


Most modern cars come with a standardized Onboard Diagnostic system used by mechanics to diagnose the problems with the vehicle. With so many OBD2 code readers to choose from, there is no doubt that the OBDLink MX Bluetooth code reader is among the best options available today. Its features and functions speak for themselves, but it is sold at a very competitive price. So, if you’re looking for a reliable, faster, portable, and accurate diagnostic OBD2 scanner, the OBDLink should be on top of your list. The only challenge is that it is not compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles. But it will provide you with some additional features such as an economy fuel system, a remote start-up, check O2 emission readiness, etc.

Overall, this is a great investment that will not only allow you to know why the check engine light is on but as well provide you security from hackers.


Question: Will the OBDLink work with OBD1?
Answer: No, it won’t. This device is only created for OBD2-compliant vehicles. It works on any car and light truck sold in Canada and the USA from 1996 and is newer. If your vehicle is made outside the US, then you should confirm with the manufacturer before purchasing this scanner.

Question: Does this code reader support Apple and iPhone?
Answer: No, it doesn’t. This OBD2 code reader is only compatible with Android and Windows devices. This includes phones, laptops, and PC. This is a hindrance to many, but that’s just how the scanner functions.

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