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Innova 5610 TMPS Reset Tool- Comparison and Specifications

Almost all of us have faced the acuteness of having a car damaged or something unusual inside of it. Then we need to check the car and a smart and innovative OBD2 scanner tool for that purpose. The distressing point is that not so many products are available on the market that can scan the whole car effortlessly. One of the most effective products from the Innova brand is the 5610 model, which can smoothly scan the vehicle and detect all the possible delinquencies the vehicle faces. In today’s Innova 5610 scanner review article, we will discuss the ins and outs of this device and explain why it is one of the best on the market at present.

Basic Overview: Innova 5610 bidirectional scan tool

Nothing is too fancy in this aspect, and The Innova 5610 is a digital OBD2 car scanning tool that can detect almost all the possible elements of a car. It can check all the internal faults and, of course, the fault codes that accelerate the check engine light, giving an indication of something fishy in the internal outlay of the vehicle. It also has a self-diagnosis of emission status that is truly fantastic. A vehicle code reader also clears OBD engine codes, and tests brake pad life, oil control valve, tire pressure, transmission temperature, and many more operations. This is nothing but an all-rounder and a life-saving product for vehicles.

How to Use an Innova 5610 OBD2 Scanner?

The OBD port generally is situated near the steering wheel or beside the driver’s seat. Sometimes it is concealed behind a plastic hood or cover of the battery compartments. So you may get confused while finding this. If this is the case, then it will be wise to look at the user’s manual. You might search for help from online platforms. Here I am giving complete instructions on how to use the OBD2 scanning device,

  • The first step is to attach the scanner connector to the OBD port. It should fit in smoothly, but you may have to wiggle it a bit. Ensure that it sits in the proper place and that there is always a decent connection.
  • Almost all the scanning devices will initiate after connecting them to the port. The old-school OBD scanner modules used the car’s electricity for proper functioning. The entire scanning will take some moments to operate, even up to a couple of minutes. It is wise to apprehend that most of the OBD scanners have a system that is processed within the digits with a pre-build set of algorithms.
  • Then turn on the ignition key and wait for some time. Let the scanner make its operation to find out all the inconveniences in the system. After the codes appear on the screen, then interpret those codes and make a possible move to resolve the issue.
  • This is the most crucial segment of knowing how to use an OBD2 scanner; correctly interpreting the trouble code may save your car from any forthcoming disaster.

While the OBD scanner is in operation, you can erase the trouble codes that are blinking on the display board. It is a simple process of finding, choosing, and erasing the fault code.

Caution: Do not forget to turn off the ignition key after the code is erased, take a test drive of the car, and make sure that everything is all fine in the vehicle’s system.

What comes with the Innova 5610 package?

It is not only the scanning device that you are getting, but more accessories come with the box, just like, Innova 5610 Scanner package

  • Code Reader
  • OBD2 Cable
  • Quick Start Guide/Manual

It is ubiquitous that when you purchase something, there is always a start guide or service manual given with the box, and you get an additional OBD2 Cable that is compliant with the OBD2 port of the vehicle that is situated at the front side of the car along with the driver’s seat. The code reader is also provided with the package for more convenience. 

My Review of Innova 5610 CarScan Pro Scanner

The Innova 5610 is full of lots of astonishing features that are simply amazing, and it needs broad and extensive words to describe the real astounding features that have come with this wonderful OBD2 scanning device,

  • Live Data Streaming Mode

Live data streams include the measurement of the RPMs, temperatures, speed, and volts. You can also investigate things like the fuel system and its real-time status. The live data recording feature is prominent for intermittent problems that may not initiate a DTC error. It can record more than a hundred frames of live data. These are like the freeze-frame data that is stored upon a DTC event. It is also possible to operate the playback of the saved data in a sort-of slideshow view or manually, frame-by-frame.

Each supported sensor or switch in the vehicle has its own PID (parameter identification data) that the OBD2 scanner can detect conveniently. Some of these can be displayed as text, graphs, or both. You can also view multiple PIDs on a single screen or across multiple screens when the display itself becomes full. In the end, you can customize which data to view on a single screen via the Custom Live Data selection screen. 

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

The anti-lock braking system is basically incorporated in all cars and any other vehicles. The components of the ABS are, 

The electronic control unit (ECU) gathers predominant signals from the respective sensors located in the circuit and governs the brake pressure wheels. The research on the unit says that the ECU helps the vehicle operator to impede the wheel lockup by overwhelming the wheel, Hydraulic control unit, or modulator. The operating signals from the ECU have also been given to apply or release the brakes under ABS conditions. It aggregates the necessary commands by applying the three solenoid valves connected with the prime cylinder and the brake circuits, one valve for each at the, and one for both rear side wheels. The hydraulic pressure can govern the whole section by maintaining the exact process. When you see the wheel-speed sensor signaling at its corresponding parts, it means that the ECU gives a tremendous amount of boost to the hydraulic unit.

This mainly empowers the actual solenoid valve. The valve feature detaches the brake circuit from the prime cylinder portion. This phenomenon impedes the immense braking pressure and keeps the pressure at a constant level. It makes wheel velocity soar up into the system; on the other hand, the slip becomes plummets. If you see the velocity skyrocketing, ECU makes an ideal situation for the brake pressure to prevent the wheel slip. And the Innova 5610 scanner can detect almost all the issues related to the ABs. 

Freeze frame data is mainly the executive data yielded by a vehicle component, which is basically an Engine Control Module, gathered based on the occurrence of a possible fault. If a proactive defect occurs from the engine, it initiates a possible freeze-frame event which collects the respective date and time information. The technician closely diagnoses the freeze frame data, which helps to figure out the actual place where the fault occurred. If you can detect the root cause of an issue, then it becomes easy to initiate a long-term fix; if you have initiated a temporary solution, that will call back the issue very sooner. The Innova 5610 digital scanner can play a vital role in producing these freeze-frame data.  innova 5610 review

  • Battery system checking

The car’s battery system is a very significant consideration for the excellent maintenance of that vehicle. The capacity test is the only procedure to get an accurate value battery’s actual capacity battery. If you use it regularly, it can be traced for tracking the battery’s optimum health and actual capacity and the estimation of the battery’s remaining life. If the battery is brand new, then its capacity might be slightly lower than specified. There are particular capacity values available from the sole manufacturer. All batteries must have tables that can tell the discharge current for a specified time and the lower portion to a specific list of discharge voltage. The particular table below is a fine section of visuals from a battery manufacturer.

The types of batteries in the car 

  • The lead-acid battery
  • Absorbed Glass Matte (AGM)
  • Flat plate
  • Nickel-cadmium

Traditionally, float voltage is the dark horse of any testing procedure. So What is actually voltage float? Voltage is the dissimilarity between the lead and the lead oxide on the plates or between the Stringent nickel and the obstinate cadmium. Initially, tremendous utilities and expensive industrial fixtures have seen the heights of life to find ground faults within their battery management. The battery grounds are a very complex and time-consuming method. The current ground-fault situation method links with the battery internals or interruption. The DC branches need to be dislocated from the ground fault. There is a method that is called sectionalizing, which disables the system security. For this reason, some companies have banned this method. Earlier on, this was the only procedure for finding the location of ground faults.

  • Oil control valve test 

The oil control section of the vehicle is another promising feature of the Innova 5610 scanner, and if you want the perfect values for the oil section, this device must be a blessing for you. Here is the procedure for finding out the real OCV test; select Oil Reset first, then press the enter option. The Oil Reset screen will be shown on the monitor. If the vehicle under test is equipped with a navigation system, then choose the yes to continue and If the vehicle under test is not equipped with a navigation system, prefer the no button. The Select Reset Method screen displays. To perform the oil reset by procedure, choose View Procedure. If the oil reset is not successful, an advisory message displays. If you do not wish to perform the oil reset by procedure, choose Exit to return to the Main Menu. Innova CarScan Pro 5610 OBD2 Scanner

It is an uninteresting feature that the Innova scanner can also check the vehicle’s emission test. Here is the complete process of reviewing the emission by the OBD2 scanner, 

Attach a workstation scan tool to the vehicle’s DLC connector. Measures and records DLC voltage. Determine the vehicle’s communication protocol. Request the vehicle’s RPM. Determine emission monitor status. Do not evaluate readiness for cars on the exemption list. The vehicle may be referred to a Motorist Assistance Center if it has exceeded the allowable number of Not Ready failures. If a vehicle has all continuous and non-continuous monitors Unsupported, it shall fail the OBD inspection. Evaluate the MIL command status based on the data returned from the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system. If the MIL is commanded, the workstation shall send a generic Mode request to the vehicle’s emissions computer to retrieve the stored OBD-II-related diagnostic trouble codes. If any response is missing, the vehicle will fail inspection for communication. It will be dependent on the repairer to determine which response element is not there.

  • SRS or Airbag codes examination

If you want to detect any issue with your vehicle, you might need to check the ABS light. This is a light that joins straightforwardly to your ABS and can be utilized to decide whether there are issues with your stopping mechanism. An ABS code is utilized to check whether your ABS frameworks require fixes. Then again, SRS codes help decide your airbags’ flaws. The SRS, or security limitation framework, comprises an assortment of effect modules and sensors that determine when your airbag framework will trigger. This relies altogether upon the actual scanner and whether it has been planned around SRS and ABS usefulness. Each OBD2 examine device will offer its own arrangement of particular advantages, like the choice to peruse live information or keep an eye on your ABS framework. 

  • Enhanced data system 

The data system is the hierarchical convention module in a vehicular system. The data module is the complete proceedings of the internal accommodation of the parts like the rotational movements of the cam and the crankshaft and the internal combining timing components, the correct viscosity of the fuel, and the fuel level. Everything is included in the enhanced data system. The Innova 5610 device has all the tools to calculate the internal geography of the vehicle. 

  • Bi-directional System test 

A bidirectional scan test is a device scan system that sends and receives necessary data from the vehicle’s ECU. In other words, it can register important information from a vehicle’s computer or govern the vehicle’s modules. Those governing modules will effectively make a gigantic impression and perform specific tests and functions. The normal scanners can only fetch data info from a car’s computer but can’t send instructions.

Advantages of Innova 5610 scanner

People find the Innova 5610 useful in diagnosing all the possible outcomes and mismanagements in the vehicle. Suppose you feel the advantages of this device, then surely you will be keen to buy the product without any hesitation. So let us feature the outrageous attributes of the Innova 5610 scanner.

  • It is a kind of all-in-one model that can scan almost and every part of the vehicle. It is a complete digital package for the vehicle. 
  • More advanced than the Innova 3120 and 3030h
  • All the information is displayed on the device’s large screen, and that information tends to be nearly hundred percent correct. 
  • The diagnosis of the battery, ABS, SRS, and OCV is down with utmost correctness. The freeze frame data is also a big opportunity for the mechanics to diagnose the issue.
  • Successful conversion of OBD1 is also available here besides the OBD2 diagnosis so that you can get two in one advantage in diagnosing the vehicles. 
  • It is simple to use with intuitive buttons and respective functions and has a wide variety of functionality. 

Minor demerits

Everything in this world has two different shades, which means that besides having tremendous positive sides, there can also be some dark sides, and it is apparently true. We have seen some excellent positive sides, and now we are going to see some negative sides of this scanner, 

  • The main negative side is that this device is costly and sometimes exceeds the budget.
  • The conversion of the OBD1 sometimes does not work and needs to be upgraded. There is literally no pouch to hold the device. 

Comparison: Innova 5610 vs. 5160rs

Similarities between Innova 5610 and 5160rs:Innova 5610 vs. 5160rs Scanner

  • Both work as ten-on-ten features in the system diagnosis, the OBD2 functionality, and advanced service functions.
  • Those two scanners are compatible with the SUVs, lightweight cars, and complex hybrid vehicles produced before 1996.
  • Both of them occupy the same amount of storage. They have 2GB of expandable RAM and 32GB of internal memory.


  • The main difference between these two scanning models is that the Innova 5610 has a weak 5000mAh battery. On the other hand, the Innova 5610rs has incorporated a more ger battery of 11000 mAh that lasts long and gives a gigantic backup guarantee.
  • Innova 5610 has brilliant attributes like strong Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, hotkeys, and a tremendous RepairSolution app module. But the Innova 5610rs has more added functions compared to the previous one. It has All one rigorous patented display and strong scanning phenomena.
  • The Innova 5610rs is a little bit costlier than the Innova 5610 as it has some added advantages.

Compare Innova 5610 with Innova 5510:

Matched features:

  • The design and diagnostic capability have been architectured almost in the same manner. Both of them look like an unleased beasts, but the wonderful thing is that they are very compact and lightweight.
  • Both of them support the protocols set by the OBD1 and OBD2. They are compatible with those cars that are made after 1996, which are usually hybrid and non-hybrid cars.
  • They use the standard protocols of BMW cars.

Dissimilarities between Innova 5610 and Innova 5510 scanners:

  • Innova 5510 uses an all-system network scanning module, but Innova 5610 uses the detailed all-system network scanning module, and a data module streamlines data.
  • Innova 5510 can scan the basics of the vehicle, like the Battery system checking, anti-lock braking system bleeding, EPB retraction, and basic illumination of the MIL. On the other hand, the Innova 5610 can adopt bidirectional scan tests, scanning the SRS codes, DLC connector checkings, SAS calibration, DPF rejuvenation, and many more outstanding features.
  • Innova 5610 is far more costly than the old Innova 5510 model.

Try two other alternatives: Innova 7100p vs. 7111

Concluding statement: Our Innova 5610 scanner review

The Innova 5610 is a smart device that can effortlessly work to discover any mismanagement in the vehicle. At a reasonable price, you can have a scanning device like Innova 5610, which is truly unbelievable. There are many other versions of this device but based on the user’s experience and experts’ opinions, and it is the most dependable scanning device you may ever have. The conclusion is like that. Though it is a bit costlier, it always gives the right information after scanning. So if you have to go through the article carefully, you must know the particular advantages of this device. So give it a try and eradicate all the issues with your car in minutes at home. That will cut off the extra mechanic cost.

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