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Innova 3020RS- Fast Engine Light and Brake Scanner Review

A vehicle problem is a significant event that frequently comes to us and hampers our happiness. An OBD II scanner is the closest friend during a crisis by identifying and solving the vehicle’s issue. So the Innova 3020RS OBD2 scanner comes with several features for solving a car or other vehicle’s problems. Moreover, its problem classification efficiency is so admirable that most professional mechanics prefer it for beginners. In this Innova 3020RS review article, you can learn how to use clear codes using this scan tool. So, do not be late; check the engine light and OBD-II code, and solve the vehicle’s problem.

Innova 3020RS Compact Bluetooth Code Reader Review

The impressive performance of the Innova 3020RS attracts all car users. It includes some added technical features;Innova 3020RS Reviews

  • RepairSolution 2 App – An Unbelievable Solution

The Innova 3020 gives you access to the RepairSolution app. It verifies the fixes and makes it easier for you on the screen. Moreover, the app can maintain the schedule, measure the speed, and present it on your smartphone or computer to make the repair easier for you.

  • ABS Checking

Some people use an OBD II scanner, but they complain about their device’s capability. They can fix several problems with the scanner, but not the ABS issue. The Innova 3020 RS is a significant solution for users. Since 2006, the Innova has provided vehicle users with an unbelievable thing, which is the ABS problem. If any part of your ABS system is problematic, the Innova 3020 RS will notify you immediately. Moreover, you will get the way of repairing it on the screen.

  • Engine Light Checking

Check engine light is possible on Innova with a single button press. This feature is so unique that you can easily find out the engine light’s condition or whether it does not work for any problem.

  • All-in-one Display

The screen of Innova 3020RS is quite large both in size and activity compared to similar entry-level scanners like Innove 3120 or 3150F. More than twenty issues of a vehicle can come on the screen.  

  • Faster Hotkeys

The hotkeys of Innova 3020RS give you a smart solution by checking the issue faster. It will save a significant amount of time. 

Beginner? Here is why the Innova 3020RS suits you:

If you need a reliable and good-performance OBD II scanner, you may go for the affordable Innova 3020rs. Innova is so innovative that other scanners can not even provide many possibilities for problem-solving of a car. If you know about 3020RS of Innova, you can quickly understand why it is perfect for you.  INNOVA 3020RS Code Scanner

Premium Quality

There are several OBD II scanners on the market. But, Innova 3020’s providing quality is exceptional. It is a scanner with several features that is enough to impress you and provide you with sufficient utility. The rates OBD II scanner Innova 3020 are long-lasting also. 

California-Based Product

If you are looking for a sustainable USA-made OBD II scanner, you may choose Innova 3020rs. It is a USA-designed product that assures you the most perfection. Actual diagnosis for the cars will make your journey safe as you can be sure about the exact problem of your vehicle. 

Suitable for Most Cars, Light Trucks, and Other Vehicles

You can quickly check every car, micro, light truck, or several light vehicles by using the Innova 3020RS scanner. If you are confused about buying an exceptional model, remove it from your mind. The Innova 3020’s sound performance suits your vehicle. 

Safety on The Road

Are you fear of a long journey? If the vehicle becomes off in the middle of the way, you may fall into danger. The Innova 3200rs code reader can bring you out of this situation. Whenever your car becomes damaged, you will just look at the engine light and if it turns on, connect the scanner. You will get the problem identifying code to solve it quickly.

One Button for a Couple of Works

When the engine light turns on, the vehicle users must be concerned about the vehicle’s problem. The Innova 3020RS can quickly identify the problem and turn the engine light off using a single button. So, it makes the vehicle issue identification simpler for the users. 

One of the admirable functions of the Innova 3020RS OBS2 tool is its display. You can see more than twenty vital pieces of information at a time. 

Immediate Identifying and Fixing

Every OBD II scanner helps us to identify our vehicle’s problems immediately. But, the exceptional feature of Innova is that it makes both problems identifying and problem-solving easier for us.

How to use Innova 3020 rs code reader?

Every electronic equipment has a specific process of working. Innova is a renowned OBD II scanner and is so popular among vehicle users for its outstanding working efficiency. We can divide the working process of Innova into some different sections.

Step 01: Checking The Code

Turn off the engine of your vehicle. Keep your car’s ignition on. Plug in your scanning tool and turn it on. Now turn on the machine. Press the DTS button to check the trouble code and use the erase button to remove the existing code from your scanner. Innova 3020 rs code reader

Caution: Do not press the ERASE button until diagnosing and solving the problem. 

Step 02: Classifying The Problems

Innova 3020’s working process is unique. It reads and erases the trouble code and also determines if the problem is severe or not. When code checking is complete, you will get another signal to identify your problem type. There are three severities of signs. The lowest category of severity signal determines that the problem is so short and easy to remove. But, the highest peak of severity orders you to fix the issue as soon as possible. DTC severity alert and the different colors of lights are the signs of the different categories of problems. 

  • DTC Severity Alert

The severity alert of a trouble code scanner is essential for every vehicle user. It determines whether you have to fix the problem quickly or not. Suppose your vehicle issue is so severe that if you do not immediately fix it, you can not drive the car. In this time, the severity scale will go higher and show you the problem is so severe. 

  • Yellow, Red, and Green Lights

There are three lights just under the dial of the Innova 3020 scanner. Three lights are in three different colors. The green-colored light indicates that the vehicle is in a good position. The yellow color light means your car has some minor issues. But, the red light warns to repair the vehicle quickly because it indicates the most challenging position. 

Step 03: Solve The Problem

The specialty of Innova is solving the general issues of a car without going to the mechanic. Innova reads and erases the trouble code, unlike the other regular OBD II scanners. 

How to clear codes with Innova 3020 rs?

Innova is an innovative OBD II scanner with some exceptional features. The Innova 3020RS scanner has 25 pieces of information on its patented screen. It is a significant clue in searching for a way of removing the trouble code. This process ensures both problem identification and problem-solving approaches. Connecting the Innova 3020RS scanner with your car and getting a trouble code is the first step to solving the issue. After getting the code on the screen, search on Google for the code’s definition. Now, follow the information in the scanner and solve your vehicle’s issue. 

Lacks We Found In Innova 3020rs

  • Live Data Streaming: No
  • TPMS: No
  • SRS Codes: No
  • Live Data Graphing: No
  • Trip Cycle Procedures: No
  • Oil Light Reset: No

Innova 3020rs Vs. 3030rs Vs. 3040 RS: Similarities and Differences

Both Innova 3020RS, 3030RS, and 3040RS are made for checking the OBD II trouble codes of the vehicles. There are both some similarities and differences among the three scanners in some criteria. 3020rs Vs. 3030rs Vs. 3040 RS


The Innova 3020RS device is compatible with vehicles manufactured after 1996 and is compatible with cars, light trucks, hybrid vehicles, or SUVs.

Innova 3030 has no limitation to the vehicle’s compatibility. You can also use it as a RepairSolutions 2 mobile app. 

Innova 3040RS is Compatible with all OBD II-compliant vehicles. 

Difference Between 3020, 3030, and 3040:

The 3020 and 3030 models of Innova are the same, but some differences can be seen here. Some additional features can prove that 3030RS is better than 3020RS. Innova 3030RS’s RepairSolution 2 app has some additional features.

The Innova 3040RS is quite better than the two other models, the 3030RS and the 3020RS. It is exceptional for reading the ABS, pulling and clearing the codes, and the most impressive feature is that you can access all the databases from the device. You can transfer the data to your computer and also print it.

Bottom Lines

  • Do not be late if the severity alert is high. 
  • You have to be serious about the red light of the scanner. It represents the more severe issue of the car that the yellow light presents.
  • If you have no idea about a car mechanism, do not lose time; go to an expert mechanic to repair your vehicle and remove the code.


  • Can I Use 3020RS with An OBD I Cord for My GM Vehicles?

There is a slight difference between OBD II and OBD I. Basically, OBD II is an upgraded version of OBD I. It is better than OBD I to match with the vehicles and check the vehicle problem efficiently. If you want to use an OBD I cord with GM vehicles, you must purchase an adapter. It will connect your scanner with the vehicle and work to run the trouble code scanning. 

  • Can I check the suspension light with this Innova 3020RS scanner?

Innova 3020RS scanner is only for checking engine and ABS codes. But, it has no ability to check the suspension light. But, Innova has other models to solve the problem. If you want to do this task with your scanner tool, you can use the 3030RS, 3060RS, and 5160RS models of Innova. They can solve this issue with a full network scan of the vehicle. 

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