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Launch CRP229 Android-Based OBD2 Scanner Review

Launch CRP229Launch scan tool brand has produced many reliable and advanced automotive scanners in the past. The latest in their line of Launch reader scanners is the CRP229 scan tool. This is a compact and sturdy OBD2 diagnostic scan tool that features several various functions. Also, it covers more than 42 car brands from the US, Europe, and Asia.

The scanner has a large colored TFT screen for easy interpretation of results and an internal battery for backup when the car is off. It is fast in operation as it comes with an Android operating system. It is also Wi-Fi enabled and supports different languages. This is a great scanner for DIYers and professional technicians.

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Review and Specifications of the Launch CRP229 Professional Scan Tool

Works:All OBDII petrol vehicles 2001> and diesel vehicles 2004>
Vehicle Support:42 different manufacturers
Touch screen:Yes
Protocol:Supports 10 test modes of OBDII
Read dynamic data stream:Yes
Oxygen sensor test & Carbon canister test:Yes
Read & clear DTC:Yes
Operating System(OS):Android
ABS bleeding function:Yes
Read Data Stream:Yes
Input Voltage Range:9 – 15 volts
Storage Capacity:1GB
Connection:16-pin DLC via cable
Engine oil lamp reset:Yes
Working Temperature:0℃ ~ 40℃ (32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature:0℃ ~ 70℃ (-32°F to 158°F)
Languages support:English, Spanish & French
Warranty:2-year warranty
Price:Launch CRP229 ReviewCheck Today’s Price

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Durable construction

The Launch CRP229 scanner is sturdily constructed to last for a longer period of time. It features a durable plastic housing and a waterproof screen. It is also grease-resistant and comes with a strong storage case. This makes storage or transportation of the scan tool to be easy. Since it can be updated, this is a code reader that will last for many years to come.

Note: Launch CRP129 Code Reader is a basic scan tool, and You cannot compare it with the Launch CRP229 scan tool.

Extensive vehicle coverage

With coverage of more than 41 vehicle manufacturers, the Launch CRP229 diagnostic scanner is a very versatile and outstanding scan tool. You can use it on different car makes and models made in the US, Europe, and Asia. Though, it is important that you confirm with Launch and find out if your car is compatible with the scanner or not.

A wide range of functions

This is a very reliable scan tool, and it can perform a wide range of functions. It reads and clears DTCs, graph live data, read data stream, read ID information, and many other basic functions. In addition, it performs special functions such as steering angle reset, ABS bleeding, throttle adaptation, electronic brake pad reset, and oil light reset.

Wireless user-friendly device

The launch CRP229 scan tool comes with an intuitive user interface. It features a large 5.0-inch TFT LCD color screen that is touch-sensitive. This displays all the information clearly, and you won’t have any problem viewing live graphs and other information. It has a multilingual menu with three languages to choose from. These are English, French, and Spanish.

With a wireless connection, updating this gadget is very easy. You can also tether it to your mobile if you don’t have a stable Wi-Fi connection.

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Compact and portable scan tool

This scan tool is lightweight and compact in design. It weighs 4 pounds and can be stored with much ease. Its dimensions are 10 x 2 x 7 inches. With a simple and compact design, this gadget is very easy to handle or even store in your pocket or backpack.

Powerful battery

The scanner features a built-in battery. This battery allows the user to diagnose error codes even when the vehicle is switched off. So you will never be inconvenienced.
Launch CRP229 scan toolCheck Today’s Price

Software updates & warranty

With this code reader, you will get free software updates. This is for only one year, and after that, you will have to pay a certain fee in order to get free updates.

Many diagnostic scanners offer a one-year warranty. But for Launch CRP229, you will get a 2-year of warranty. This assures users that the manufacturer has full confidence in their tool and is willing to offer such a great warranty.

Setbacks of the Launch CRP229 scanner

Compatibility problems – before you purchase this scan tool, ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model. Contact the Launch support team and send them your vehicle information to verify.

Poor customer service – many users have complained that Launch offers one of the worst support as most of them didn’t get the help they were looking for.

One-year software update – this scan tool comes with a limited free software update. This is because the manufacturer offers only a one-year of free software updates. So, after this period, you will be forced to pay for yearly updates.


Overall, the Launch CRP229 diagnostic scanner is a wonderful tool for car enthusiasts and small auto repair shops. It can perform basic and special functions. As a matter of fact, it supports all 10 OBD2 test modes. The automotive scanner is easy to use and comes with a multilingual menu.

Moreover, it is compact in design and sturdy. With one year of free software updates and a 2-year warranty, this is a nice investment for any serious car enthusiast.

Can this diagnostic scanner read and clear ABS, SRS, and Transmission?

Yes, it can. You can use this code reader to read or clear ABS, SRS, and Transmission. Apart from that, it also has diagnostic functions like read and clear DTCs, read ID information, read data stream, etc. Moreover, it has special functions like steering angle reset, electronic brake pad, engine oil lamp reset, etc.

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-Supports 150 Car brands
-Works with 200000+ Car models
-ADAS Calibration
-ECU Coding
-Power balance Test
-Active Test
-Bi-directional Control
-Read DTCs
-View Real-time Data
-Active Test for Diesel Vehicles
-Key Programming
-Tons of Actuator Test
-Android 7.1 System
-128G TF expansion space
-9 Hours Continous backup
-7.0-inch LCD touchscreen

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  1. what year & date was my tool made launch mod:crp229,ID:170043000551 ver:11.60, 1.17000 Ser: 968498002105 , can it be updated for 2015 jeep cherokee grand .any help will be helpful; thanks jerry

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