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Autel Maxisys Elite Reviews 2023 [Professional Automotive OBD2 Tool]

Are you looking for the best diagnostic scan tool on the market? Look no further than the Autel Maxisys Elite diagnostic tool. This scanner is designed for professional mechanics, technicians, and busy car repair shops. Although, Autel brand has lots of advanced scanners like Autel Maxisys MS906BT (low budget choice), Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P (medium budget choice), etc. But, No scanner can beat the Maxisys Elite scan tool features.

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The Autel Maxisys Elite scanner is one of the most advanced professional automotive diagnostic scanners that you will find on the market. It has a large LCD color screen that displays all the results and a fast quad-core processor. Its intuitive design makes using the scan tool to be easy and fun. The Bi-directional scanner is very efficient and reliable in performance.

Technical Specifications of the Autel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool

FeaturesAutel Maxisys Elite
Works:All 1996 and newer vehicles
Operating System(OS):Android 4.4.4 KitKat
Display:9.7” Retina display with 2048X1536 resolution & Capacitive touch screen
Processor:NVIDIA Tegra® 4 (4-PLUS-1 Quad-core Processor) 1.8GHz with ARM Cortex – A15 CPU
Memory:2GB RAM & 32GB Embedded Memory
Connectivity:802.11a/b/g/n/ac WIFI Version 2.1 3Mbs,
Bluetooth RJ45,
Ethernet Connection 3.0 USB(2.0 Compatible)
HDMI 1.4a
Support SD Card up to 32GB
Camera:Rear: 8.0 Megapixel, Autofocus with Flashlight
Front: 2.0 Megapixel
Sensors:Ambient Light Sensor, G-sensor
Audio Input/Output:Microphone
Dual Speakers
3-Band 3.5 mm stereo/standard headset jack
Power and Battery:3.7V/13600mAH Lithium-polymer battery
DC/12V/3A Power Supply
Input Voltage:DC/12V/3A
Storage Temperature:-20 to +70°C
Operating Temperature:-10 to +55°C
Power Consumption:Max 20W
Models:More than 80 US domestic, Asian, and European
WiFi, Bluetooth:Yes
Protocols:Most OBD1/OBD2
Views freeze frame data:Yes
Check Engine Light(MIL):Yes
Real-Time push message notifications:Yes
Reads and stores Data:Yes
Clears codes & resets monitor:Yes
Playbacks live sensor data:Yes
Get transmission codes:Yes
Remote Control Tech Support:Yes
Software Update:Two years of free update
Warranty:One year warranty
Price:Autel Maxisys Elite ReviewsCheck Today’s Price

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Full OBD2 Automotive Scanner- Autel Maxisys Elite Reviews 2023

The Autel Maxisys Elite scanner provides a wide range of functions and has extensive vehicle coverage. This makes it a great tool for fixing all car-related issues. Some of the exceptional functions that it performs include advanced ECU coding, keeping vehicle records, and storing customer information. Read on to find out more about the professional-grade automotive scanner.

Automotive Scanner Autel Maxisys Elite

  • Automatic system and software updates with real-time push message notifications through the internet
  • Outstanding OE-level functionality from comprehensive OBD2 diagnostics and services to advanced ECU coding and programming
  • Instant remote tech support 24/7
  • The bidirectional control allows the mechanic to activate or test mechanical components on demand
  • One-stop multitasking designed for ideal management of workshop operations to store all customer info, data files, and vehicle records are properly organized
  • Uniquely integrated vehicle programming capabilities working with an SAE J2534-1 and 2 compliant vehicle programming pass-thru interface
  • Sleek and ergonomic design with rubberized outer protection and a rugged internal housing
  • Extensive vehicle coverage of more than 80 domestic, European, and Asian makes and models

Benefits of the Autel Maxisys Elite Scanner

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Extensive vehicle coverage

This is one of the most extensive diagnostic scan tools with complete system coverage for more than 80 US domestic, European, and Asian vehicle makes and models. Even though it is an OBD II code reader, it as well works on some OBD 1 vehicles. In addition, it comes with 2 empty slots for Benz-14 and Chang’an-3 vehicles, which are not present in North America. Some of the famous car brands that this scan tool is compatible with include GM, Ford, Chrysler, Audi, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Benz, Chevrolet, etc.
autel elite scannerCheck Price

Sturdy and durable

The scanner features a sleek and compact design that gives it a lovely appearance. It also has extended and rounded corners that prevent the gadget from getting damaged in case it accidentally falls on the ground. Moreover, the Maxisys Elite scanner is well-enclosed with sturdy rubber protection and rugged plastic that gives it its ergonomic appeal. On top of that, it is grease and water-resistant. So, you can fully rely on it even if it falls on the greasy floor garage.

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Intuitive user interface

Not only is this scanner beautifully designed, but it is also very easy to use. Thanks to its 9.7-inch retina display with 2048×1536 resolution and capacitive touchscreen. This makes reading and erasing error codes to be easy.

Fast and smart

When it comes to speed, this device is very amazing. It features the Android 4.4.4 Kitkat operating system and a 4-PLUS-1 quad-core processor. Besides having excellent speed, the bootup time of this gadget is less than 20 seconds.

Wide range of functions

This is the most advanced OBD2 diagnostic scanner on the market. You can use it to read and clear codes, perform advanced ECU coding and programming or even use it for special functions and services such as SAS reset, DPF reset, tire pressure reset, etc.

Automatic software update

One of the special features of the Autel Maxisys Elite scanner is its automatic system and software update. The device automatically updates and upgrades the system and software with real-time push message notifications through the internet. In addition, it comes with 2 years of free software updates.

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Additional features

Apart from offering both basic and professional scanner features, the Maxisys Elite diagnostic scanner comes with additional features like online programming, the MaxiFix platform, and data management. These features make the device to be more interesting to users. Additionally, you can get in touch with the Autel team in case of any issues, and you will have answers to your queries.

Wireless connectivity

The Autel Maxisys Elite scanner comes with a cable for connecting to the car, which is a simple and quick process. But it is also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible. This means sharing info or updating the device is very easy. And in case of any challenge, you can as well visit the MaxiFix platform and share your car issues with other professional mechanics and find real-time solutions. With Wi-Fi, you will get real-time notifications that will let you know if you have to update the device.
autel maxisys elite automotive diagnostic toolCheck Price

Camera and large storage capacity

The Autel Maxisys Elite scanner features a high-quality camera with an 8-megapixel of rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera. This means you can use it to shoot quality images, and it as well as has a cam-coder for shooting videos. The front camera can allow you to communicate with other users or even colleagues.

Setbacks of the Autel Maxisys Elite Scan Tool

First and foremost, Autel has poor customer service. Most users have complained about customer care, saying that they take longer to respond to their pleas.

The second setback is compatibility issues. Before you purchase this scanner, you should get in touch with Autel and find out of the code reader is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.
It is a bit on the high-end. This is not the scanner for everyone. If you only deal with a few cars or have a small car repair shop, this might not be the best investment for you. Instead, you should consider going for a cheaper code reader.

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Another challenge is that this diagnostic scanner is very complicated for a beginner, DIYer, and ordinary car owner. It comes with advanced features that only professional or experienced mechanics are familiar with.


With fast speed, extensive vehicle coverage, and unmatched performance, the Autel Maxisys Elite is the best professional-grade automotive diagnostic scanner that you will find on the market. It is suitable for professional mechanics, technicians, and large car repair shop owners. It may be sold at a higher price, but it is worth every penny. Above all, the device is very easy to use and has wireless capabilities. Use it to diagnose the most basic OBD2 functions or the most advanced functions. Whatever the case, you will never go wrong with this scan tool. Have you any questions after reading this Autel Maxisys Elite reviews? Comment below.

Does Autel Maxisys offer to program and relearn functions?

Yes, the Autel Maxisys elite supports commercial vehicle programming and relearn functions. The vehicles that it supports include light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, and heavy-duty trucks. Also, it supports buses and industrial and agricultural machinery. It also has extensive vehicle coverage of more than 80 car make, and some of the brands include Isuzu, GM, Volvo, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Benz, Chrysler, Allison, Foton Daimler, Ford, Bentley, Hyundai, Audi, and much more.

Autel MaxiSys Series Comparison: Elite vs. Elite II

Autel FeaturesMaxiSys EliteMaxiSys Elite 2
Processor:Nvidia T40SSamsung Exynos8895 8 Core
CPU Speed:4*A15 1.8G4*M2 2.3G +4*A53 1.7G
Android System:Android 4.4Android 7.0
Front camera:2MP5MP
Rear camera:8MP16MP
Battery test:NoYes
Remote expert service:NoYes

Is there any difference between the Autel Maxisys Elite and the Autel MS906 scan tools?

Yes, there are so many differences. The Autel Maxisys elite features J2534, which can do ECU coding and ECU flash programming and other programs, while the Autel MS906 cannot. In addition, the Maxisys Elite has the most advanced hardware and is very fast. Some of the exceptional features that it boasts include 2GB RAM and 32GB embedded memory, a 9.7-inch retina display with 2048×1536 resolution, and a capacitive touchscreen. It also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, it supports up to 32GB SD card memory.

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  1. pertaing to updates, after the free 2 year updates. if i decide to skip updates for a couple years after the last update. will i still have full functions of the scan tool if i dont update. also if i decide to update after i skip a few years will i be charged for the updates i missed the previous years. thanks

    1. 1) Yes, You can use full functionality.
      2) You need to pay only 1-year update payment(No charge for previous years).

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