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Best TPMS Tool Review 2024 [Most Popular Relearn Reset Tools List]

Best TPMS ToolSince Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) don’t last forever, you will have to invest in a quality TPMS tool for a certain period. For this reason, we’ve compiled a review and guide to help you land the best TPMS tool for your vehicle(s).

A TPMS diagnostic service tool not only keeps you safe but also helps you not to break the law. Since 2008, it has been a legal requirement for all vehicles being made or sold in the US to have TPMS. This was first brought into law by Congress in the TREAD Act of 2000. However, it was until 2008 that it was made a must-have on all vehicles.

The TPMS sensor usually monitors your vehicle’s tire pressure, and if the recommended value is under or overinflated, it shows a warning signal on the dashboard. Aside from sensors, you can also check it via the ABS system. This is how TMPS helps:

-Identify slow leaks in a tire.
-Replacement seals and nuts on TPMS sensors
-TPMS sensor battery testing
-Reset the TPMS after tire service.

Our Recommended 3 Best TPMS Tools Comparison Chart

ImagesTPMS ToolsPrice Idea
2021 Editor's Choice
Check Price
Autel TS601 MaxiTPMS TPMS Tool with OBD ll
Read Review
  • 4 Advanced Programming Modes

  • Can be run without using the vehicle’s control

  • Medium price
  • Best Professional Choice
    Check Price
    MaxiTPMS TS608 Professional Service Tablet
    Read Review
  • Wireless Android Service device with 7 inches wide screen

  • Offers complete TPMS & all System Service

  • High price
  • Budget Choice
    Check Price
    Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 TPMS Service Tool
    Read Review
  • Features Activate Tire Pressure Sensor, MX-Sensor program & ECU Programming

  • It is an upgrade version of TS501, TS408 and TS401

  • Low price

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    Investing in a quality TPMS diagnostic service tool reduces high tire costs and tire problems as you’re able to detect the problems your tires are facing and correct them before it’s too late. Also, you need to identify the right TPMS tool for your job, as there are both simple and advanced tools on the market.

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System Buyer’s Guide

    For you to get the best tire pressure monitoring system diagnostic service tool, you need to know a few things which we have included in our guide. Brace yourself as we guide you through.

    What is TPMS?

    The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an electronic system in your vehicle that checks the status of the car tires. More specifically, it monitors if the tire is underinflated and in good health.

    A TPMS tool is very important because it lets you know if your tires are worn out or poorly inflated. Worn-out tires or a poorly inflated vehicle affects fuel efficiency and the overall safety of the car.

    How does TPMS works?

    This device works through wireless communication between the computer and the tires. If the sensor inside the tire is advanced, it can show the exact pressure and forward this information to the vehicle’s control panel to alert the driver. Moreover, additional sensors in your vehicle’s brakes continuously track how fast or slow your tires are moving. If a tire is losing pressure, it may rotate quicker than the rest of the tires. The Indirect TPMS sensors will pick up an enhanced rotational speed and send the signal to the TPMS indicator. As a result, the driver will know that the tires have an issue.

    What are the benefits of TPMS?

    • The main benefit of a TPMS tool is to keep the drive safe by maintaining safe conditions
    • The TPMS also reduces the distance of braking every time you press on the brakes; hence if your tires are well inflated, there is less skid from your car.
    • It is an alert system that will notify you if the pressure in your tires is low or if your tires are almost deflating.

    Functions of a TPMS Tool

    • Tells the ECM the new location of the sensors
    • Collection of information and sending it to the user
    • It programs TPMS sensors
    • The tool clears TPMS Malfunction Indicator Light
    • Assist you in detecting faults in the entire system
    • It helps to activate or trigger a TPMS sensor that is inactive
    • The device can activate sensors, receive sensor information, and send the info to the ECM

    Factors to consider when picking the best TPMS tool

    This TPMS buying guide is here to help you know what to look for if you want to get the best TPMS for your vehicles.

    • Direct or indirect TPMS system

    First and foremost, you need to differentiate between direct and indirect TPMS. Direct TPMS tools utilize TPMS sensors that are located inside the tires to report pressure information to the vehicle’s ECU in real-time.

    On the other hand, the indirect TPMS system works with the anti-lock brake system and the speed of the tires. The indirect system is a very low maintenance system that needs less care and less expense than the direct TPMS system.

    In an indirect system, when a wheel’s pressure falls, it will rotate at a different tire speed compared to other wheels. This information is detected by the car’s computer system, which later activates the dash TPMS light.

    • Type of TPMS sensors

    There are usually 3 types of TPMS sensors, and they are internal TPMS sensors, external TPMS sensors, and universal TPMS sensors.

    1. Internal TPMS sensor – this sensor can be installed on the inner liner of the tire, on the valve stem, or on the wheel. This sensor is also well protected from the environment, and it can measure temperature very precisely. Additionally, internal sensors are great at producing overheating alerts.
    2. External TPMS sensor – these are normally installed onto the valve stem where the valve cap is based. Besides being easily damaged, these sensors can also be stolen or forgotten after an adjustment of inflation pressure is made. Unlike internal sensors, these are usually unprotected from the environment. Also, they are not very accurate when it comes to measuring temperature.
    3. Universal TPMS sensor – there are two major types of universal sensors, and they are programmable and configurable sensors. Universal sensors are created to substitute the original equipment sensors for automobile aftermarkets.
    • Sensor battery

    You will have to choose between rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. Some exceptional rechargeable batteries come with a lifespan of 6 or more years, while others have a very shorter lifespan.

    • Alerts and reminders

    A good TPMS tool should have alerts and reminders. The system will alert you when there is overheating or overinflation. Moreover, the tool should feature alerts for dual tire pressure differences.

    • Select an exceptional tool

    Picking the best TPMS tool that is distinguishable from the rest is very important. This is because the TPMS service is often confusing and extremely complex. Therefore, a model with a support system is vital, such as the TPMS tech support hotline.

    • Versatility

    Another important factor to look at when searching for a high-quality TPMS tool is its compatibility. A good device should be compatible with a wide range of vehicles and models. This is because some TPMS tools are not compatible with Japanese vehicles and trucks. Ensure that the device you’re buying works on both American and Japanese vehicles.

    • Ease of use

    Why buy a tool that is difficult to use? A good TPMS tool should be easy to use and navigate. You don’t want to waste time searching on the internet on how to use a particular device.

    • Price

    Before you purchase any tool, be it a scan tool or a TPMS tool, you need to have a budget for that particular tool. With so many TPMS devices on the market, you can easily get confused and end up buying a product you didn’t plan to. Always stay away from the more expensive models if you’re an ordinary driver or car owner. The best and most costly models are suitable for people with a car repair shop or professional mechanics.

    • Customer support

    Purchase your tool from a re-known brand with a proven track record. This will help you connect or even return the tool for repair or replacement if it has a defect. Also, you should go through reviews to know what to expect from the TPMS tool that you’re buying.

    Top Rated 10 Best TPMS Tools 2024 Review

    Here are our top 10 TPMS diagnostic tools:

    Autel MaxiTPMS TS508K TPMS Diagnostic Service Tool

    Just like the Autel scan tools, the Autel brand TPMS is the most popular on the market. Autel is not only one of the leading TPMS brands on the market, but they also offer some of the most advanced TPMS tools for different users. So, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you will still find an Autel TPMS that fits your budget.

    The Autel MaxiTPMS TS508K tool features two service modes for quick and powerful repair. The modes include quick and advanced modes. Additionally, this TPMS can activate all known TPMS sensors. Thanks to the Autel MX-sensor interchangeable valve stems that offer a limited 2-SKU inventory needed for 98% of the vehicles on the market.

    Moreover, this is a sturdy and intuitive gadget that even beginners will have an easy time using. The first mode (quick) of the unit supports the basic TPMS functions and is ideal for car owners or drivers, while the second mode is for advanced TPMS functions and is very suitable for professionals or individuals with busy car repair shops.

    Quick Overview:

    • Compatible with all vehicles with TPMS
    • Provides both basic and advanced TPMS functions
    • Suitable for both beginners and professionals
    • Ergonomic and easy-to-use interface
    • Faster and smarter repairs with two TPMS service modes
    • It only functions with Autel sensors
    • Quite expensive than other similar models

    Technical Specifications of the Autel MaxiTPMS TS508K TPMS Diagnostic Service Tool:

    FeaturesAutel MaxiTPMS TS508K
    Works:Works with all Information ready sensors
    Connectivity:Mini USB 2.0 x 1
    Power:3.7 V Li-polymer battery; 3200 mAh
    Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
    Operating Temp.:0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
    Display:TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)
    Software Update:Free Lifetime Updates
    TPMS Service Modes:Two TPMS Service Modes for Quick Service
    Price:MaxiTPMS TS508KCheck Today’s Price

    Autel TS601 MaxiTPMS TPMS OBD II

    This is another exceptional Autel TPMS tool. The Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 TPMS & OBD 2 device is a compact and user-friendly unit that many car repair shop owners and professional mechanics will love. It performs a wide range of functions, such as activating TPMS sensors, programming the Autel MX-sensor, turning off the TPMS warning lights, and extracting OBD 2 and TPMS codes.

    Related: Features Comparison: Autel TS401 VS TS501 VS TS601

    Having this tool is fun as it is easy to use with its large and clear screen. You can view the TPMS status and, at the same time, compare ECU and sensor data. With this device, you will relearn and reprogram the tire sensors after doing a tire rotation.

    Even though it is slightly costly, this unit will deliver accurate and efficient TPMS reading functions and programming. You can also use it to read and erase error codes.

    Short Review:

    • Compact and ergonomic design
    • Supports all TPMS functions
    • Provides several OBD II functions besides the TPMS functions
    • Upgradeable software to cover the latest TPMS functions
    • It is compatible with both 315 and 433 MHz TPMS frequencies
    • Multilingual support and an easy-to-use interface
    • Has compatibility problems with some car models
    • It is somehow complicated for beginners

    Technical Specifications of the Autel TS601 MaxiTPMS TPMS OBD II:

    FeaturesAutel TS601
    Display:TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)
    Batteries:1 Lithium-ion battery is required. (included)
    Power:3.7V Li-polymer battery
    Operating Temperature:0 to 50°C (32 to 122 °F)
    Storage Temperature:-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 °F)
    Update Option:Free update on the internet via USB port
    Price:Autel TS601 MaxiTPMSCheck Today’s Price

    Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 Service Tablet

    The Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 Complete TPMS diagnostic service tool performs all TPMS functions. It is the most advanced best TPMS tool on our list. Therefore, you can rely on it to perform functions like TPMS relearn, TPMS decoding, TPMS sensor programming, TPMS Activation, TPMS scanning, and much more.

    Featuring a large LCD touchscreen, the TS608 TPMS scan tool is easy to use and relays all information on the display for easy interpretation. This gadget is very convenient as you can connect it directly to the Bluetooth MaxiVCI Mini OBD 2 connector and transmit data without connecting it directly.

    Besides, the Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 unit can diagnose all systems and as well as perform advanced service functions such as support battery registration & reset, reset steering angle sensors, support immo functions, and reset service mileage & service intervals.

    The best part is that you can use this TPMS diagnostic service tool as n OBD2 scanner. Utilize it to turn off warning lights or even read DTCs from ECU and erase DTCs.

    Our Opinion:

    • Reads and erases TPMS codes
    • Compatible with all vehicles that have TPMS
    • Wireless connection
    • Free software updates for one year
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Performs all TPMS functions
    • It diagnoses all systems
    • It is costly

    Technical Specifications of the Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 Service Tablet:

    FeaturesAutel MaxiTPMS TS608
    Operating System:Android 4.4.2, KitKat
    Processor:Cortex-A9 processor (1.6 GHz)
    Display:7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1024×600 resolution
    Sensors:Light sensor for brightness auto-adjust
    Memory:1GB RAM DDR3 & 32GB ROM
    Connectivity:Mini USB 2.0;
    USB 2.0;
    HDMI Type A;
    Micro SD card slot (supports up to 32GB)
    Power and Battery:3.7 V/5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery;
    Charges via 5 VDC power supply
    Tested Battery Life:Around 7 hours of continuous use
    Operating Temperature:-10 to 60°C(14 to 140°F)
    Storage Temperature:-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
    Warranty:Limited One-Year Warranty
    Price:Autel MaxiTPMS TS608Check Today’s Price

    Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 TPMS Diagnostic Tool

    With the ability to activate all 315MHz and 433MHz sensors, the Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 TPMS diagnostic tool is a reliable and accurate TPMS that is ideal for professionals. This unit provides 4 MX-sensor programming options, and it is tested and certified to meet SAE standards. Moreover, it offers 98% vehicle coverage with just 2 SKU types and interchangeable valves (both rubber valve and metal valve) with press design.

    The Autel TS508 TPMS tool features two TPMS service modes, which are quick mode and advanced mode. The quick mode performs basic TPMS functions to examine TPMS sensors and program MX-sensors, while the advanced mode performs functions like diagnosing TPMS, and checking the sensor, sensor position relearn, and MX-sensor program.

    Due to its compact design and intuitive user interface, this unit is very easy to use. It also comes with free lifetime updates and a 1-year warranty.

    Our Review:

    • Two TPMS service modes
    • A compact and sturdy device
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Compatible with domestic, European, and Asian TPMS-enabled vehicles
    • 4 MX-sensors programming options
    • Shows vehicle-specific relearn procedures
    • Free lifetime updates
    • 1-year warranty
    • It is slightly expensive

    Technical Specifications of the Autel MaxiTPMS TS508:

    FeaturesAutel MaxiTPMS TS508
    Display:TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)
    Connectivity:Mini USB 2.0 x 1
    Power:3.7 V Li-polymer battery; 3200 mAh
    Software Update:Free
    Operating Temperature:0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
    Storage Temperature:-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
    Warranty:Limited One Year
    Price:Autel MaxiTPMS TS508Check Today’s Price

    Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 TPMS OBD2

    The Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 TPMS OBD II tool is another quality tool from Autel with the ability to activate any OEM or universal TPMS sensors and also turn off warning lights. With its ergonomic and intuitive user interface, this tool is very easy to use, and it can activate all TPMS sensors on domestic, European, and Asian vehicles.

    Related: Differences Between Autel TS501 and TS508 TPMS

    The TS501 can wirelessly diagnose TPMS problems as well as reprogram sensors to the vehicle’s ECU or ID clone. This tool is ideal for both beginners and professionals as it can be utilized to perform basic sensor activation or complex diagnostic tool functions. Apart from that, it can as well as offer relearn procedures for particular sensors and link up with the OBD 2 cord to the vehicle’s ECU to give different programming options.

    Our Experience:

    • Easy to use with the on-screen display
    • Powerful and simple to interpret results
    • Comes with free software updates
    • Very accurate and fast vehicle diagnosis
    • Features four programming methods
    • Can activate all TPMS sensors on domestic, Asian, and European vehicles
    • Poor customer service as several users claim they did not get any support from Autel

    Technical Specifications of the Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 TPMS OBD2:

    FeaturesAutel MaxiTPMS TS501
    Display:TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)
    Power:3.7V Li-polymer battery
    Software Update:Free update on the internet via USB port
    Operating Temperature:0 to 50°C (32 to 122 °F)
    Storage Temperature:-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 °F)
    Warranty:Limited One-Year
    Price:Autel MaxiTPMS TS501Check Today’s Price

    Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 TPMS tool

    The Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 diagnostic TPMS service tool provides excellent sensor coverage and has a user-friendly design for easy navigation during use. It is compatible with 98% of the vehicle models on the market, and it activates all magnetic, frequency, and tire deflation-triggered sensors utilized on the vehicle tire pressure management system.

    One of the unique functions of this gadget is key fob testing, so you don’t have to visit a car dealership for the right key. Moreover, this TPMS tool allows you to perform a relearn after the repair on the TPMS sensors is done.

    This is a nice mid-range TPMS tool that displays vehicle-specific relearn procedures, sensor ID & battery level, and Tire Air Pressure and Temperature. On top of that, the manufacturer offers buyers free lifetime software upgrades that ensure your tool remains up-to-date with the latest vehicles. Also, you will get free email/telephone/chat technical support in case you have challenges using the unit.

    Quick Review:

    • Compatible with domestic, European, and Asian TPMS-enabled vehicles
    • Displays vehicle-specific relearn procedures
    • Works with 98% of the vehicle models on the market
    • Lifetime upgrade
    • One-year warranty
    • Quite challenging to update

    Technical Specifications of the Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 TPMS Tool:

    FeaturesAutel MaxiTPMS TS401
    Display:Backlit, 128*64 pixel display with contrast adjustment
    Power:3.7V Li-polymer battery
    Software Update:lifetime upgrade free
    Operating Temperature:0 to 50°C (32 to 122 °F)
    Storage Temperature:-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 °F)
    Warranty:One year warranty
    Price:Autel MaxiTPMS TS401Check Today’s Price

    ATEQ QuickSet TPMS Reset Tool

    If you’re a DIY or beginner looking for an affordable and easy-to-use TPMS tool, then the Ateq QuickSet reset tool is good for you. After rotating your car tires, you need to reset and turn off the warning lights. This is the tool that will help you do so at a very great price.

    To use this tool, you will need to install it first. Begin by taking the QuickSet tool, a PC, and your car. Then, connect the unit to your PC and install the QuickSet software. Avoid unplugging the TPMS tool when installing the software. When the installation is finished, you will require an interface where you can enter the IDs of the new sensors. You’re good to go!

    Furthermore, this best TPMS tool is sturdy as it features oil, dust, and water-resistant construction. With the Bluetooth wireless connection, you will have enough time to perform all kinds of diagnoses, such as tire sensor evaluation, perform relearn procedures, service rotations, and much more.

    Quick Overview:

    • Very easy to use
    • Compatible with most import vehicles
    • Excellent price
    • Has the ability to view sensor IDs stored in ECU
    • It is upgradeable, which means it can be used on the latest vehicles
    • Monitors and records tire rotation
    • It resets TPMS via OBD II
    • The user manual is not very clear
    • It’s only compatible with Asian and EU-made vehicles

    Technical Specifications of the ATEQ QuickSet TPMS Reset Tool:

    FeaturesATEQ QuickSet TPMS Reset Tool
    Connectivity:USB 2.0 cable
    Software Update:Free lifetime updates
    Works with:Acura, Honda, Hyundai, Pontiac, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Infiniti, Nissan, Scion, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, etc..
    Price:>ATEQ QuickSet TPMS Reset ToolCheck Today’s Price

    VXDAS Ultimate EL50448, Auto TPMS

    The VXDAS Ultimate EL50448 auto TPMS is one of the most reliable and fast TPMS tools on the market, but it is also sold at a very good price. This tool is very easy to use, as you can activate individual TPMS sensors with just a single click of a button.

    Additionally, the reprogramming of the TPMS sensors is not difficult as well. All you need to do is to follow three steps, which are setting the car in the TPMS learn mode, holding the unit against the sidewall of the tire, and then pressing the learn button to reprogram the sensor.

    Unlike other wireless devices on the market, you don’t need to install any software to use this TPMS diagnostic tool. Just install a battery over 9V, and you will get going. Besides, it is powerful and very fast, which makes it stand out from other affordable TPMS tools.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Easy to use as it doesn’t need software installation to work
    • It is affordable
    • Wider vehicle coverage beyond GM and Ford vehicles
    • Fast in operation
    • Very reliable
    • The durable and compact unit
    • Excellent signal indicator
    • Not ideal for trucks

    VXDAS Ultimate EL50448Check Today’s Price

    JDIAG 2IN1 Relearn Tool Super EL50448

    This is a great TPMS tool for people who own or service GM and Ford vehicles. The JDIAG 2-in-1 relearn tool is small and compact for simple use and storage. It is also fast in operation and very reliable too. Integrated with a 315 MHz or 433 MHz tire pressure monitoring system, this is a vital tool for changing tires, removing tire pressure alarms, and replacement of tire pressure sensors.

    It is also compatible with both the EL-50448 GM series and the EL-50449 Ford series TPMS19 tire sensor reset tool. So, ensure that your vehicle is compatible with it before purchasing it. If you’ve got a European or Asian vehicle, this isn’t the tool for you. Simply activate the individual TPMS sensors by pressing one button. Using this unit is easy by following the same procedure as the VXDAS Ultimate EL50448 auto TPMS.

    Our Review:

    • Small and compact for easy storage and use
    • Very easy to use
    • Fast operation
    • Compatible with GM and Ford vehicles
    • Supports activation and reprogramming of TPMS sensors
    • Not ideal for all car models
    • Problems working on several 2015 and newer car models

    JDIAG 2IN1 Relearn ToolCheck Today’s Price

    VXSCAN EL-60448 Auto Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor TPMS

    The VXSCAN EL-60448 auto tire pressure TPMS tool is one of the best entry-level tools on this list. Even though it is small and compact, this device is still very fast and reliable in performance. It does a great job of activating and reprogramming sensors with much ease. Actually, it works in the same way as the previous two units that we’ve just looked at above.

    If you’re new to TPMS tools, you have nothing to worry about, as this unit comes with a one-click button for activating individual sensors. Also, you will use this device to reprogram TPMS sensors after a tire rotation. This means you will save some cash and time spent on visiting a car repair shop.

    The unit is compatible with Ford vehicles made from 2007 to 2016. Additionally, you can use it on BMW, Honda, Nissan, Audi, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Renault. Note that this unit is not compatible with GM models made from 2010 to 2013.
    VXSCAN EL-60448Check Today’s Price
    Quick Overview:

    • Quick and very effective at reprogramming TPMS sensors
    • It is affordable
    • Easy to use with a press of a button
    • Compatible with Ford and other car models
    • Utilizes a 9V battery and thus doesn’t need charging
    • You may have compatibility problems with cars made in 2013 or newer
    • It is not ideal for trucks


    A TPMS tool is very crucial for safe driving. But before you pick any TPMS device, you need to identify a device that has the features that you desire and is within your budget. From our reviews above, you can see that there are different tools for different users.

    If you’re a novice, then you’re better off with an entry-level TPMS diagnostic service tool. But if you deal with different car brands and makes, you should go for the high-quality and advanced professional TPMS scan tool that can diagnose all vehicles with trucks included.

    With our detailed review, you should be able to find the best TPMS tool that meets both your needs and budget. Hope you’ve found the TPMS unit that you were looking for? Feel free to leave a comment or a question.


    Why should I purchase a good TPMS Tool?

    A good TPMS tool will keep you safe. Currently, all vehicles have TPMS to abide by the laws for vehicle inspections. The system is a safety measure that makes sure the driver knows if their car tires are under or over-inflated. Even though it is a requirement for all vehicles to have a TPMS system, some don’t. That’s why it is good investing in a quality TPMS so that you can prevent the danger of a tire-related accident when driving.

    What do I have to do when the TPMS light comes on?

    When you notice that your TPMS light is on, you should not rush to fill it. Instead, you should start by inspecting the tire and find out if the tire is damaged or has no pressure. The TPMS indicator normally lets you know which tire is low in pressure.

    Why does the TPMS light come on?

    The TPMS light can turn on because of various reasons. The first and most common reason is when the air pressure in the tire falls below the recommended level, which is usually 25%. Another common reason is when the tire is damaged, such as having a hole in the tire, leading to a loss of pressure. Also, change in the environment may make the light come on.

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    3 thoughts on “Best TPMS Tool Review 2024 [Most Popular Relearn Reset Tools List]”

    1. The ATEQ Quickset is a poor choice to purchase. They claim lifetime updates but as of December 2019 the last update on the website is from April of 2016 which is 3 1/2 years ago! It will not work with many newer Subaru vehicles as Subaru has updated their system starting in 2017 and ATEQ has not provided updates for it. I bought it for a 2015 Subaru Impreza and it got to use it once as I swapped vehicles to a newer model and its useless for that. Don’t buy it as ATEQ can’t be counted on to provide “lifetime updates” in a timely manner.

    2. I’m going to update my previous comment about the ATEQ Quickset. I just called technical support about this lack of update issue. I had previously talked to them and emailed them about this in 2017 and 2018 and got the response that they were working on it. I just talked to them, 12/10/2019 and was told that there has been updates to the sensor database earlier this year. If you look at the website you see the 2016 update but that is for the program not the database making it unclear that a database update was in fact available. I am told that if you connect the Quickset to your computer you can perform an update that will allow it to understand various newer cars. I’m going to try this and hopefully it will work. I will only post if this update doesn’t work for my 2019 Impreza.

      I stand by my previous comment that it took much too long for them to add the new Subaru’s and perhaps other vehicles.

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