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OTC Evolve Reviews 2024 [3896 Bosch Diagnostic Scan Tool]

The OTC 3896 evolve diagnostic scanner is a professional grade diagnostic code reader with wireless capability and a full-system wiring diagram. It is suitable for professional mechanics and technicians who have a lot to carry out. If you’re an ordinary DIY enthusiast or car owner, acquiring this tool may prove to be costly to you. So, If you are not a professional technician, then you should buy a less expensive obd2 scanner like Foxwell NT614 or Autel AL619 Autolink scanner. Read this OTC Evolve reviews to know more about this professional scan tool.

The OTC 3896 evolve scan tool is sturdily constructed with a large color screen. It also features a powerful and fast Android operating system. The Dual Wi-Fi connectivity offers a secure, wireless VCI connection, and a steady internet connection. Moreover, it has a battery backup, and it is compatible with most 1986 and newer vehicles.

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Technical Specifications of the OTC Evolve Scan Tool


OTC Evolve

Works:Most vehicles 1986 and newer
Operating System(OS):Android 5.0
Display:10.4″ optically bonded
Memory Storage:32GB SSD
WiFi Connectivity:Dual Wifi System and Bluetooth
Ports:USB, HDMI, Ethernet, 3.5mm headphone jack
1- Touch DTCs:Tap to get codes with access to millions of confirmed experience-based fixes
Direct Hit:60-day free trial of Identifix Direct Hit
One-touch AutoID:AutoID most CAN vehicles
including year, make, model and engine
in less than 5 seconds
Including Code-Assist:Yes
Embedded Training Videos:Yes
Modes:All 10 Modes of OBD II
Scan and Scope Troubleshooting Repair Information:Yes
Identifix Direct-Hit web-based Info:Yes
Repair-Trac and Code-Assist DTC VIN Specific Tech Tips:Yes
Multiple Language Support:Yes
Updates Option:Internet upgradeable for coverage and vehicle updates
Standard Warranty:Lifetime hardware warranty
Price:OTC Evolve ReviewsCheck Today’s Price

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OTC Evolve Reviews 2024

Wider compatibility

This is a very versatile tool as it is compatible with J2534 for emissions-related ECU reprogramming and reflashes. Additionally, it comes with exclusive on-tool wiring diagrams for most vehicles manufactured from 1986 and newer. This means that it is compatible with some OBD 1 and OBD 2 compliant vehicles.

Wireless capabilities

When it comes to usage, this is a very wonderful device as you can connect it to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy use. It comes with a dual Wi-Fi system and Bluetooth. Therefore, you can connect the device to your car and read or erase DTCs from within your workshop.

The large and bright LCD display

Like Autel Elite Maxisys automotive scanners, the OTC 3896 features one of the largest and brightest LCD screens. The screen measures 10.4 inches and is bonded to offer the best visibility in different light conditions. So, whether you’re using the gadget in direct sunlight or in poorly lit areas, you will still be able to see the outcome of the scanning clearly.

Powerful and fast Android OS

The device comes with the Android 5.0 operating system. The system provides a quick boot-up and faster data processing during diagnostic sessions. As a result, you will be able to carry out tests and diagnoses effectively and swiftly.

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Backup battery

For greater performance, you don’t have to rely on the car battery as the scan tool comes with its own internal battery for backup. This increases the battery life and you are able to diagnose the vehicle even when the car is switched off.

Full system wiring diagrams

One of the unique features of the OTC 3896 evolves diagnostic scanner is that it comes with full system wiring diagrams. This is a feature that is not provided by any other scan tool on the market. Also, the diagrams make using this device to be easy and fast. So this is one of the best professional OBD2 scan tools with vast advanced features.

Internet updateable

In an era where vehicles are undergoing a lot of changes, having a scan tool that can be updated is important. The OTC 3896 evolve scanner comes with a free software update for one year. Therefore, you will be able to update your gadget for a period of one year for free. After that, you can decide to either update your scanner or leave it that way. Updating the device is quite costly than OTC 3211 affordable diagnostics system,  but it is necessary if you want it to have the latest technology.
otc 3896 bosch evolve diagnostic scan toolCheck Price

Sturdy storage case

The OTC evolve scan tool comes with a sturdy carrying case that will help the user to keep it safe when not in use. The carrying case also makes transporting the device to be easy.

Summary: Why buy the OTC Evolve Diagnostic Scan tool?

  • Powerful and fast operating system
  • Largest and clear LCD display for easy reading and diagnosing of error codes
  • Comes with one year of free online updates
  • Has wireless connectivity for convenient use
  • Battery backup allows for off-car review analysis
  • The sturdy carrying case makes storage of the scan tool to be easy
  • Outstanding vehicle coverage of 1986 and newer domestic and foreign vehicles


  • It is expensive which means that the ordinary DIYer or startup mechanic may not be able to afford it. Even the device is about two times more costly than OTC Encore 3893 professional WI-FI enabled diagnostic tool.
  • It only comes with one year of free updates. After that, you will have to pay a high fee to get the updates.


Question: Will the OTC 3896 evolve diagnostic scanner stop working if I don’t update it after one year?
Answer: No, it won’t. The OTC 3896 scanner comes with one year of free updates. When this period is over, it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to use your device if you don’t update it. You can still use the gadget without updating but you will be limited as it won’t have the latest software and bug fixes. Many people have complained that updating the scan tool is costly and not favorable at all.

Question: Does this scan tool come with the oscilloscope and key programming?
No, it doesn’t come with the oscilloscope. But it does come with key programming. Note that a few users have complained that the car’s key programming feature didn’t work on their vehicles. So, get in touch with OTC/Bosch to find out of it performs the key programming feature on your car make and model.

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  1. How to purchase it? I’m here in Philippines I need a genuine not a clone one from China….because some product advertisements is genuine but if you purchase they gave a clone not good.And how much for the price?

  2. How well does it work on all light to medium duty diesel trucks. Example f250-450 and 2500-4500 Ford/International Cummins and Duramax Ect.?

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