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Bluedriver Obd2 Review 2024 [Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool]

The Bluedriver OBD2 diagnostic scanner is a high-end scan tool trusted by mechanics and developed by professional engineers in North America. It is also officially licensed and certified for Android and Apple devices.
The Bluedriver code reader is different from other Bluetooth scan tools(like the Fixd Scanner). It not only reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes but as well performs more functions such as graphing of engine parameters and real-time data logging. You will not find this type of function in the BAFX products 34t5 or Carista Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter Scanner. Apart from this, it also offers a vehicle-specific list of possible causes and can provide a list of the most common fixes for that particular trouble code. Read this Bluedriver Obd2 review to know more about this scanner.

Bluedriver- Quick Facts

  • Can Bluedriver program keys?

Yes, you can effectively program the key fob if it is compatible with the car model.

  • Can Bluedriver reset the TPMS?

Yes, you can reset the TMPS warning light.

  • Is Bluedriver bidirectional?

Yes, the device has full bidirectional control.

  • What is mode 6 on Bluedriver?

Mode 6 allows you to monitor the vehicle’s key systems.

  • Which is better, Bluedriver or Fixd?

Fixd offers all the latest diagnostic services at an affordable price.

  • Can Bluedriver bleed ABS?

No, it only reads ABS codes.

  • Can Bluedriver clear codes?

Yes. You can clear the trouble codes.

  • Can Bluedriver read airbag codes?

Yes, it can only read airbag codes but can’t reset them.

  • Can Bluedriver read transmission codes?


  • Can Bluedriver read transmission temperatures?

Unfortunately not. It only reads transmission codes.

  • Can you leave Bluedriver plugged in?

Yes, it won’t cause any problems.

  • Is BlueDriver compatible with BMW?

It supports BMW cars made after 2004.

  • Does Bluedriver work on diesel engine cars?

Bluedriver is compatible with both diesel and gasoline cars.

  • Does Bluedriver work with Torque and Torque Pro?

No, you have to use their official app.

  • Is Bluedriver compatible with other apps?

No, it won’t support other third-party apps.

  • What apps are compatible with Bluedriver?

The device only supports iOS and Android apps.

  • Where to buy the Bluedriver scan tool?

Amazon, Homedepot, eBay, Walmart, etc.

  • What is the LED light indication system?

Solid blue: The device is starting up.
Flashing blue: The device communicates with your smartphone.
Flashing red: The device can’t connect to the app.
Solid red: The device is in recovery mode due to an interruption in the firmware update.

Technical Specifications of the Bluedriver Obd2 Scan Tool


BlueDriver OBD2 Scanner

Works:ALL 1996 and newer vehicles
Check Engine Light:Yes
Live Data:Display multiple PIDs as a graph, gauge, or digital readout (or export the log to a file)
Freeze Frame:Vehicle snapshot when a code is stored
Read and Clear CEL Codes:Yes(Confirmed, Pending, and Permanent for all makes)
Repair Reports:Code Definition, Possible Causes, Reported Fixes (Vehicle-specific for each DTC)
Modes:6 (Advanced test results)
Airbag, ABS Check:Yes
Vehicle Coverage:GM: including Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac, Saturn, Pontiac, etc.
Ford: including Ford, Mercury &  Lincoln
Chrysler: including Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, & Plymouth
Toyota: including Toyota, Lexus & Scion
Nissan: including Nissan, Infiniti & Renault
BMW brands sold in North America: including BMW & Mini (2005 models & newer)
Honda brands sold in North America: including Honda and Acura (2003 models & newer)
Volkswagen brands sold in North America: Audi, including VW, Bentley, and Lamborghini
Software Update:Free updates
Warranty:1-year warranty
Price:Bluedriver Obd2 ReviewCheck Today’s Price

So, whether you’re a pro mechanic or a DIYer enthusiast looking for a quality OBD2 scan tool, the Bluedriver diagnostic code reader will save you both time and money when troubleshooting faulty vehicle parts. It also provides fast data transfer and quick repair report that makes the work of the user to be easy. Use this device to read and clear error codes in 1996 or newer vehicles.

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Bluetooth Scanner Bluedriver OBD2 Review 2024

  • The Bluedriver app is made and assembled in the United States. So, you can trust it fully as it meets all the standards and requirements of a professional OBD2 scan tool.
  • The Bluedriver OBD2 scanner is of a compact design and lightweight. It measures 5.5 by 3.3 by 2.2 inches in size and weighs around 3.2 ounces. This makes it very portable and easy to store.
  • The Bluedriver device is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Note that it cannot be used on a windows phone as it is not compatible. This is a setback if you own a windows phone.
  • It reads and clears trouble codes such as engine trouble codes, ABS codes, SRS codes, airbag codes, and Transmission codes.
  • Bluedriver provides quick repair solutions as you can send trouble code reports through email and receive the procedure from identity.
  • It will help you know if you will pass or fail the smog check.
  • It comes with free vehicle-specific repair reports drawn from a database of over 6.6 million fixes verified by auto-certified mechanics.
  • The device works by linking up the Bluedriver app and the Bluedriver sensor
  • It performs advanced test results such as misfire counts for onboard diagnostic system monitors.
  • The data log function allows the user to save data to a CSV file
  • It has the ability to graph multiple data sources

Why Buy Bluedriver OBD2 Scanner?

  • User-friendly device – unlike conventional scan tools, where you have to connect a cable to the scan in order to use it, this scanner just requires you to download the app on your smartphone and link it with the device.
  • Portable scanner – this code reader is lightweight and very portable. You can keep it in your pocket as you work on or repair cars. Alternatively, you can place it in your backup, and it won’t weigh you down.
  • Convenient to use – this device is very convenient to use as all the results are displayed on your phone. You can store them or share them with your client by sending them via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Easy to install – installing this gadget is simple as you don’t require any tools to do so. Just plug it in and download the app to start using the device.
  • Extensive vehicle coverage – the Bluedriver OBD2 scanner functions on all 1996 and newer vehicles – domestic and foreign vehicles. This makes it suitable for car repair shops and mechanics.
  • Performs a wider range of functions – unlike several basic code readers, this scan tool does more than just read and erase error codes. It also allows real-time data logging and graphing of engine parameters.
  • Wireless connectivity – Wireless connectivity makes this scan tool to be flexible and very easy to use. You can read the error codes from a distance as you don’t have to be necessarily in the car.
  • Free updates – this feature allows you to download the latest bug fixes so that your device can be up to date and be used on the latest car models.
  • Fast and reliable – the code reader transfers data from the vehicle to your phone very quickly. There is no time wasted waiting for the device to respond as it connects instantly to your phone.

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Advantages of this Tool:

  • OBD2 Bluetooth scanning tool does not require any wires
  • It does not take much place because there are only a few things required – an OBD2 adapter and your smartphone or tablet
  • Since scanning uses third-party software, it is easier to update. Often device communicates with the database so you can eliminate problems, even smoother and more efficiently. It works on a wider range of vehicles
  • OBD2 tool is used only to transmit information on your device, so it is fast and does not require any additional power source

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Bluedriver Scan Tool Setbacks:

  • It is not compatible with windows phones. So, if you have a windows phone, look somewhere else, as it will not be helpful to you.
  • The device is not compatible with some vehicles. Thus, you should check for compatibility before buying. Some of the vehicles that this device is not 100% compatible with our VW, BMW, Golf, Hyundai, and Volvo.
  • Many users have reported that the app has some flaws, which the manufacturer should work on to make the device better.
  • Poor transmission has been reported. Since the device uses Wi-Fi to rely on data, people have reported that the connectivity is sometimes weak and unreliable.

It is doubtless that these devices have a few minutes. If you are running out of your smartphone or tablet and you don’t have a charger, you will not be able to do a service. This may cause a quandary in getting information about your vehicle. You will need to have a device that is capable of working.

Why buy Bluetooth Scan Tool?

OBD2 Bluetooth scanning tool is one of the newest and most promising technologies. That will allow you to service your vehicle even easier and easier only with your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this technology, the user saves some money. It requires only an OBD2 adapter and a smartphone or tablet. In addition, it is very modern because nowadays, almost all people are using smartphones. It makes this OBD2 Bluetooth scanner even more attractive and comfortable. Most of the OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth application developers or manufacturers allow you to share data collected about your vehicle. So it is easier to share information and seek ways to resolve the problem.

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However, technologies are evolving rapidly, and they easily amaze us with all the high-quality products on the market. Obviously, products like these are OBD2 Bluetooth scanning tools. We can safely say that they will be popular products in the future. Sooner or later, they will probably replace the common OBD2 scanners, which are used with wire, because their use is a lot more convenient and simple. But professionals are still choosing scanners with wires, so ordinary people usually use these new OBD2 Bluetooth scanning tools. That is because of their good price, great qualities and they are easy to use.


With such unique features at an excellent price, the Bluedriver OBD2 scan tool is great for professional mechanics, technicians, and DIY enthusiasts. This device is portable, reliable, and convenient to use. There is no need to plug in a cable, but simply download the app and view the error codes from your smartphone. Even though the code reader has its setbacks, the advantages outweigh them. But before buying this Bluetooth diagnostic scan tool, you need to ensure that it is compatible with your car’s make and model. I hope this Bluedriver Obd2 review will influence your buying decision.


Do I have to leave the Bluedriver OBD2 scanner hooked in or plug it out?

Answer: As per experience, leaving the Bluedriver scanner plugged in your vehicle after reading the error codes will cause many issues. First of all, it will use up a lot of your fuel, which you won’t like. Secondly, it can lead to communication problems between modules and may cause your vehicle to operate optimally. So, remove the plug-in after reading the DTCs and definitions.

Which one is better; a Bluetooth scan tool or a cable OBD2 code reader?

Answer: All of these scan tools have their own advantages and disadvantages. Scan tools that are plugged in using a cable offer more stable and fast results when compared to Bluetooth code readers. Bluetooth code readers may experience poor transmission, which may lead to a delay in relaying results. But when it comes to ease of use and flexibility, Bluetooth is the better choice. Also, with the advancement in technology, Bluetooth scanners are the future of OBD2 scanners.

What is the importance of having an OBD2 code reader?

Answer: A diagnostic scanner saves you money and time spent visiting a car repair shop or mechanic. In addition, it saves you from danger as you’re able to identify serious issues with your car and get your mechanic to repair them in good time. Also, scan tools help you diagnose some simple car issues by yourself. Scan tools are portable and allow you to diagnose your car anywhere. With wide vehicle coverage, a single code reader is enough to diagnose your different car models and makes.

How to connect Bluedriver OBD2? (Video)

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    1. The Autel Ap200 app is clumsy a little bit, and it may crash under Android 10.
      Bludedriver is easy to use if we compare it to Ap200.
      Also, Bluedriver is more active for support inquiries.

  1. I drive a BMW 302 D Year 2007 with 200,000 km.
    The car has been in the family… all 10,000 services completed by BMW agent.

    Is the Blue Driver comparable with this model. ?
    Recommended for vehicle health monitoring for 2007 model…?

  2. I work in the Diesel Heavy Duty Industry (Freightliner, Isuzu, Volvo, Hino, International) Will this tool work with my line of vehicles? Any Recommendations?

  3. I have two vehicles, an 09 Silverado, and an 04 Cadillac SRX the Truck has a tire pressure sensor out, and the SRX has a bad wheel speed sensor. Will the Bluedriver tell me which one is bad in each vehicle?

  4. Do you consider BlueDriver suitable for HD trucks such as those equipped w/Duramax, Powerstroke, Cummins engines and Allison transmission or would you suggest Autel for these examples as well?

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