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Bluedriver Obd2 review

OBD2 bluetooth scanning tool is one of the newest and most promising technologies. That will allow you to service your vehicle even easier and easier only with your smart phone or tablet. Thanks to this technology the user saves some money. It requires only OBD2 adapter and smartphone or tablet. In addition, it is very modern, because nowadays almost all people are using smart phones. It makes this OBD2 bluetooth scanner even more attractive and comfortable. Most of the OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth application developers or manufacturers allow to share data collected about your vehicle so it is easier to share information and seek ways to resolve the problem.


  • OBD2 Bluetooth scanning tool does not require any wires
  • It does not take much place because there only a few things required – OBD2 adapter and your smartphone or tablet
  • Since scanning use third-party software it is easier to update. Often device communicates with the database so you can eliminate problems even smoother and more efficiently. It works on a wider range of vehicles
  • OBD2 tool is used only to transmit information on your device so it is fast and does not require any additional power source

It is doubtless that these devices have a few minuses. If you are running out of your smartphone or tablet and you don’t have a charger you will not be able to do a service. This may cause a quandary as to get information about your vehicle. You will need to have a device that is capable to work.

However, technologies are evolving rapidly and they easily amaze us by all the high-quality products on the market. Obviously, products like these are OBD2 Bluetooth scanning tools. We can safely say that they will be popular products in the future. Sooner or later, they will probably replace the common OBD2 scanners which are used with wire because their use is a lot more convenient and simple. But professionals are still choosing scanners with wires so these new OBD2 Bluetooth scanning tools are usually used by ordinary people. That is because of their good price, great qualities and they are easy to use.