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Autel MX808 Review 2023 [MaxiCheck OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner]

Autel MX808As a car enthusiast, I have owned different types of scan tools from various brands. Some have disappointed me, and some have lived up to their expectations. One of the scan tools that I would love to share with you is the Autel Maxicheck MX808 scan tool. It is the advanced version of the Autel MD808 Pro and the Same as the Autel Maxicom MK808 diagnostic tool.

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If you’re a car enthusiast like me, a small car repair shop owner, or a DIY enthusiast who deals with different types of cars, then the Autel MX808 professional automotive diagnostic scanner is for you. Equipped with a 7-inch color TFT screen, this scan tool is very easy to use and performs a wide range of functions. It also comes with a 10 feet cable for use even when you are out of the car. Read this Autel MX808 review to know more about this diagnostic scanner.

Functions of the Autel Maxicheck Maxicom MX808 Scan Tool

  • It has Auto VIN technology which can automatically detect the vehicle’s make, model, and year information within a very short period of time.
  • It supports all the OBD2 protocols and 10 test modes with the inclusion of enhanced mode 6, onboard monitor, vehicle info, I/M readiness, freeze frame, and component test.
  • Relearn parking brake pad after replacement
  • The MX808 scan tool supports IMMO functions, forced DPF regeneration, and adjusting injectors.
  • It also performs various TPMS OBD2 service functions such as oil reset service, DPF service, BMS service, EPB service, and Relearn.
  • Other reset services that it offers include reset steering angle sensors, battery registration and reset service mileage, and service intervals.

Autel MX808 Scanner

Technical Specifications of the Autel MaxiCheck MX808 OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner

Works:All 1996 US-based, 2000 EU-based, and newer vehicles
Operating System:Android
Processor:Cortex-A9 processor(1.5 GHz)
Display:7inch LCD capacitive touch screen (1024×600 resolution)
Connectivity:• Mini USB 2.0 • Wi-Fi • USB 2.0 • Micro SD card(supports up to 32GB)
Sensors:Ambient light sensor for brightness auto changing
Audio Input/Output:• Input: N/A • Output: buzzer
Power and Battery:• 3.7 V/3200mAh lithium-polymer battery • Charges via 5 VDC power supply
Battery Charging Input:5 V/1.5 A
Power Consumption:500 mA (LCD on with default brightness, Wifi on) @3.7 V
Tested Battery Life:Around 4.5 hours of continuous use
Operating Temperature:-10 to 60°C(14 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature:-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Operating Humidity:5% – 95% non-condensing
Read/Clear Codes:Yes
Freeze Frame Data:Yes
Auto VIN Detection:Yes
Display live data in text, graph & analog for easy data review:Yes
Support IMMO functions:Yes
Reset Steering Angle Sensor (SAS):Yes
Support TPMS sensor relearn:Yes
Check Engine Light:Yes
Reset service mileage and service intervals:Yes
Oil Reset:Yes
Live Data:Yes
battery registration and reset:Yes
I/M Readiness:Yes
Vehicle Coverage:Acura, Audi, Benz, Auford, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Chrysler, GM, Holden, Euford, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia, Jaguar, Land Rover, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Maybach, Mini, Nissan, Mazda, Lexus, Skoda, Saab, Scion, Smart, Opel, Porsche, Seat, Sprinter, Subaru, Vauxhall, Suzuki, Toyota, Volvo, VW, etc…
Weight:788 g (2.42 lbs)
Dimensions (W x H x D):237.8 mm (9.4”) x 148.6 mm (5.9”) x 35.5 mm (1.4”)
Software Update:Lifetime free software updates
Warranty:Limited 12-month Warranty
Price:Autel MX808 ReviewCheck Today’s Price

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Autel MX808 Review 2023

The Autel Maxicheck MX808 scan tool has a battery for off-car review analysis and a fast quad-core processor. This ensures that you carry out different functions quickly and accurately. I would definitely recommend this amazing scanner to serious car dealers and mechanics. At just a great price, you get amazing features and functions. Read on to see its functions, pros, and cons.

Compact and portable

This is the perfect scan tool for individuals who are looking for a compact and portable diagnostic scan tool. It measures 15 x 11.6 x 4.8 inches. Additionally, it only weighs 2 pounds, which means that it is extremely lightweight and easy to store. The best thing is that Autel provides a sturdy carrying case where the Autel MX808 scanner and cables are kept safely.

Excellent display

If clarity is what you are looking for, then you will not be disappointed with this car scan tool. The MX808 diagnostic code reader comes with a large 7-inch TFT color screen with a high resolution. You simply have to click on the function icon that you want and proceed to perform the function. The screen is wider than other mid-ranged OBD2 tools, including Foxwell NT644 or Launch CRP229.

Powerful and fast

Featuring the Android 4.4.4 operating system and A9 quad-core processor, this is a very reliable and fast scan tool. You will be able to perform various functions quickly and accurately. That’s why many professional mechanics prefer this scan tool over other scanners in the same price range.Autel Mx808 obd2 Scanner

Extensive vehicle coverage

Another quality feature of the Autel Maxicheck Maxicom scanner is its extensive vehicle coverage. It works with most OBD II-compliant vehicles. As a matter of fact, it is compatible with most 1996 US-based vehicles and newer and 2000 EU-based vehicles and newer ones. Some of these car brands include Audi, GM, Ford, BMW, Benz, Toyota, Honda, LandRover, Acura, Lexus, Chrysler, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Mitsubishi, and many more.

A wide range of functions

There is no doubt that this is one of the best mid-range scan tools on the market, considering the type of functions and features that it has. From basic functions like reading and erasing error codes to more advanced functions like performing oil reset or battery maintenance, this is a wonderful scanner to have for any mechanic or car enthusiast.

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Wireless connectivity

Unlike many mid-range scan tools, the Autel MX808 scan tool allows the user to print data online by connecting it to Wi-Fi. Also, the wireless connectivity makes updating the device to be easy. You can share the data from your diagnosis with other mechanics or colleagues.

Large storage and battery backup

When it comes to the storage of your information from the differential diagnosis, you won’t have any problem. Just like the Autel DS808 automotive scan tool, this device features a 32 GB SSD. This is enough to store a lot of information. And in case it gets full, you can always transfer some info to your PC.

In addition, the scan tool comes with a 3200 mAH lithium polymer battery. This ensures that the gadget functions even if the car battery runs out. So, you have nothing to worry about as you perform various diagnoses on your vehicle.
Check Priceautel maxicheck mx808 diagnostic tool

Internet updateable

If your gadget needs to be updated, you can easily do so over the internet. The manufacturer offers users of the Autel MX808 scanner a one-year of free updates. After one year, you will have to pay for the updates. This is a bit annoying, considering the quality and initial price of the scan tool.

One-year warranty

You can be relieved when you buy this scan tool knowing that your investment is secure. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on defects in material and workmanship. So, if you receive the product damaged or with some issues, you can always return it and have it replaced.

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Shortcomings of the Autel MX808 scan tool

Cumbersome to register the gadget – many users have reported that registering this scan tool is very difficult and time-consuming. As a result, using it straight away from the box is very challenging. But once you’re done registering the gadget, it is easy and fast to use.

It comes with misleading information about IMMO – some users say that it doesn’t offer an IMMO function. So, if you’re looking for a device to perform IMMO functions, then you should consider buying the Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS advanced device.

Compatibility problems – before buying this gadget, contact the Autel support tea and find out if it is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model. Some users have complained about this scanner having compatibility issues.

Comparison Table: Autel MX808 vs Xtool D8

FeaturesAutel MX808Xtool D8
Display:7-inch LCD touch screen (1024×600 Resolution)8-inch Touch Screen (1024*768 Resolution)
Operating System:AndroidTM 4.4.4Android 5.1.1
Processor:Cortex-A9 processor (1.5 GHz)Quad-Core 1.8Ghz
Battery Capacity:5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery10000mAh
Rear Facing Camera:NoYes
Car Brands:2000 + and newer vehicles88+ Car Brands, More than 10000+ Cars
Language Support:English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Russian, Polish, SwedishEnglish, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Finish Arabic, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian


The Autel Maxicheck Maxicom MX808 scan tool is made for serious car dealers, mechanics, car enthusiasts, and small car repair shop owners. This is because it is slightly costlier than the basic code reader and can perform a wide range of functions. In addition, it is fast, accurate, and reliable. So, it is great for handling a lot of vehicles makes and models within a short period of time. Also, the price is slightly lower than the Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT professional OBD2 scanner.

With the Autel MX808 scan tool, your job of maintaining and repairing different cars will be made easier and fast. On top of that, it can be updated to have the latest software and bug fixes. The one-year warranty assures you that this is a reliable product. I have explained everything in this Autel MX808 review article that you should know.


Question: Does the Autel Maxicheck Maxicom come with free updates? And are the updates free for a lifetime?
Answer: Yes, it does. The Autel Maxicheck comes with one-year of free online updates. So, it is not a free lifetime update. After one year of free updates, you will have to pay in order to update your device.

Question: Will the Autel MX808 perform SAS reset and support DPF service?
Answer: Yes, it will. Apart from performing a SAS service, it will as well perform other services such as oil reset, BMS service, EPB service, DPF service, IMMO, Relearn service, and TPMS service.

Question: Is extended cable included?
Answer: Yes, you will get it free in the package.

36 thoughts on “Autel MX808 Review 2023 [MaxiCheck OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner]”

  1. Hello there

    I liked the review, thanks. It makes these scanners more desirable for my purposes.

    Can you tell me if the MaxiCheck MX808 will work on a 2006 Jeep KJ Liberty/Cherokee CRD LTD and amongst other things, be able to read ABS faults in components such as the Wheel Speed Sensors and detect, decipher and reset codes such as:
    Glow Plug P0671
    ABS C1011
    ABS C1032
    ABS C1035
    ABS C1049
    ABS C2100
    ABS C2202
    ABS U0002
    ABS U140E

    Would you also know if the MaxiCheck MX808 has the bi-directional functions will enable the “Brake bleed” feature of the “Advanced Service Functions” to operate the ABS system of our KJ to enable the complete brake fluid bleeding, please?

    In the description of the MX808 on other sites, there is a comment that “it is not a full function scanner like a MS906 or ms908”.
    Do you know what functions the MS906 and MS908 scanners have, that the MX808 does not?

    1. Henry L. Wilburn

      1. Yes, Autel MaxiCheck MX808 support Jeep Liberty(KJ).
      2. The wheel speed sensor can be viewed via live data. And it can test the ABS System.
      3. MX808 does not support Bi-Directional.
      4. MX808 only has parts function of MS906 & MS908. Those tools have more special functions(Like Bi-Directional Control, Key Fob Programming, ECU Coding, etc.) than the Autel MX808.

    1. Henry L. Wilburn

      MX808 supports this car. So regeneration will work. Did you read user manual? That pdf file has regeneration related useful information(Check above comment link to download user manual).

  2. Hi, does it support first gen Cayenne??
    can it run steering angle setting, abs sensor, break sensor reset for Cayenne?

  3. Can’t figure out to connect to WiFi printer or how to take data and send to Email because it says it won’t work? Instructions are not clear

  4. Hi , I’ve tried to register a new non bmw battery into my 2009 e60 and it won’t let me use F2 to change amperage or F3 to change the agm to lead acid , manual doesn’t help ?

  5. i dont know how to fix my diagnostics app and the update say “your service contract has expired, can not use this feature, please renew”

    1. 1-year free update. After that, you need to spend $120 to get an update from Autel. Although you can use MX808 without updating the software, but a few features will not work.

  6. I have been looking at the MX808c that’s the EU version of your MK 808 I believe, the thing is I keep getting told by Autel U.K. that the MK does not include many Diesels as it’s not for the EU market and there is not many Diesels in China
    but the MX is £250 more than yours
    Is there any truth in what they are saying or do they both cover the same amount of vehicles
    I would really appreciate your comments

    Thank You

    1. Most probably, They are saying right. Because MX808c does not have a worldwide version and could have limitations like that.
      Thus, it would be best if you considered buying that support all vehicles that you want.
      Click my article link, and you can find that on the website.

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