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Launch X431 Pro Mini For Professionals- Expert Review

Since 1992, Launch has been producing some of the best automotive diagnostic scan tools on the market. From entry-level diagnostic scanners to mid-range and professional scanners, Launch is definitely one of the best scan tool brands to consider buying from.
In this review article, we’re going to discuss the Launch X431 pro mini scan tool. This is a quality mid-range scanner suitable for professional mechanics and small car repair shop owners. The device features a large and clear LCD color screen for easy interpretation of results. It is also easy to use as the icons are large enough to view even in poor light conditions.

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The Launch X431 Pro mini diagnostic code reader has the ability to read and erase error codes, perform oil reset, view live data stream, perform battery maintenance, and many other functions. It also responds very fast and has a multi-touch screen for quickly changing from one function to another.

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Launch X431 Pro ScannerUnlike the Launch X431 Pro, the X431 Pro mini comes with all the features of its predecessor but with 2 years of software updates (worth $570) and a mini-tablet style with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, it is compatible with more than 108 US, European, and Asian car makers and models. Read this Launch X431 Pro Mini review to know more about this scanner.

Technical Specifications of the Launch X431 Pro Mini Scan Tool

FeaturesLaunch X431 Pro Mini
Vehicle Coverage:More than 108 US, Asian and European vehicle makes and models
Operating System(OS):Android 5.1 and above
Display:8” High-resolution IPS capacitive touch screen, 1280*800 IPS
CPU:ARM Coretex-A7 quad-core , 1.3GHZ
Memory:RAM/ROM: 1G/16G + Card slot up to 32Gb
Viewing live data stream:Yes
Oil Reset Service functions:Yes
Anti-theft Matching:Yes
Freeze Frame Data:Yes
Reading and Clearing of diagnostic trouble codes:Yes
ABS Bleeding:Yes
Electronic Parking Brake Reset:Yes
Battery Life:Up to 5 hours
Injector Coding:Yes
Storage Temperature:-20℃-70℃
Working temperature:0℃-45℃
Wireless Bluetooth Diagnoses:Yes
Technology Backup:Yes
Software Update Option:2 Years Free Update
Warranty:One year warranty
Price:Launch X431 Pro Mini ReviewCheck Today’s Price

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35+ Services OBD2- Launch X431 Pro Mini Review

Main Features of the Launch X431 Pro Mini Scanner:

  • 11 special functions
  • 98-inch touch and high-resolution screen
  • ECU coding
  • Bluetooth & WiFi function
  • Unique and portable scanner
  • Android 5.1 operating system
  • Full system diagnosis
  • Special functions
  • Bi-directional control
  • TPMS reset
  • Covers more than 108 vehicles make and models
  • 2-years free update
  • Durable carrying case

Extensive vehicle coverage

If your automotive scanner has been having compatibility issues, this is the best scan tool to use on different vehicle makes and models. The Launch X431 Pro mini diagnostic tool is compatible with more than 108 vehicle makes and models from the USA, Europe, and Asia. It comes with the Launch X431 pro mini kit with 14 connectors for OBD2 and other kinds of diagnostic standards for European and Asian vehicle makes.

Wireless functionality

The Launch X431 OBD2 scanner is very easy to use. It has Bluetooth and WiFi functions that allow you to use the code reader under the hood or inside the garage. The wireless connection enables you to work wirelessly, and in the end, you will save money and time.

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Intuitive user interface

Featuring a 6.98-inch touch screen with high resolution, you will never have a hard time interpreting results using this scan tool. In addition, the icons are clear, and you can easily locate the different functions. Apart from that, it has a high-resolution camera that captures still photos

Sturdy construction

The Mini Launch X431 is one of the most durable diagnostic obd2 scanners on the market. It is drop-resistant, waterproof, and grease resistant. As a result, you can use it without any problem.

Special functions

Whether you want to perform basic functions like reading and erasing error codes and viewing freeze frame data or performing special functions like oil reset, battery maintenance, electronic parking brake reset, diesel particulate filter, ABS bleeding, tire pressure monitor system rest, and many more.

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All systems diagnosis

Additionally, it is able to diagnose all systems such as transmission, power train, emission system, engine, fuel system, body, and much more. With such system coverage, you will not have to purchase a separate device to perform different functions.

Anti-theft matching

This is a great safety feature. Anti-theft matching has the ability to protect your vehicle from being stolen by clearing lost key data and programming new keys into the ECU database, also referred to as keys coding.

Unique and portable scan tool

If you’re a mechanic who travels a lot or moves around with their scan tool from one place to another, then the Launch X431 Pro Mini scanner is a great tool for you. It is compact in design and very lightweight. The code reader weighs 7.45 pounds, and its dimensions are 15.9 x 11.9 x 4.2 inches. It is almost the same weight as many smartphone gadgets.
launch x431 pro mini scan toolCheck Price

Android operating system

The device operates at a very fast speed, and it is very accurate. This can be linked to the Android 5.1 operating system that it comes with. The Android system allows the user to install other Android apps, but they can still use the scanner to diagnose trouble codes.

Free software update

When you register for this scan tool, you will become eligible to download free software updates for 2 years. After 2 years, you will have to pay for the updates. Updating is simple as it can be done online by connecting your device to Wi-Fi.

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Outstanding tech support

The launch has one of the best tech support in the industry. If you need support from the Launch team, just send them a one-click recorded video (s) and accurate diagnostic outcomes. Furthermore, the one-click update online is extremely convenient to use. You get the much-needed support and be able to diagnose the problems that your car is facing.

What we didn’t like

Beware of counterfeit products – one of the challenges of buying the Launch X431 pro mini scan tool is that there are counterfeit products on the market. So, it is important that you purchase a scan tool from an authorized dealer to avoid being duped.

Poor customer service – many clients have complained that the customer support at Launch takes time to respond to customers’ queries. This is very frustrating, especially if you need urgent help.

Cumbersome to use – this is not an ordinary scan tool for startup mechanics or DIYers. It is complicated to use as it requires the user to start by registering the gadget. This is time-consuming, and you cannot use the scan tool directly from the box.


The Launch X431 pro mini diagnostic scanner is constructed for professional mechanics and small car repair shops. It performs a wide range of functions, and it is compatible with different vehicle makes and models. Moreover, the scanner comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions for a wireless connection.

The scanner functions very fast as it uses the Android 5.1 operating system. The large 6.98-inch touch and high-resolution screen display clear results. It is also portable and compact for easy storage and use. It covers over 108 US, European, and Asian vehicle makes and models. On top of that, it comes with 2-years of free software updates.

With such amazing features and exceptional performance, this is a reliable and high-end scanner that will serve you for many years to come.


Q. Can I use this code reader to diagnose OBD 1 vehicles?
Ans: Yes, you can. Just get in touch with the Launch support team and find out which OBD1 car makes and models are supported. In addition, it is compatible with most OBD II vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer USA, Asia, and European.

Q. Does the Launch X431 Pro mini come with one year of free software updates or years of free software updates?
Ans: This diagnostic scanner comes with two-year free software updates. This means that for 2 years, you will be updating the software’s device over the internet for free. After this period, you will be required to pay for your annual updates.

More Buyers Quires: Answered!

Full Bi-Directional Control? Yes, but it depends on the models
Support OBD1 protocols?Yes
OBD1 connecter include?Yes
Is the Chinese version the same? Yes, there is no difference.
Free Updates? Yes, but up to 2 years
Cost of an update after 2 years? 1 year = $430; 2 years = $570.
Chinese or USA model?Chinese
Can it reprogram a bricked ECU or PCM?No
Compatible with Mercedes Sprinter?Yes
Support diesel engines?Yes

73 thoughts on “Launch X431 Pro Mini For Professionals- Expert Review”

  1. Robert Sky Motors

    Is there a difference between the red Pros mini and the black Pro mini? Several different listings on Amazon with different model numbers but all are priced equally and have the same $90 coupon at the moment. Is the black version slightly newer?

  2. Can you reduce or decrease the milage with this device. My car has 200k miles i want it to have 180k. Can i do this with this device?

    1. Launch USA just said this is a counterfeit device not supported by them. Checked the website and sure enough. They do not list a pro mini. So all pro minis are counterfeit???

        1. The website doesn’t sell X431 Pro Mini. But, it is not counterfeit. Check image screenshot of their email(Mouse right-click and click “view image” to read the email):
          About the Launch pro minis

          1. Thank you for that.

            I purchased mine from uobdii and they have been exceptionally responsive to emails during the purchase process, I hope they are as supportive if and when I need service.


  3. Will this Launch 431 Mini work in my garage where there is not any connection to WIFI please? The instrument has been registered and software installed.

    1. Yes, It will work without internet.
      You need an internet connection only for product registration and update.

  4. Greetings, I bought launch x 431 pro mini OBD2, black, the date on the label date 2016. My purchase was 2019 Oct. It is a new version.

    1. No problem. Launch doesn’t change hardware parts yet. So, you can update software via the internet to get the latest version.

  5. Does the launch x431 pros mini work with the 7.3 powerstroke and if so will it do buzz tests on the injectors and will it diagnose glow plugs and relays?

  6. Hello ! Please, before I purchase, I would like to know if I can use this tool on my Samsung Note 10+ rather then on the supplied mini tablet, it would be much more convenient for me.

  7. I am thinking of buying Launch x431 pros mini from private seller that used only once and had it activated. Will I be able to register it in my name and will updates/warranty transfer to me?

  8. I brought the X431 Pro Mini on EBay, brand new for 635 dollars. And it’s great, it does the job. But what gets me is after the 2 year free update, a person has to pay I believe 649 dollars for what I think is a year of updates. But if I go on EBay I can just buy another brand new X431 for a few dollars cheaper?? And get 2 years of updates.

    1. Launch is directly selling their product via Amazon. So, you will get better support, accurate product, and easy return as well.
      And Launch Pros Mini update costs $399 per year, not $649.

  9. Hi! can the x431 minipro relearn tpms on my 2010 Honda Odyssey…if not what product will in this price range? Thanks, Rich.

    1. Tap that page to print the current screen. To perform printing, you need to buy a mini printer manufactured by the LAUNCH brand separately.

  10. Do you know Launch mini pros companies website? The USA launch company does not support these units. Does this unit clear crash data? Will this unit program 2 new key fobs with no keys present? Does this unit support 2015 Chevy Spark Ev?

  11. Planning to buy X431 V Pro. Can this 1- Reset the airbag light as well as the crash data? 2- Programming keys with pin code reader? 3- What year and model does it support?

    1. Henry L. Wilburn

      1) Reset Airbag – Yes; Crash Data – No.
      2) Yes
      3) 1996 and newer.
      150 car brands, 10000 car models.



  13. Hi! I replaced the sbc pump on my 2002 w211 mercedes with a used one. The brakes work but the ABS BAS ESP does not work. What should I do and does launch x431 pro mini support it?


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