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Autel TS608 Review 2022-MaxiTPMS Service Tablet

The Autel ts608 TPMS tool is a very advanced TPMS diagnostic service tool that comes with an intuitive user interface and a fast processor. Unlike the ts601 tool that can only read and clear TPMS codes, the ts608 TPMS diagnostic tool can also pull and erase codes from systems such as ABS, ECU, EPB, SRS, and much more. Read this Autel TS608 review to find out more about this service tablet.

Another impressive feature of the Autel ts608 tool is its ability to offer a variety of OBDII functions, perform special service functions, and support all 10 OBD2 test modes. Also, it has free software updates and can be operated wirelessly.Autel TS608 Reviews

Most of the beginner’s OBD scanning tools including Autel AutoLink AL319, Foxwell NT301, and Carista Bluetooth OBD2 device don’t offer advanced functionality and TPMS features. So If you’re a professional mechanic looking for a durable and versatile TPMS tool, you will definitely like the ts608 tool. To know if this is the right TPMS diagnostic tool for your car repair shop, continue reading this review to the end.

Technical Specifications of the Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 Service Tablet:


Autel MaxiTPMS TS608

Operating System (OS):Android 4.4.2, KitKat
Processor:Cortex-A9 processor (1.6 GHz)
Display:7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1024×600 resolution
Connectivity:Mini USB 2.0;
USB 2.0;
HDMI Type A;
Micro SD card slot (supports up to 32GB)
Memory:1GB RAM DDR3 & 32GB ROM
Sensors:Light sensor for brightness auto-adjust
Power and Battery:3.7 V/5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery;
Charges via 5 VDC power supply
Tested Battery Life:Around 7 hours of continuous use
Operating Temperature:-10 to 60°C(14 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature:-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Warranty:1-year limited
Price:Autel TS608 ReviewCheck Today’s Price

Service Tablet Autel TS608 Review 2020


Autel takes no chances when it comes to the construction of its products. The Autel ts608 tool is strongly constructed to last long. It has firm grips on the sides of the device for proper handling and protection when the device falls accidentally. On top of that, the unit comes with a hard and durable carrying case to protect the unit when being transported or when not in use.

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Ease of use

It features a large 7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1024×600 resolution, which displays all the results very clearly for easy interpretation.  Additionally, the user manual clearly indicates how to use the device step-by-step, so, even a beginner will be able to use this unit without any problem.


As long as the vehicle has TPMS, this device will be compatible with it. However, you should note that it only functions with Autel-made TPMS sensors. But if you want it to diagnose OBD2 functions, it will still do so. This is because it is compatible with all mainstream OBD2 vehicles.

Rechargeable battery

Not only is the ts608 tool powered by a rechargeable 3.7V5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery, but the battery can also power on the device for more than 7 hours of continuous use. Note that this battery charges through a 5 VDC power supply.


This is one of the easiest TPMS tools that you will find on the market comparing Autel TS501 or Autel TS601. This is a very versatile tool that will allow you to perform a wide range of functions such as robust service functions, complete TPMS functions, and all systems diagnostics. Some of these functions include diagnose ECU, read DTCs from ECU and erase DTCs, support all the 10 test modes, turn off warning lights, support battery registration and reset, relearn parking brake and after replacement, activate all known TPMS sensors, support IMMO functions, enhanced OBD2 mode 6 and much more.

Fast processor

Apart from featuring the Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system, this unit also comes with the Cortex-A9 processor. This makes the tool powerful and very fast in operation. But if you want a mid-ranged fast processor, you should go with Autel TS508 smart scan device.

Wireless connection

This is not a feature that you find on your ordinary TPMS tool but the most advanced ones like the ts608 tool. This unit has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Maxi-VCI mini wireless connections. Therefore, you don’t have to be in the car to diagnose TPMS.
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Free software updates

Just like the other Autel tools, the ts608 TPMS diagnostic service cool comes with one year of free updates. If you want to update the device after one, then you will have to pay a small fee to have it updated.

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What we liked about Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 tpms tool

  • Powerful and fast processor
  • Complete TPMS functions
  • Wireless connection
  • Basic and advanced service features
  • 4 sensor program options
  • The backlit screen allows users to view results in poorly lit areas
  • Offers OBDII and service functions
  • Supports all 10 OBD2 modes
  • The intuitive user interface makes this gadget fun to use
  • Free software upgrades

What we didn’t like about MaxiTPMS Autel ts608

  • It is very expensive. Autel Maxitpms TS401 Cheapest obdii would be a great choice then.
  • Not suitable for beginners and DIYers
  • The kit is sold without tire pressure sensors, which have to be bought separately


The Autel ts608 TPMS tool is one of the most advanced TPMS tools that you will come across on the market. Not only is it easy to use with a backlit screen, but it is also fast and very powerful. Even though this unit can be used to diagnose basic TPMS functions, it is suitable for advanced functions due to its high initial price. It can also perform OBD2 functions and has wireless Bluetooth for convenient use inside the garage.


Question: What is TPMS?
Answer: The work of the TPMS is to inform you if you have under-inflated tires and a potential unsecured driving situation. If you’re facing such a situation, the system will give a simple, yellow, low-tire-pressure indicator on your dashboard. The indicator appears like a horseshoe-shaped tire cross-section with an exclamation point.

Question: Can I use the Autel USA ts608 TPMS tool to diagnose cars from around the world?
Answer: No, you can’t. If it’s for the USA, then you will only be able to diagnose domestic vehicles and not foreign ones. You can use the Autel MS906TS  which is supported in most car models. The good news is that this ts608 unit is for domestic, European, and Asian vehicles.

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