Autel TS508k Reviews 2023 (More Advanced TPMS Tool than TS508)

The Autel ts508k TPMS diagnostic tool is one of the latest additions in the Autel TS508 series. But unlike the ts508 tool, this one is more advanced and slightly costly. The ts508k TPMS tool features two modes which are the Quick mode and Advance mode. The first mode is ideal for ordinary car owners and car enthusiasts, while the second mode is great for professionals and car repair shops. Read this Autel TS508k review to know more about this smart TPMS tool.

The Autel ts508k tire pressure monitoring system allows the user to diagnose tire pressure problems and related safety problems. Apart from having a compact and strong design, this unit is also easy to use and operate. You can also update it to have the latest software, and it is powered by a powerful built-in battery.

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Technical Specifications of the Autel MaxiTPMS TS508K TPMS Diagnostic & Service Tool:

Display:TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)
Power:3.7 V Li-polymer battery; 3200 mAh
Works:Works with all Information ready sensors
Connectivity:Mini USB 2.0 x 1
Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Software Update:Free Lifetime Updates
Operating Temp.:0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Storage Temp.:-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
TPMS Service Modes:Two TPMS Service Modes for Quick Service
Price:Autel TS508k ReviewsCheck Today’s Price

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Complete TPMS Tool- Autel TS508k Reviews


This is a very reliable tool as it is well-built to last longer. It has a sturdy plastic housing that is protected by a rubber boot. This rubber cover not only protects the unit from tough conditions but also has a firm grip that makes handling the ts508k to be easy.


Since it is compatible with all TPMS-enabled vehicles, this unit will function with domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. It programs MX sensors to replace OE sensors on 98 percent of the sensors on the road. Note that this TPMS tool only functions with Autel TPMS sensors.

Ease of use

The colored tool is compact and beautifully designed for easy use. The screen is large, making it easy to read results, and the intuitive interface won’t be a problem, even for a beginner or DIY enthusiast. If you have a challenge using this device, just go through the user manual.


Featuring a direct TPMS replacement kit, the Autel ts508k offers users 8 Autel MX-sensors and all the things that you require to fully operate the device. It is very versatile as it performs a wide range of TPMS functions which include activating TPMS sensors, read sensor data, program MX-sensor by auto-creating sensor ID, relearn procedure, read 7 clear TPMS DTCs, diagnose TPMS, relearn by OBD function, scan TPMS sensor ID & copy ID into MX-sensor, etc.

It comes with a lot of advanced functions and data storage capacity that you may not find in low-budget TPMS tools like Autel TS401. Additionally, it comes with 8 programmable TPMS sensors; thus, when the time for replacing the sensors comes, you won’t have to bother about buying new sensors.

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Just like many other Autel TPMS tools, this device comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This is a powerful battery and will give you several hours of use before having to recharge it.

Free software update

Updating your TPMS diagnostic service tool is very simple, and it helps you to have the latest software so that you can diagnose TPMS sensors on the latest vehicle makes and models. Connect the USB to a PC with the internet to get the latest software.

Additional accessories

The device comes with various additional accessories which are not found in the mid-ranged Autel TS601 or Autel TS608 TPMS device. With all these wonderful features, you will still get extra accessories in the box, which include OBD2 compliant diagnostic system cable, a magnet, a wall adapter, a USB charging cable, 4 315 MHz pressure sensors, 4 433 MHz pressure sensors, and user’s manual.
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The manufacturer provides a limited one-year warranty on this unit. This means that your investment is protected in case it comes with a defect in material or workmanship.

What extra features will you get over the previous Autel TS508 version?

-2-in-1 TPMS MX-Sensors (315MHz & 433MHz)
-No relearn is required.
-10% More Vehicle Coverage
-Press-out and click-in designs allow you to remove the TPMS sensor without a tool.
-Program up to 16 sensors wirelessly.
-Extended sensor battery life (4-6 years)
-Meet SAE industry standard J1205 or J1206.


Overall, the Autel ts508k is a professional-grade TPMS tool with outstanding features that simplify your work. It can perform most of the TPMS functions, and it is very easy to use. The best feature of this unit is that you get to select either the quick mode or advanced mode for a faster and smarter diagnosis.

At such an amazing price, you get an accurate and reliable TPMS tool that is compatible with all vehicles that are TPMS-enabled. This tool also offers all the functions of the Autel ts508 tool and much more.

What We Liked About Autel MaxiTPMS TS508K

  • Durable construction with a rubber boot
  • Compatible with all TPMS-enabled vehicles
  • Performs both basic and advanced TPMS functions
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for both DIYers and professionals
  • Features 8 compatible sensors
  • Intuitive user interface
  • It measures the actual pressure in your tires
  • Offers smarter and faster TPMS repairs
  • Free software updates

What we didn’t like

  • It is quite expensive.
  • The user manual is a little bit complicated. So if you are a  beginner, you should buy the Autel TS501 OBD2 tool.
  • If your sensor doesn’t work, then you need to buy Autel sensors.


Question: Do I need a professional to understand how the Autel MaxiTPMS ts508k tool functions?
Answer: No, you don’t. You can easily handle this tool with little or no help, as it features a user manual and CD to help you comprehend how to utilize the unit. Additionally, it has an intuitive user interface which makes it very easy to use.

Question: Is it possible to use this gadget on the latest car models, or do I have to update it?
Answer: The Autel ts508k tool may not function unless you update the software. Updating the unit will automatically update other features, which will make it fun and very easy to use.

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  1. The first parts of the review reads great.
    It seems like a good unit that I would like to purchase but at end it states
    ‘Only works on Autel Sensors.’ What’s up with that?
    I am looking for that can do everything as the TS508k but that can work programme all Sensors.

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