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Best Launch Scan Tool Reviews: Most Selling 8 Scanners 2023

Best Launch Scan Tool ReviewsEstablished in 1992, the Launch scan tool is one of the most popular brands of diagnostic scanners on the market. The company offers different scanners with a wide range of features. There are lots of quality scan tools for Professional mechanics, technicians, beginners, DIYers, or Pro DIYers.
With so many scanners to choose from, selecting the best Launch scan tool can be a daunting task. We’ve simplified things for you by creating this Launch scan tool review to help you choose a scanner that meets all your needs and demands.

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Address: 1820 South Milliken Ave, Ontario, CA 91761
Phone: 562-463-1580

Our Recommend Top 4 Best Launch Scan Tool Comparison Table

ImagesLaunch Scan ToolsFeatures Information
2021 Editor's Pick
Check Price
Launch CRP129E OBD2 Scanner Auto Code Reader ABS Airbag Engine Transmission Diagnostic Scan tool and EPB SAS Oil Service Light Resets with TPMS Activation Tool
Read Review
  • Upgraded version of CRP123(E)

  • TPMS, SAS, ABS, and AT supported

  • Weight: 2.7 pounds

  • Medium price
  • Best DIY Choice
    Check Price
    Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Automotive Code Reader Diagnostic Scan Tool
    Read Review
  • It features perfect balance of power & affordability

  • Supports all 10 modes of OBDII standard system diagnosis

  • Weight: 1.25 pounds

  • Low price
  • Budget/Beginner Mechanic Choice
    Check Price
    LAUNCH X431 PROS Mini Automotive Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Scanner Code Reader with WiFi & Bluetooth Covering 108 Vehicle Makes + 2 Years Free Update
    Read Review
  • Storage capability to 32GB

  • Bi-Directional scanner with IMMO service

  • Weight: 7.45 pounds

  • High price
  • Professional Mechanic choice
    Check Price
    LAUNCH X431 V X431 V X431 V+ Diagnostic Scan Tool (Upgraded Version of X431V) for Bi-Directional Control, Full Systems Diagnoses, 11 Reset Functions Including SAS, DPF, BMS, TPMS, Key Programming, ECU Coding with 2-Year Free Online Update
    Read Review
  • Highly advanced OBD2 tool with Key Programming service

  • Offers TOP OE-Level functions

  • Weight: 13.23 pounds

  • Expensive

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    8 Best Launch Scan Tool Reviews in 2023

    From basic and entry-level scanners to mid-range and professional diagnostic scanners, we have got you covered. Just go through our scanners and find the one that has the features that you desire and is within your budget. Here are the different models of Launch OBD2 scanners.

    For Professionals For Heavy-Duty TrucksDIYersTMPS SeriesX-431 Module
    • X-431 TURBO III
    • X-431-IMMO Pro
    • X-431-IMMO Pad
    • X-431 Torque Link
    • X-431 Torque 5
    • X-431 Torque III
    • X-431 Throttle
    • X-431 Throttle III
    • X-431 TURBO
    • X-431 Pad II AE
    • X-431 Torque HD
    • X-431 Torque Auto HD
    • X-431 HD III Add-On Module
    • Gear HD
    • Millennium HD Pro
    • Millennium HD Lite
    • Millennium 30
    • Millennium Max
    • Millennium 70 PRO
    • Gear Scan
    • Gear Scan Plus
    • Millennium Master
    • Millennium 90 Pro Scanner
    • Millennium 80
    • Millennium 70
    • Millennium 60
    • Millennium 50
    • Millennium 40
    • Creader Professional Elite
    • TSAP-3
    • TSAP-2
    • CRT 511
    • CRT 511 PRO
    • X431-TS GUN
    • LTR-01 RF Sensor
    • Millennium TSAP
    • Millennium TSAP Pro
    • Millennium TSAP Plus
    • S2-2 Sensor box
    • O2-1 Scopebox
    • B2-1 Batterybox

    Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner

    The Launch CRP123 scanner is a sleek and compact gadget suitable for DIYers and small car repair shop owners. The device has a 3.5 TFT color screen with well-labeled buttons for easy use. This powerful scan tool reads datastream for 4 systems and vehicle diagnostic reports. In addition, the code reader has a multilingual menu and supports all 10 test modes of the OBD2 test. The CRP123 is the best launch scan tool for the money.

    Top Features:

    The code reader can graph, replay data, record, read, and clear codes, turn off MIL, display monitor and I/M readiness status, view freeze frame data, and much more. It also has extensive vehicle coverage of most 1996 and newer vehicles. One of the unique features of this scanner is that it has a lifelong free update online and a money-back guarantee.

    • Can the Launch CRP123 scanner read and clear ABS codes?

    Yes, it shows ABS-related trouble codes and clears them as well.

    • Will it read engine codes?

    Yes, it can diagnose engine-related fault codes.

    • Can you measure transmission fluid temperature?

    Yes, it shows this data.

    • Can you have bi-directional control?

    No, Launch CRP123 is not a bi-directional scan tool.

    • Does Launch CRP123 support MAC or Linux operating systems?

    No, it only supports Windows OS for further updates.

    CRP123 Vs. CRP129: Comparison

    Launch CRP129 will provide better vehicle coverage, while Launch CRP123 only supports vehicles made after 2005. As CRP123 is cheaper than CRP129, you won’t get EPB, SAS, or Oil Reset service functions in it.

    Technical Specifications of the Launch CRP123 obd2 scanner:

    FeaturesLaunch crp123
    Works:ALL 1996 and later vehicles
    Display:4.3.5inch TFT Color Display
    O2 sensor test:Yes
    Reads and stores Data:Yes
    Check Engine Light(MIL):Yes
    Views freeze frame data:Yes
    DTC Reading and Clearing Displays:Yes
    Live data stream Graphical:Yes
    VIN, CIN, and CVN:Yes
    Prints data via PC:Yes
    Supports multi-language:24 Hrs
    Online Service:Yes
    Update Option:Free Online Update Lifetime
    Warranty:Two Years Warranty
    Price:Launch scan toolCheck Price


    • It supports OBD2 full functions
    • Supports 10 tests modes for OBD2
    • Multilingual menu
    • Free lifetime internet update
    • User-friendly interface
    • Clear and crisp LCD screen
    • Extensive vehicle coverage
    • 1-year warranty


    • Not the best customer support
    • The user manual is not very clear

    Launch CRP129 OBD2 Code Reader

    If you’re looking for a scan tool that can perform both basic functions and powerful functions at a great price, the Launch CRP129 scanner is the best choice for you. This code reader provides an outstanding user experience with the innovative and unique set of functions that it offers to users. It is beautifully and compactly designed for easy use. It has a large TFT color screen that makes interpreting results to be easy and quick. The Launch crp129 also comes with a one-year warranty and free internet updates.

    Top Features:

    The 4 systems that it supports include engine, transmission, ABS, and SRS. On top of that, it is compatible with more than 40 1996 US-based, 2000 European-based, and newer OBD II/EOBD protocol vehicles.

    • Who should buy the Launch CRP129 Scanner?

    This is an entry-level scanner ideal for DIYers or home mechanics.

    • Do you need to pay for updates?

    No, the model offers lifetime free updates.

    • How to fix the “scan system files do not exist” problem?

    You just need to reset the TF card.

    • Can the scanner read distributer retard?


    • Can you have TPMS data and bi-directional control?

    No, Launch CRP129 doesn’t support any of them.

    Technical Specifications of the Launch crp129 Scanner

    FeaturesLaunch crp129
    Works:Over 40 OBDII 1996 US-based, 2000 European-based, and newer OBD2/EOBD protocol vehicles
    Screen:4” TFT LCD True Colour Screen
    Live data:Record, save, and playback up to 8 hours
    Read vehicle information:VIN, CIN, and CVN
    I/M readiness test:Yes
    O2 (Lambda) sensor test:Yes
    EVAP system test:Yes
    View live diagnostic data in graph or data format:Yes
    View freeze frame data:Yes
    Clear DTCs:Yes
    Print data via PC:Yes
    Oil Reset:Yes
    Languages support:3 languages are supported: English, Spanish & French
    Software Update Option:Yes
    Warranty:1-year warranty
    Price:Launch OBD2 Code ReaderCheck Price


    • Easy to use the gadget
    • It is compatible with more than 40 vehicle makes and models
    • Performs both basic and powerful functions
    • Aesthetic and compact design
    • Free internet updates
    • Multilingual menu
    • One-year warranty


    • The information about the update of the device is a bit confusing as it states it to be a lifetime, while users say that it is only for one year.
    • Not compatible with all vehicle models and makes stated

    Launch X431 PROS Mini Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool

    Featuring a unique and portable design, the Launch X431 Pros Mini diagnostic scanner is a compact and powerful professional scan tool. It has a full-color HD display with touchscreen menus for easy access to all functions. It works on more than 108 US, Asian, and European vehicles. Additionally, it is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled for easy use around the car repair shop or garage. Launch X431 PROS Mini is the best Launch scan tool for PRO DIYers or beginner mechanics.

    The X431 pros mini comes with all the functions of the X431 scan tool but with 2 years of free updates and a new mini-tablet style with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Some of its functions include viewing live data streams, oil reset, data logging, component activation, etc.

    • Does the Launch X431 PROS offer bi-directional control?

    Yes, the device has full bi-directional control.

    • Can you change the mileage data?

    No, it doesn’t allow mileage correction.

    • Can you print data via a Wi-Fi connection?

    Yes, just connect to the LAUNCH MINI WIFI Printer and print all the diagnostic reports.

    • Does it support ECU programming or Odometer Calibration functions?


    • Can the Launch X431 PROS detect a turbocharger fault?

    It can, but only a few specific models.

    Top Diagnostic Features:

    • Auto VIN Detect
    • ECU Coding
    • Bi-directional control
    • Adaptation
    • Anti-theft IMMO Service
    • Nox Sensor Reset
    • Key programming
    • EPB & TPMS
    • ABS Bleed
    • Injector coding

    Technical Specifications of the Launch X431 Pros Mini Scanner:

    FeaturesLaunch X431 Pros Mini OBD2
    Works:All car models after 2006 from Asia, the EU, and America.
    View live data stream:Yes
    Check Engine Light:Yes
    ABS Bleeding:Yes
    Diagnostic operations, including Auto Scan and Manual Scan:Yes
    Electronic Parking Brake Reset:Yes
    Anti-theft Matching:Yes
    Oil Reset Service:Yes
    Battery Register /Battery Maintenance:Yes
    Wifi, Bluetooth:Yes
    Software Update:2-years free update
    Price:Launch X431 PROS MiniCheck Price


    • Easy to use a touchscreen
    • Compatible with more than 108 US, Asian, and European vehicle makes and models
    • The unique and portable gadget
    • 2-year free software update
    • Wireless connectivity
    • ECU coding and 11 special functions


    • The user manual is not very clear
    • It is quite expensive

    Launch 301050160 CRP229 Android-Based Scan Tool

    The Launch CRP229 scan tool is a high-quality mid-range scanner suitable for busy car repair shop owners and professional mechanics. It features a 5-inch TFT color screen that displays all the results clearly. It is also compact and lightweight for easy storage. The Android-based gadget is very powerful and performs a wide range of functions. It also has full OEM-enhanced access to all vehicles and modules for reading and clearing codes, live data, and graphing. Other outstanding features include an internal battery, Wi-Fi updates, and web access.

    All the Diagnostic Functions:

    • Read & clear DTC
    • Read Data Stream & ID Information
    • Engine Oil Reset
    • EBP & SAS Reset
    • Battery Reset

    Technical Specifications of the Launch crp229 Scan Tool

    FeaturesLaunch crp229
    Works:All OBDII petrol vehicles 2001> and diesel vehicles 2004>
    Display:5.0″ TFT LCD
    Vehicle Support:42 different manufacturers
    Touch screen:Yes
    Protocol:Supports 10 test modes of OBDII
    Read dynamic data stream:Yes
    Read & clear DTC:Yes
    CPU:DualCore A23 4.2
    Read Data Stream:Yes
    Storage Capacity:1GB
    Connection:16-pin DLC via cable
    Engine oil lamp reset:Yes
    ABS bleeding function:Yes
    Languages support:3 languages are supported. English, Spanish & French
    Warranty:2-year warranty
    Price:Launch 301050160 CRP229' width=Check Price


    • Sleek and lovely design
    • Clear and large touchscreen for easy display
    • Performs a wide range of functions
    • Extensive vehicle coverage
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Capability to graph multiple PIDs for live data


    • Has compatibility issues
    • It is quite costly and thus not a good scanner for DIYers or beginners

    Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic Scan Tool

    The Launch X431 V+ scan tool is a professional-grade tool with lots of outstanding features. Moreover, it has a Bluetooth connection for easy connectivity, and the 10-inch touchscreen provides clear code definitions for easy interpretation. The X431 is the best Launch scan tool for professional mechanics.

    Top Features:

    It is an all-system diagnosis, as it can read DTCs and data streams for all systems. Such systems include engine, transmission, fuel, emission, powertrain, body, and many more. In addition, it supports ECU coding on a wide range of car makes and has 11 special functions.

    • Can Launch X431 V+ be compatible with supercars?

    Yes, it can diagnose some specific supercar models like Ferrari, Maserati, etc.

    • Does the scan tool work with Lamborghini?

    No, it is not compatible with this supercar brand.

    • Is Launch X431 V+ discontinued?

    No, the scanning device is still in production and distributed worldwide.

    • Does it support variant coding?

    Yes, but it works only on a few car models.

    Compare with Launch X431:

    The Launch X431 V+ is an upgraded X431 IV scan tool version. Some popular vehicles it covers include Mazda, Honda, Acura, Citroen, Skoda, etc. On top of that, it comes with a 2-year free online update and has a key programming function.

    Launch X431 V+ Vs. V PRO

    Both offer full system diagnosis with 31+ service functions. The price is quite the same, but some differences exist. The Launch X431 V+ has a 10.1″ HD touch screen, while the Launch V Pro has only an 8-inch. Also, the X431 V+ has a better battery backup. But the X431 V Pro is faster with its Quad-core 2.0 GHz processor.

    Technical Specifications of the Launch X431 V+ scanner:

    FeaturesLaunch X431 V+
    Works:Over 68 car brands and 220 car models from America, Europe, Asia
    Check Engine Light:Yes
    View live data:Yes
    Active Test:Yes
    View Freeze Frame:Yes
    Tooth Learning/Anti-theft Matching:Yes
    ABS, SRS, Body control module:Yes
    Oil Reset Service:Yes
    Battery Register / Battery Maintenance:Yes
    Wifi, Bluetooth:Yes
    Software Update Option:Two-Year Free Update
    Warranty:One-year warranty
    Price:Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic Scan ToolCheck Price


    • Sturdy construction as it is drop resistant, dustproof, and waterproof
    • Fast and reliable
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Easy-to-use gadget
    • Wide vehicle coverage
    • Multiple reset services and functions


    • It has multilingual faults
    • It is expensive

    Launch CRP Touch Pro OBD2 Scan Tool

    With its sleek and compact design, this is a fun scan tool to use and store. The large intuitive user interface means you won’t have any issues using the scanner, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a pro mechanic. It is also compatible with most vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer. It also has a one-year free update and a one-year warranty.

    Top Features:

    The Launch CRP touch pro scanner is an ideal tool for small car repair shop owners or DIYers. This is because its price is somehow favorable, but it performs a wide range of functions. This device can be used to reset oil lights, view live data, clear and erase error codes, reset EPB, steering angle sensor, or even BMS.

    • Is it compatible with GM trucks?

    No, it won’t support this vehicle.

    • Can it close or open the brake pads?

    Yes, it will.

    • Is it possible to relearn the throttle?


    Technical Specifications of the Launch CRP Touch Pro OBD2 Scan Tool:

    FeaturesLaunch CRP Touch Pro
    Works:Over 68 car brands and 220 car models from America, Europe, Asia
    Check Engine Light:Yes
    View Live Data:Yes
    View Freeze Frame:Yes
    Engine, Battery Registration:Yes
    Batteries:2 Lithium-ion batteries are required. (included)
    Oil Service Light Reset:Yes
    Electronic Parking Brake Reset:Yes
    Software Update Option:12-month free online update
    Warranty:One-year warranty
    Price:Launch CRP Touch ProCheck Price


    • Wide vehicle coverage
    • Full OBD2 functions
    • Wide range of functions
    • User-friendly design
    • One year of free updates and a one-year warranty


    • It has compatibility issues

    Launch X431 Creader VIII OBD2 Scanner

    The Launch X431 Creader VIII OBD II diagnostic scan tool is a plug-and-play scanner with excellent features. It has extensive vehicle coverage of most 2006 and newer USA domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. The scanner can as well be updated as it comes with a free update online lifetime. With a one-year limited warranty, you can fully rely on this scan tool to deliver when you need it to.

    Top Services:

    The scan tool is very efficient and effective as it covers all the OBD2 test modes and supports 4 full system diagnoses. It also has powerful functions such as EPB reset, oil reset, and SAS reset.

    Technical Specifications of the Launch X431 VIII obd2 scanner:

    FeaturesLaunch X431 VIII
    Works:All car models after 2006 from Asia, EU, and America.
    Read and Reset codes:Yes
    Check Engine Light:Yes
    Diagnose Airbag, ABS, and Engine:Yes
    Views freeze frame data:Yes
    O2 sensor test:Yes
    Vehicle information display(VIN CID CVN):Yes
    EPB,SAS,Oil light Reset:Yes
    Update:Lifetime Free Updates
    Prints data via PC:Yes
    Reset brake block:Yes
    Warranty:One-year limited warranty
    Price:Launch X431 Creader VIIICheck Price


    • Sleek and compact design
    • User-friendly design
    • Wide range of functions
    • Extensive vehicle coverage
    • Supports all 10 test modes of the OBD2
    • Multilingual menu


    • It is mostly compatible with vehicles manufactured from 2006 and newer
    • Updating the device is a bit hectic

    Launch Creader VII Plus Code Reader

    Are you a mechanic or DIYer looking for a reliable, convenient, and modern scan tool with outstanding features? The Launch CRP VII plus code reader is an ideal tool for you. Featuring a clear TFT color screen, you will have an easy time reading and erasing error codes. The Creader VII plus supports all the OBD2 functions and 10 test modes of OBDII. It has a multilingual menu and performs 4 systems diagnoses. So, you have nothing to worry about. It is one of the cheapest but best Launch scan tools that you can buy.

    With this scanner, you’ll be able to handle more than 20 main car models and find out why the check engine light is on. If you want, you can as well update it, as it comes with 12 months of free updates online.

    • Does Launch Creader VII+ support the ISO System?

    No, the device is only compatible with Windows OS.

    • Can it turn off the airbag light?

    No, it only diagnoses ABS, SRS, AT, and engine codes.

    • Is it compatible with the Cadillac?


    • Do you need to pay to update the Launch Creader VII+ scanner?

    No, it offers free updates for a lifetime.

    • Can this scanning device perform injector tests?


    Technical Specifications of the Launch Creader VII Plus Code Reader:

    FeaturesLaunch Creader VII Plus
    Works:Most 1996 and newer vehicles
    Display:3.5-inch TFT color display with higher resolution & graphs
    Freeze Frame Data:Yes
    Check Engine Light:Yes
    ABS and SRS diagnoses:Yes
    Read & Clear DTCs:Yes
    O2 sensor test:Yes
    Read Pending Fault Code:Yes
    Read Vehicle Information:Yes
    Oxygen sensor test :Yes
    Turn-off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL):Yes
    Automatic Transmission (AT):Yes
    Read Readiness Status:Yes
    Software Update:Lifetime free update on the internet via PC
    Warranty:One-year limited warranty
    Price:Launch Creader VIICheck Price


    • Supports full OBD2 functions
    • Wide vehicle coverage
    • Wide range of functions
    • Multilingual menu
    • Compact and lovely design
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Lifetime free updates online
    • One-year warranty


    • It is not compatible with the iOS system, so you need a windows PC to update it
    • The user manual is not very clear


    The launch scan tool is a top brand with some of the best scan tools on the market. The diagnostic scanners that we’ve discussed above are some of the best Launch scan tools and come with some amazing features. Simply select a diagnostic code reader that has features that you want and is within your budget.

    Regardless of the scanner that you select, ensure that it is compatible with your car’s make and model. It should also perform the functions that you want it to. If you’re a beginner, choose a code reader that suits you. And if you’re a pro, go for the best in order to perform a wide range of functions.


    Question: Why should you buy a car diagnostic scanner?
    Answer: The requirement for dependable and result-oriented engine information reporting made it imperative for all the new vehicle models to be fixed with OBD II diagnostic scanners. Thus, purchasing a diagnostic code reader offers lots of benefits such as reduced pollution, which preserve the environment; also, there is reduced cost as the car owner doesn’t have to constantly visit the mechanic. In addition, it provides safety to the car driver as he/she is able to drive a safe car.

    Question: What do I have to do to ensure that my car is operating well and to reduce its environmental impact?
    Answer: The latest vehicles are very advanced and efficient. OBD scan tools assist in ensuring that these vehicles are operating in top shape, but you still have to maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Keep your car maintained, and always look out for the check engine light.

    Before you refuel your car, always ensure that the engine is off and the gas cap is securely tightened. This will help you save money on fuel and repairs while assisting you in protecting the air that you inhale. If you still have questions after reading this best Launch scan tool review, then comment below.

    8 thoughts on “Best Launch Scan Tool Reviews: Most Selling 8 Scanners 2023”

    1. can you tell me whats the difference from the Launch X431 Pros mini and Launch X431 V+ ,normally we work with new cars all brands some mini ,Bmw, audi and normal American cars,we look at the Autel maxisys elite but is to pricey for us and we are trying to decide between this two units ,Thank you for your advice

      1. Launch X431 Pros mini and Launch X431 V+ both support the same functions. Compared with X431 pros mini, x431 v+ supports more vehicles and with better hardware.
        X431 v+ can work with heavy-duty modules to diagnose heavy trucks and becomes a diesel-integrated diagnostic device with more powerful functions. But x31 pros mini is more affordable.

        They are both excellent devices. Purchase x431 v+ if you can afford otherwise go with pros mini.

    2. Great , I really appreciate your help ,one last question I’m pretty much inclined to go with x431 V+ ,but a friend just told i can not do some cars like the Autel Maxisys elite ,right now we are thinking if is better to wait a little bit more and buy the Autel or you think is not really a need to buy such pricey unit ,we buy a sell cars and we run in to changing modules reprogram transmission and diagnose ,pretty much we just buy newer models 12 and up from all makes ,but now I’m wonder if is to much difference because I look at the specs and don’t see much difference unless I’m missing something ,
      the x431 V+ sells on amazon for around 1100 with out the heavy duty module that unit i think is around 1300 ,but on alli express sell you the heavy duty version for 1000,would you buy on alli express ,thank you for all your help and time

    3. Milan Franz Sojka

      Hello Henry
      Before I bought my Launch I researched information about it online at the “”. In the FAQ section I asked you about suitability for my car and the answer was yes.
      So I bought your X-431 mini last year, product S/N 986392756100.Tried to reset oil change on my 2018 Panamera 4 but no success few times.
      I aproached the Launch Tech USA and received this answer:
      Unfortunately the X-431 mini is not manufactured for the North American market and as such Launch Tech USA does not sell or support it.
      Since the instrument is useless for me, please advice how to solve this issue. Thank you

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