Autel TS601 Vs. TS508 Vs. TS501: Popular MaxiTPMS OBD2 Series

OBD2 Trouble codes are a lifesaver for any car owner or technician. Many brands are popular in the market for diagnosing trouble codes. But Autel is on top because they have been professionals for a decade. They are reliable for both beginners and professionals. But in this comparison article, we only talk about the Autel Maxisys TS601, TS501, and TS508 versions. These products are specially designed for DIYers and car technicians. So, beginners may face some complexity using these mid-range OBD2 tools. These are primarily designed to solve all types of TPMS-related problems. Car technicians love this product, and it also helps them learn about tire pressure. And all those products are mid-range to low-range. So you don’t need to worry about your budget. So first, learn about these three scanners first:

Features of the Autel TS601 MaxiTPMS Scanner

The Autel TS601 is also known as a specialist device for TPMS. The scanner did not find an issue with TPMS but activated the sensor of TPMS and reprogrammed the vehicle ECU. And this scanner is not only famous for single-use but also the first choice for many tire shops and automotive workshops where it’s needed to perform the service of TPMS. There are two versions available on the market, one, especially for US vehicles and the other for global understanding.Autel TS601 MaxiTPMS OBD2 Scanner

This device can easily remain active on all magnetic, frequency, and tire deflection sensors. You need to give 125kHz continuous or modulated wave signals. It also receives other frequencies for some fixed jobs. It can read and store the ID from the ECU and TPMS. You can erase this from memory after solving the issue with this scanner. You also get information about the trouble with ECU and TPMS from there. In some car brands, it can perform the test of the program on the tire. You don’t only get a visible result but also get studio results from this device. And with the step-by-step instructions, you can quickly solve the trouble code on your car.

With all that, you also get multiple language options in every scanner. With the help of a USB, you can connect your scanner to the internet and update the device after some time. It has a Li-polymer built-in battery that helps you not deal with cables and use the scanner anywhere. You can also use the external memory card in the slot of the SD card so that you can store any memory for the future in a safe. And just like other Autel products, you also get a manual guide with many details of trouble codes and their solutions. Try to carry this with you to solve any car issue anywhere.

Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 scanner: All the Service Functions

The Autel TS508 is most popular in the TPMS Tool, which can diagnose the latest models up to 2023 with frequent updates. You can get all the TPMS service options like TPMS programming, sensors relearn or activation, TPMS reset, check the health of TPMS, read sensor data, key fob frequency test, etc. With that, it added Quick/Advanced Mode for more innovative and faster TPMS repair. It also added Tire Pressure Selection to one of the powerful TPMS tools. TS508 TPMS (315/433 MHz frequency) works as a programming tool that enables all car enthusiasts to program sensor data. This is saving you money and a trip to a dealing agency. You get four programming options in TS508: Copy By Manual Input, Copy By Activation, Auto Create, and Copy by OBD2.Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 OBD2 scanne

It also helps you replace the faulty sensor with one that has a low battery life or one that is not functioning well. With the Autel TPMS tool TS508, you can get the ease of wirelessly activating all OEM/Universal TPMS sensors available on the market. This helps you quickly get sensor data like sensor ID, tire temperature, sensor battery, tire pressure, sensor position, frequency, etc. You need to choose the right vehicle make, model, and year, sensor activation, and this device works like a ‘Flash’ for you.

This scanner also works as a reset tool and can activate all OEM sensors available on the market, making this scanner the most updated scanner. This device can enable the retrieval of TPMS codes like sensor ID, tire pressure, the temperature of the tire, etc. This TS508 can find the TPMS system through an OBD II connection to read and erase codes. The Autel TS508 comes with a one-year warranty and a lifetime free update. This is important when using this scanner for your old and new car. After getting the update, you can run this scanner in your updated car. You can also print out the issue from this scanner and get multiple language options. So this is a basic TPMS scanner for professionals, I think.

Autel TS501 Maxitpms OBD2 Scan Tool: Short Review

The Autel TS501 is just like a particular device for the TPMS sensor. You can get all the details about TPMS with this device. Additionally, you get a reprogramming facility for the ECU, turn off the warning light, etc., and this device is rapid to diagnose the whole TPMS system, which saves you a lot of time. With a pre-programmed scanner, you can also get information about the vehicle ID and its details from the ECU, which gives you access to the deepest parts of the vehicle ECU system. It simplifies the graphs in vehicles with 4 or 5 wheels. The key of FOB or remote keyless entry is also controlled for transmission with the help of the TS501 scanner.

This can read and write the sensors from the ECU and TPMS systems of the car. And you can get the definition of the code from the scanner. If you have an idea about how to repair the vehicle, then you can fix this by yourself. This saves you some money for the budget for car maintenance. The proper functioning of the LF function helps the car not be fooled by the RF signals. And just like other Autel devices, you get multiple languages on this device, like English, French, Spanish, etc., and you need to go to the scanner settings and find the language option. From there, you can choose the language of your preference.Autel TS501 Maxitpms OBD2 Scanner

With this scanner, you also get a free USB port; this is very important to connect the device to the internet. An Internet connection helps you update the device, which is very important when you want to use it with a new car. The automatic power-off option saves battery life, and you can use it for a long time. And the rechargeable battery gives you a cable-free scanner. Working with a cable-connected scanner is a tough job.

Autel TS601 Vs. TS508 Vs. TS501: Similarities and Differences

There are some similarities and dissimilarities you get with this device. Let’s see some of them so that we can make the difference between these three scanners:



  • Complete TPMS function: these three sensors can access to read, erase and activate the TPMS function. They are mainly designed for reading the TPMS code and are related to every job like reading, writing, erasing data, checking the health of TPMS, etc.
  • Read sensor data: All these three scanners can provide the ability to read the data from sensors.
  • Live and freeze frame data: Autel ts601,ts501, and ts508 scanners get live data and freeze frame information. This information is essential to learn about the performance of your car engine. 
  • Check sensor I/D: All three Autel scanners can check the sensor I/D from OBD and then copy this into the MX function.
  • Relearn the OBD function: Autel ts602, ts501, and ts508 can relearn the OBD code, and you get a relearn manual book with every device.
  • Software-update: you get a lifetime free software update from Autel company.
  • Strong Outer part: Autel ts602, ts501, and ts508 scanners come with a hard cover with a protective rubber boot. So you can easily store it in your garage for a long time.
  • Dimension and weight: the size of Autel TS601 is 7.96 x 4.2 x 1.48 inches, and its weight is ‎3.5 pounds. On the other hand, the TS501 measurement is 14 x 4 x 9 inches, and the weight is 3.95 pounds. The last one means TS508 size ‎8.46 x 3.94 x 1.38 inches and weighing 4.29 pounds. So the lightest one is the TS601 scanner, and the lightweight device is easy to carry.
  • Cable-free device: you can re-get a built-in battery with these three scanners. This Autel ts601 and ts501 scanners get a built-in lithium-polymer battery, and ts508 has a li-ion battery, giving you more than 8 hours of backup. And that’s why you don’t need to worry about the power supply and move the scanner anywhere without facing any issues.
  • TPMS particular function: you can get a TPMS special function with a scanner if you buy the TS601 scanner, which is unavailable with the other two.
  • Faster diagnosis: the processor of ts508 is the best one of the two scanners. It has an immediate and quick mood diagnosis; that is why you can get faster diagnosis results from the ts508 scanner than the ts601 scanner.
  • Tire type/ pressure selection: you get this feature in the ts601 and ts508 scanners. But ts501 doesn’t have ant tire type or pressure selection type of function.
  • Enhancing mode 6: only ts601 can read the OBD 2 code and improve the OBD2 6 mode. And this scanner also supports all ten modes of the latest OBD2 code.
  • Price comparison: here is the most expensive ts601 scanner. It has many extra features, and buying the scanner is worth it. The other two are in the mid-range, and ts501 and ts508 are pocket friendly. So choose your wish to choose the right one for your car.

Who is the winner?

Let us see the main difference between these Autel ts602, ts501, and ts508 scanners. Of all these three scanners, the number of features is greatest in the TS601 scanner. If you notice the dimensional weight, you will notice it’s lighter than others. And a lightweight scanner is easy to use. I know the price range is slightly higher than the other two, but it gives you many extra functions.

Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 or TS508?

On the other hand, there is a tie-breaker between ts601 and ts508. The TS508 scanner also gets different functions that aren’t included with the TS601 scanner. So if you read the whole article, you’ll learn what features you get from this device. For me, the winner is TS601, and the runner-up is TS508.

Who should buy Autel MaxiTPMS TS501?

Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 is a basic scanning, and its price range is also lower than the other two. This is the perfect choice if you don’t need many functions in one device. At last, here you get the difference between these three devices, so if you want a scanner for professional reasons, the TS601 and TS508 are the best for you because they have a function to find the type of tire and also know about the pressure. Many technicians love these two scanners only for this reason. Another one is very helpful for scanning your car.

Final Thoughts

I think choosing the right one is a very hard job. Every customer has some particular need, and before buying any scanner, make sure it covers almost every need—Autel ts602, ts501, and ts508 are the three best scanners in the professional field. You can also use this at your home because it is very budget-friendly. And all three of these devices come with a hard rubber case as a protective cover, enhancing the scanner’s durability. And this device gets you all the features of TPMS: live data, freeze frame data, rechargeable battery, etc.

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