Autel TS608 Vs MK808TS Vs MS906TS

Autel TS608 Vs. MK808TS Vs. MS906TS: Which one is better and why?

Being a car owner, it is not easy to maintain your car without an OBD2 scanner. And if the issue is related to tire pressure monitoring, then a TMPS OBD2 scanner is the best solution. But, entry-level code readers don’t offer TMPS service. So what is the best TMPS scanner you can get right now? You must know about Autel, the automotive supplier company. They have been in business for decades, supplying the best car troubleshooting scanners. They are prevalent all over the world, and their online customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The brand supplies some of the best car TPMS repair tools, like the  Autel MaxiTPMS TS608, Autel Maxicom mk808ts, and Autel MaxiSys MS906ts. All three scanners are very similar, which can easily lead to confusion. Let’s see the difference between these three scanners. Starting with a short review of the scanners, you will find the difference.

Comparison Chart: Autel TS608 Vs. MK808TS Vs. MS906TS


Autel TS608

Autel MK808TS

Autel MS906TS

Product Dimensions:12×4.5×15 inches‎10 x 1.4 x 6.9 inches26 x 17 x 8 inches ‎
Weight:5.94 pounds5.7 pounds19.96 pounds
Display Size: 7-inch7-inch LCD8-inch
Processor:Quad-core Cortex-A9Cortex-A9Exynos 5260 6-core
Active Test:NoYesYes
Advanced ECU Coding:NoNoYes
Injector Coding:NoYesYes
View sensor data:NoNoYes
Brake Reset:NoYesNo
Oil Reset:NoYesYes
ABS Bleeding:NoYesYes
Remote Diagnostic:NoYesYes


Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 Scanner: Quick overview

The Autel TS608 scanner is also known as a service tablet. This android-operated tablet has a 7 inches screen. This is a wireless device, so it’s easy to use and carry. And you can move the machine here and there while using it. This is a complete TPMS tool that can read all system code. This scanner also can robust the whole system. Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 Scanner

You can activate the TPMS sensor with this scanner and read the sensor status. Diagnosis of ECU and TPMS health with DTC is also available. You can read the DTC from ECU, and after solving the issue, you can reuse it.

You can diagnose all the systems of your car with this scanner. All the car engine system codes are available in the electronics system. After that, you can shut down the warning light. Like other ordinary scanners, you also get live data and freeze frame rate in analog, text, and graph. This device also supports all ten modes of the OBD2 scanner, and it can enhance the OBD mode 6. 

Additional features in this device include relearning about newly installed parking brake, SAS resetting, resetting mileage and service intervals, adjusting injectors, forces regeneration, support battery registration, IMMO function, etc., and the price of this scanner is also very affordable.

Autel Maxicom MK808TS OBD2 Tools Features: 

This is one of the most popular and top TPMS scanners because it’s perfect for multi-purpose features. This scanner is bi-directional and can get 28+ services from one device. AutoAuth access is also a significant part of this scanner; with this, you can easily bypass SGW. You also attach the device with a digital inspection camera and electrical system analysis tools like BT506 or MK808TS. This scanner gives you full access to the TPMS. Oil reset, SAS calibration, BMS service, DPF service, Thorollte matching, injector coding, etc., are almost 20 features you can get in one device. 

Autel designed this scanner very thoughtfully. That’s why this scanner is suitable for more than 80+ car brands. Yes, you can use this scanner if you have a low budget for a premium car. And the wireless system enhances the usability. You can get live data, freeze frame data, read and erase the data, etc., with this one device. And Bluetooth adapter decreases the trouble dealing with cable.Autel MK808TS Scanner

The auto VIN function helps every car owner and mechanic learn about the vehicle. You can learn about the model of the car, body type, engine code, assembly location, etc., in a minute. And this information is essential for some time to repair the vehicle. And you not only get live data from the scanner, but you also get it in text or graph format. The scanner’s extension ability helps you attach the scanner to your tablet or any big screen. And sometimes, tiny faults are not noticeable on the small screen of the scanner, and the extension will help you out from this issue. This scanner is the updated version of the MK808BT, MX808TS, and TS601. The price is slightly higher than the old one, and I think this money is worth it. And you get one year of free software updates in this scanner, and after that, you need to buy the update from Autel.

Autel MaxiSys MS906ts scanner details: Latest version

Let’s talk about our last scanner, MS906ts. This battery power scanner is very good at diagnosing your car correctly. This battery-powered scanner is trendy worldwide, and the car brand coverage is over 80. It has a particular OE level function, which is very good for OBD 2 diagnosis and ECU. Just a live standard scanner, you also get live data, freeze frame data, ECU information, adaptation, matching, counting,  etc., in one device. There is also an integrated TPMS antenna for TPMS servicing and triggering OEM into TPMS, viewing the status, etc., in this scanner. Autel MaxiSys MS906TS Scanner

The Autel MS906ts scanner also has wireless connectivity to connect your scanner with your tablet or any big screen. This step is significant for many minor problems which are not noticeable on the small screen of the scanner. It has an automatic push notification system that updates the software with the help of the internet only. With the 32GB SSD, you get the best performance of this device. And a lithium-ion battery can give the battery backup for more than 14 hours. Like other Autel products, you also get a year of product warranty and lifetime free software updates. But this is a mid-range scanner. You get some limited features to the premium one.

What features are the same?

  • TPMS function: These three sensors can access all the essential data to read, erase, and activate the TPMS function.
  • Wireless system: All three of these scanners have Bluetooth connectivity so that they can work without any cables, and you can move the scanner without thinking about the length of the line.
  • HDMI connection: They all have an HDMI connection port so that you can connect the scanner with your tablet and examine your car anywhere.

Autel ts608 Vs. mk808ts Vs. ms906ts: Top 3 TPMS Scanners Comparison

There are some similarities and dissimilarities you get with this device. Let’s see some of them so that we can make the difference between these three scanners:

  • Dimension and weight: The size of the Autel TS608 is 12×4.5×15 inches, and its weight is 5.94 pounds. The MK808t, on the other hand, measures 106.914 inches and weighs 2.31 pounds. The last one means MS906ts size is just like the MK808ts one. But weight is slightly lower than the previous one, at only 2.42 lbs.
  • Battery regeneration and material: You can re-generate the battery with these three scanners. This Autel ts608 vs. mk808ts vs. ms906ts scanner includes a lithium-ion 5000mAh battery that provides more than 14 hours of backup.
  • Live data and freeze frame data: All three scanners show you live data and freeze frame information. But you can get the data as graphs and text from MK808ts and MS906ts scanners. The Autel TS608 doesn’t have this type of feature.
  • Android system: Autel ts608 and ms906ts have a 4.4.2 KitKat android system. And the MK808nts has 4.4.4 KitKat, which means it’s more updated than the other two scanners.
  • Memory: Autel ts608  and ms906ts have 32GB internal memory, but mk808ts has 64 GB memory to store any information.
  • Check key FOB: only Autel TS608 has FOB features; another two don’t get this.
  • TPMS toolkit: you can get a TPMS tool kit with a scanner if you buy the TS608 scanner, which is unavailable with the other two.
  • Faster diagnosis: the processor of mk808ts is the best one of the two scanners. That is why you can get speedier diagnosis results from the mk808ts scanner than the ts608n and k908ts scanner.
  • Price: The Autel Mk808TS scanner is the most expensive one of the three. It has many additional features, and buying the scanner is worth it for professionals. The other two are in the mid-range and pocket-friendly as well.

Recommendation: Who is the winner?

I know you must be thinking about who is the winner of this race. It’s really up to you now. But if you want to use it only for simple DIY maintenance, then go with the Autel TS608 budget-friendly scanner. There is no complexity in this tool, so you can efficiently operate it.

Conversely, if you want a scanner for professional reasons, you can get the mk808ts scanner. This is the most updated scanner of the other two. It also gives you a more rapid result than the other two scanners. You can get many more language options on this device and get total access to TPMS. And this is also a Bluetooth and wireless device, so you can easily use this scanner here and there without thinking about the cable.

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