Over time, the filter loses its effectiveness. Therefore, the transmission filter becomes clogged or dirty. The location of the transmission filter is above the transmission pan and below the pickup tube. The task of the transmission filter is to filter the debris and keep the fluid clean.

Can I change my transmission fluid without changing the filter?

Changing the transmission filter of a vehicle can be a difficult task for vehicle users, but it is not impossible at all. Instead, changing the filter and fluid costs about $149 to $199. So, you can save more than $100, which is the service charge of an expert.

Changing the transmission fluid in a vehicle without changing the filter is possible. But we always recommend changing the filter. There is a significant reason for changing the filter before changing the transmission fluid. The new filter will remove contaminants and debris from the fluid, which is impossible to do with an old transmission filter. Moreover, the new filter helps the transmission run smoothly.

Symptoms: When should you change the transmission filter?

Changing the transmission fluid in a vehicle is a regular task for vehicle owners. But the filter should not be changed if it gets clogged or dirty. We are presenting the signs of a damaged transmission filter. These signs will indicate that you must change the filter soon.

Fluid color: If the transmission fluid is darker, your vehicle’s filter should change soon.

Burning Odor: When the transmission filter is clogged, the fluid will have a burning odor. So, whenever you notice it, you must change the filter.

Leakage: Sometimes, the vehicle’s transmission system becomes so bad that fuel can leak here.

Problems in switching gears: Gear shifting issues significantly restrict a good driving experience. If you face the problem of shifting gears, you should check your vehicle’s transmission filter. However, only low or expired transmission fluid can also be responsible for this issue.

Noise: Sometimes, you may hear odd sounds while shifting your vehicle’s gears. Generally, the sounds do not come from the vehicle. A problematic transmission filter on the vehicle is responsible for the odd noise.

OBD2 Codes: However, the engine light and the trouble code on the scanner of your vehicle will also tell you whether the part is problematic. However, you must follow your car’s user manual before repairing it.

Bottom Lines

To have a good driving experience, you must have good knowledge about changing transmission fluid and filters and other problematic parts of the vehicle. Therefore, you can greatly benefit by saving money after the service charge. Moreover, these techniques will protect you against any unwelcome suffering when no vehicle service center is nearby.

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