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Ediag YA101 vs. YA201: Full Review and Comparison 2022

Ediag YA101 vs. YA201 ScannerSometimes you need a low-budget scanner for primary DIY use. But many brands are in the best position right now, so picking the best ones gives you a hard time. Ediag is one of the leading companies right now. They offer some best OBD2 scanners on a meager budget. Ediag Ya101 and Ya201 are among them and are also best-selling scanners now. So let’s first review and then compare these two products to choose the right one.

About Ediag Brand:

In 2010, Shenzhen Ediag Electronic company was established for Car related products like car networking products, car diagnostic tools, code readers, Packing sensors, etc.; from then to now still, they are in national high-tech enterprises for their best quality elements. From the beginning, their main motto has been to make a car-related product for everyone. That’s why you can find many items in various price ranges. And in this article, we discuss their two best-selling scanners, ya101 and ya201. You can learn about their details, similarities, and differences here, and this information will help you choose the suitable scanner for your Car.

Ediag Ya101 Scanner: Upgrade Version Review

Ediag offers their customer a good quality basic scanner on a meager budget, and this Ya101 is the device. If you are a new car owner, you need this basic scanner at the beginning. There are many features you can get for less than $20. The main features of the Ya101 scanner are given below:Ediag Ya101 Scanner Review

  • User-friendly: Ya101 is a straightforwardly designed scanner. Its color screen display and high physical button make it easy for any new car owner to use.
  • Full OBD service modes: The ya101 scanner is mainly famous for full OBD service modes. It can support all ten modes from one device, like oxygen monitor test, powertrain diagnostic data, freeze frame data, emission-related diagnostic codes, onboard monitoring test, vehicle information, etc.
  • OBD2 diagnostic functions: this device has many parts of OBD2 like read and write DTCs, freeze frame data, I/M readiness data, details about vehicle information, onboard monitor system test, EVAP test, etc. in this one device.
  •  Learn about battery: you can learn about the battery status and performance with the help of the Ya101 scanner.
  • Free software update: Ediag offers a lifetime free software update with this Ya101 scanner.
  • Multi-language settings: nine language settings come with this single device. You can easily change the language from the setting and select which one you need to use.
  • Vehicle coverage: this scanner supports almost all Cars in the market and supports old to new Cars at a time.
  • DTC lock-up library: ya101 has a built-in DTC lock-up library that helps you to find the code definition. That means you need to enter the code in the scanner, and after that, you can get the intention of the code; you can also locate the Car’s wrong parts with the scanner’s help. So that you don’t need to go to the technician or search it on the internet, you can find that from the Ya101 scanner. 
  • Misfire cylinder test: this scanner helps to clear the fault code if there is any abnormal cylinder. So that this helps PCM read the CKPS information from the scanner and detect where the issue is located.
  • Quick emission test: The emission test is another important part of this Ya101 scanner. The oxygen sensor helps you to monitor the PCM to verify the oxygen sensor. And with the help of a smog check, you can check the emission rate of your car engine.
  • Self-test and save data: with the help of the display screen, you can quickly test the keyboard and display to verify whether all keys are working correctly or not. For storing the data, it has a screenshot option. With the help of the photo, you can keep the data as a screenshot; after that, you can use it for further use. 

These are all the main features you can get with the Ya101 scanner. And you get all these functions for under $20.

Review of the Ediag Ya201 (10 Modes) OBD2 Device: 

Another reasonable scanner from Ediag is Ya201. This scanner is fully updated and has enhanced OBD2 features with real-time graphs data for a battery test and record data streams. Let’s see which part it comes with:Ediag Ya201 Scanner

  • Live data stream: Ya201 has the ability to read the live data stream from the engine, and it also shows the information of the continuous data stream. And from the five graphic data, you can learn essential data from the report.
  • Showing freeze frame data: Ediag has recorded the car condition with the onboard computer at a time. This information lets you quickly learn about the emission-related fault in your car engine through this scanner.
  • Play and print data history: you get the screenshot function in the Ya201 scanner. So that you can get fault data, read VIN, component test, O2 sensor test, I/M readiness, freeze frame data, live data, before fault data, etc., from one scanner. After that, you can print out the fault code from the screenshot for future use.
  • Get early warning of engine: car mechanics mainly suggest testing the battery before examining another part of the Car for improved accuracy. So that this scanner gives early warning before the code reader reads the code codes.
  • Learn about car battery status: from the display, you can learn the instant voltage from battery terminals in a graphical way. And from this result, you can also learn about the car battery’s quality and get an early warning of car issues.
  • Graphical live data: you can get a graphical view of real-time data from the display of the Ya201 scanner. This view helps to read some hidden issues of the Car, and also massive PID needs to examine the engine state of the vehicle.
  • Full OBD service functions: in this Ya201 scanner, you can get all ten modes of service of the OBD scanner. You can get on board monitor tests related to power train emission-related issues, component tests to ensure the command is perfect for the scanner or not, O2 sensor tests to help monitor the rate of the oxygen into the fuel, etc.
  • Lock up DTC: with the help of the Ya201 scanner, you can read some hidden issues of the DTC. These are sometimes very hard to reach and solve, but this scanner gives you access to solve them. 
  • Software update warranty: you get a free software update for a lifetime and five years of warranty. And for upgrading, you need to plug the USB with the scanner, which is upgraded by itself. Not only that, but you also get lifetime free customer service from them anytime, anywhere.
  • Modern design: this code reader comes with 2.4 inches TFT colorful LCD with blacklight. This screen shows you the Car’s issue and protects your eyesight.
  • Vast coverage of vehicles: this simple scanner can support almost every car brand in the market. And this is not only designed for the newest Car, but you can also use Ya201 in 1996 to present cars in a row.
  • Multi-language support: Like other Edu Ag scanners, you also get a multi-language option in your Ya201 scanner. You can get nine language options in the settings of the scanner.
  • Smog test result: Ya201 scanner helps you to pass the smog test for retrial and viewing the O2 sensor monitor test result of the vehicle engine. This scanner enables you to pass the smog test easily with the O2 sensor test and I/M readiness.

These are the basic features you can get from the Ya201 scanner. And the price is also meager, so if you love DIY with the scanner, this scanner will go to your favorite device in the future.

What is the difference between Ediag Ya101 and Ya201 OBD2 scanner?

You read about the details of Ediag Ya101 and Ya201 scanners above. If you are confused between these two scanners, then this difference can help you out:What is the difference between Ediag Ya101 and Ya201 OBD2 scanner

Compare screen size:

The main difference you can see in the size of the screen in both Ediag scanners. The screen size of the Ya101 scanner is 1.8 inches, but Ya201 is more extensive than the other one. It has a 2.4 inches screen, and finding an issue with a big screen is a very easy find. So if you want a big screen to examine the issue in depth, then the Ya201 scanner is the best choice for you.


The resolution of the screen is also different in these two scanners. Ya101 got 120×160, and Ya201 got 240×320mp. So from this site, you can get a clear picture of Ya201 and then Ya101. 

Live data graph:

The main difference between these two scanners is to show live data in a graphical way. Ya201 can give you this option, but this thing is totally absent in the Ya101 scanner. You can also record and playback the graph data to find any minor issues from the result. Live data is also available in the Ya201 scanner. From this side, Ya101 was left behind from the Ya201 scanner.

Price comparison:

You must know the budget of the scanner depends on the number of features it offers you. In this way, Ya201 provides more functions than the ya101 scanner. That’s why the price is slightly higher than the Ya101 scanner. If your budget is under $30, you can buy both of these devices, but if your budget is not more than $20, thenYa101 scanner is the best choice for you. And these two scanners are the favorite among DIYers. The low price and all essential functions in one device make it perfect for single use.

Recommendation: Ediag Ya101 or Ya201?

So here we just try to help you to learn all the details and differences between the Ediag ya101 and Ya201 scanner. If you asked which one is good, then I must say Ya201 is better than Ya101. You get extra function with a wide screen. Both scanners are very reasonable in price, and if you are new in the Car repairing the world, then you need a basic scanner. Both are very basic scanners on a low budget, so you can easily use this, and both scanners work with the power of a car battery, so you don’t need to recharge. So I think after reading the whole article, I think you got the idea about both scanners and that you must learn which scanner fulfills your most need. And depending on this, you can find the best scanner for your personal use.


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