foxwell-gt60-vs-autel-mk808If you are a pro-DIY car enthusiast and familiar with the OBD2 scanner code, then you need a mid-range scanner, not a basic one. There are several companies that are well-known for their automobile scanners. Foxwell and Autel are the best among them. And now we’re going to compare the Foxwell GT60 with the Autel MK808. This article also discusses their similarities and differences, as well as which one is the ideal and reasonable price.

Tecnical Specification Of Foxwell GT60 & Autel MK808 OBD2 Scanner Tool

FeaturesFoxwell GT60Autel MK808
Dimension:8.07 x 5.31 x 1.18 inches9.4 x 5.9 x 1.4 inches
Weight: ‎ 1.91 pounds2.42 Pounds
Screen Size: 7 inches7 inches
Storage:32 GB64 GB + 32 GB on external SD
Battery Capacity:4000 mAh5000 mAh
Operating System:Android 6.0Android 4.4.4
Vehicle Coverage:63 car brands80 car brands
Language supports:12 languages13 languages
ABS Bleeding:YesYes
EPB & SAS Service:YesYes
Oil Reset:YesYes
Price:Check PriceCheck Price

Why Foxwell?

I believe you should be familiar with some information about the Foxwell brand before moving on to the product review. This supplier of products, services, and solutions for automobile diagnostics is qualified. Every product, including the OBD scanner and other automobile components, was designed with the assistance of top engineers and manufacturing know-how. Their motivated employees strive to please their clients as well as create each product for the benefit of the business.

The product of this well-regarded company is available everywhere. They constantly strive to create novel products that are user-friendly, straightforward but clever, and appropriate for all customers. Because of this, all of their items are highly well-liked by auto owners and certain do-it-yourself mechanics so that they can easily fix any problem with their vehicle.

Their main goals are to create new products for consumers, eliminate problems in the automobile industry, and guarantee complete customer satisfaction. And because of their exceptional customer service, they make an effort to assist you. You may immediately get in touch with them anytime you have a problem, and a specialist will assist you there. Additionally, no advanced features are included, but all of their products are still reasonably priced. And this is the ideal technique for finding reasonable troubleshooting.

Foxwell GT60 IMMO/TPMS/Oil Reset/EPB OBD2 Scanner Review

Most scanners can read OBD2 codes. However, the Foxwell GT60 scanner can read both OBD1 and OBD2 codes at the same time. This scanner is made in China and comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime free software upgrades. This mid-ranged scanner is ideal for tiny garages and DIY car enthusiasts who are self-sufficient in maintaining their vehicles.Foxwell GT60

Language supports

This scanner’s key advantage is that it provides live data and complex functions such as action, adaption, and programming. It also has an oil servicing light system, DPF regeneration, throttle body adjustment, and other features. Some remarkable car manufacturers use the same scanners. It can handle several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Russian, Dutch, German, and Swedish, and you may change the language in the settings to use your favorite language. With this scanner, you can rapidly test the engine and reset the system.

Key Diagnostic Functions

An extra option is the MIL setting. It also saves live sensor data to memory and displays a live data graph. These grapes are really simple to mend. Foxwell GT60, like other scanners, provides freeze-frame data. The TF memory card aids in the storage of data so that it can be used in the future. With all of this, you may also gain access to SRS, ABS, engine, ECU, DPF, and other systems for monitoring vehicle performance. And you get all of this for a very reasonable price.


For me, the primary disadvantage of this scanner is the small screen. Finding numerous tiny flaws on the little screen is difficult. And this scanner makes matters worse. The cord is also not very long. So you can’t move the scanner around while singing in the car. And this scanner can read OBD; it has no new features.

Is Autel a good OBD2 brand?

As we start with the scanner, let us first discuss the Autel company, which is the brightest star in the vehicle repairing tools brand. The firm’s motto is to supply car repair tools for every customer at great quality and inexpensive costs. Although Autel is established in China, several warehouses are in other countries. Autel is well-known throughout the world. They manufacture scanners ranging from low-cost to high-end vehicles. The most significant aspect of their brand is that they provide 24-hour customer service everywhere, at any time. Unless you do not really understand things, they are always willing to assist you. You will also receive free software updates for the rest of your life. And while purchasing software is not a tough task, it does require money. However, Autel provides it for free for an indefinite period of time.

Autel created a wide range of car maintenance tools at an unusually low cost. So you don’t doubt their product’s quality? Every product is of exceptional quality, which is why it is still the first option for many buyers. And you can acquire it and fix it anywhere in the world. Every car repair tool comes with an instruction manual. Try to keep it with you while driving the automobile. It will educate you about the issue code and how to resolve it. It provides a step-by-step tutorial to help you comprehend the problem and solve it on your own.

Autel MK808 Bidirectional Scanner: Quick Overview

Because it is ideal for multi-purpose features, this is one of the most popular and best TPMS scanners. This scanner is bidirectional and can obtain 28 or more services from a single device.Autel MK808 OBD2 Scanner

Key Service Functions

Now that this scanner has AutoAuth access, you can easily go around SGW. This MK808  device can also be used in conjunction with a digital inspection camera and electrical system analysis tools like the BT506 or MK808. The TPMS may be accessed completely with this scanner. One device may perform several functions, including oil reset, SAS calibration, BMS service, DPF service, Thorollte matching, injector coding, and others. Autel created this scanner with great care. This scanner is preferable for more than 80 different automobile brands as a consequence. Yes, if you have a tight budget for a high-end car, you may utilize this scanner. The wireless technology also makes it easier to use. Users can get live data, freeze frame data, read and delete data, and more with only one device. Additionally, a Bluetooth adapter eliminates the burden of managing cords.

Upgraded Version

Every automobile owner and the mechanic can benefit from the auto VIN feature. In a minute, you can learn about the car’s model, body type, engine code, assembly site, and so on. And this information is required for some time to fix the automobile. And you can get live data from the scanner and text or graph format. The scanner’s extension capability allows you to connect it to a tablet or large screen. And, on occasion, minor flaws are not visible on the scanner’s small screen, which the expansion will alleviate. This scanner is a replacement for the MK808BT, MX808TS, and TS601.


The price is slightly higher than the previous one, but I believe it is money well spent. You also get one year of free software upgrades with this scanner, after which you must purchase the update from Autel.

Foxwell GT60 vs. Autel MK808 Scanner: Comparison

The difference between these two scanners is given below:

Final Verdict

You must be thinking about who might take first place in this event. Now, everything depends on you. Choose the Autel MK808 scanner if you simply intend to use it for your car; it is simple and portable. Additionally, it offers several languages with additional functionality.

In comparison, you may get the GT60 scanner if you require one for DIY work. It delivers results more quickly than the MK808 scanner. This gadget offers complete access to TPMS and many additional language choices. You can use this device wirelessly and over Bluetooth anywhere you choose without worrying about a cord.

Hi, I am Henry, the owner of this website. If you are a DIY car enthusiast like me and are looking for an all-purpose OBD2 scanner, you’ve come to the right place. With 5+ years of experience in the automobile industry, I have in-depth knowledge about most of the OBD2 scanners regarding their software versions, firmware, features, updates, and compatibility. I love reviewing these gadgets after using and testing them personally. As a result, I always try to provide my honest opinion on the overall product quality.

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