Foxwell NT301 vs Nexpeak NX501

Is the Foxwell NT301 better than the Nexpeak NX501 scanner?

Every car mechanic and the driver requires a scanner in order to properly maintain their vehicle and be notified if an issue arises in their internal system. An OBD scanner is used to self-maintain the car. Since 1996, attaching a scanner to the vehicle has been mandatory, so many brands have started this device. And just like that, Foxwell and Nexpeak are the most popular ones in the market.

Most of the time, single-car users use a regular type of scanner rather than a professional one. Today we will compare two of the best standard scanners from these two brands: the NT301 from Foxwell vs. the NX501 from Nexpeak. If you want to know the difference between which is perfect, then you need to read the article. Before we get into the differences, let’s take a look at these two brands and the quality of their individual car scanners.

About Foxwell Automotive Scanner Brand:

In 2024, this Foxwell got the best budget scanner in the world from thousands of user reviews. Yes, most budget-friendly scanners are the best in quality. And not only does it get the maximum number of features, but that device also provides the best quality at a limited price. When any drive or user wants a scanner, then they don’t need an extra feature like a digital one. Foxwell designed this type of scanner on a minimum budget. For this reason, most people love this brand.

Another thing about this Foxwell brand is that they provide customer care for every user equally. For this reason, they give 24/7 customer care; with that, every user gets help from a professional engineer on every small to big problem. Most scanners can not only detect issues from the car system but also remove the code from the scanner, find the main reason for this issue, turn off the check engine light, etc.; tons of extra features. And each of these functions is perfect for single use. There are different car scanner models in this Foxwell brand, so if you want one, then go to their website and read about them, then find the best one for you. But at least you can get a budget-friendly device with top-notch quality.

All About Nexpeak OBD Brand

Nexpeak is one of China’s largest manufacturers and importers of automotive code readers and other tools. They also make scanners ranging from DIY to professional level. But the main motto of their company is to ensure every type of scanner for every user has full features. Most of the stickers are suitable for old to most updated vehicles. So if you want to update your car and take a new one, you don’t need to buy a new scanner. You can easily use this scanner in both types of vehicles.

The most satisfying thing about this new scanner is they not only provide the best kind of scanner but also makes it stylist so that it is not only usable but also enhances the beauty of your car. Most people do not only think about the quality and number of functions; they also love to buy elegant-looking car tools. And Nexpeak met their demand and tried to fulfill it as much as they could. They also provide 24/7 customer service from an expert engineer all over the world. So, if you purchase this scanner, you will be able to get assistance anywhere and at any time. Not only that, most products come with a one-year service warranty from the store.

 Foxwell NT301 CEL Code Reader: All the Features

Talking about the scanner from Foxwell. And this one is in NT301, and this scanner is designed for single use. This battery-powered scanner gets a 2.8 inches screen. You can easily plug the scanner into the car and get live data, I/M readiness, data print, etc. Not only that, but this scanner also enables reading the DTC of the car, helps to locate the O2 sensor so that the user can read the emission rate of the car engine, reset the check engine light, reset the monitor one of the essential parts of this car scanner is it can give you the details of the car.Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Scanner

Knowing the car brand, model, and other information is very important. You can easily ensure the car issue and investigate any suspicious data from the freeze frame data. This scanner also has a smog test option, so you can easily control the car engine light.

Common FAQsAnswered
Is Screen Protector included?Yes
Can you conduct an onboard test?Yes
Shows two forms of live data?Yes
Error code definition?Yes
Has the data log feature?Yes
Check issues without CEL?Yes
Reset the “service now” message?Yes
Show erased codes?Depends on the car models
Ideal for professional use?No
Support Japanese cars?Yes
Support Land Rover?Yes

Just like other Foxwell scanners, this NT301 also comes with one-year seller assurance and a lifetime free update. So you don’t need to pay for an updated scanner for your new old car. And from the stored data, you or the car mechanic can quickly go through the old issue. These data are essential sometimes to fix any problem in the car engine system. That’s why many people store the printed version and get this result for making a hard copy.

About Nexpeak NX501 Enhanced Auto Scanner Review

The windows XP-operated scanner is this Nexpeak NX501. This scanner not only can read the error code from the system but also can decode this for the user. You can also get to the DTC from this scanner for further investigation and can quickly turn off the check engine light with the help of this scanner. You can also test any suspicious issue from the system from freeze-frame data.

Not only that, but it also stretches and shows the O2 sensor test, can read all details of any car, DTC ock up, test data review, etc. This upgradeable device comes with a lifetime fee updated advantage. And you don’t need to buy this from the company. With a 2.8-color display, you can easily find the issue on the screen. The battery comes with a support real-time battery monitoring system of engine stabilizer. This scanner also gets four graphics data presentations. Nexpeak NX501 Enhanced Auto Scanner Review

The main part of this scanner is this device is suitable for almost every type of car. Just plug the scanner under the port of the dashboard and play to scan. This scanner supports all 10 OBD functions. And I think this easy-to-use scanner has many features that are enough for a single user. 

Matched features between the scanners:

From the above, you can easily make a list of the common features of these two scanners.

  • Battery powered,
  • Budget-friendly,
  • I/M readiness,
  • Print out option,
  • 2.8 inches display size,
  • Both read and clear code from the system,
  • Can control engine check light, 
  • Easy to use,
  • Compatible in size,
  • Support all OBD functions,
  • Examine the O2 sensor,
  • Get lifetime free software updates,
  • Support many car brands,
  • Multilingual menu,
  • Access in DTC,
  • Lock up the menu,
  • Easy to carry,  etc.

So making a difference between these two scanners is a really hard job to do. Let us check their difference:

Difference between Foxwell NT301 and Nexpeak NX501:

The main difference between these two scanners is given below:

  • Car support option: The NX501 is suitable for a car from 1992 to now. But it doesn’t help you when you have a hybrid car. But most of the cars are hybrid now, but Foxwell has this advantage, and you can use this scanner car from 1996 to now.
  • Support operating system: The NX501 has a windows XP operating system and supports the iOS system. But these two things are totally absent in the Foxwell NT301 scanner.
  • Battery registration: this function is available only in the Nexpeak scanner.
  • Range of Diagnose system: the Foxwell NT301 can only find the engine fault. It supports all OBD2 services. NX501 also supports all these things, but it also helps to scan ABS, airbags, and other additional engine issues. And with that, it is also used in many professional stages.
  • Additional storage: in this part, Foxwell NT302 is the winner. Because it offers more than the NX501 scanner, this storage is very important for storing many codes and information in the car. Difference between Foxwell NT301 and Nexpeak NX501

Bottom Line: Foxwell NT301 vs. Nexpeak NX501

So, in the end, both scanners are best in their way. But if you own an updated hybrid car, then you have to get the Foxwell one. Because only this scanner supports this type of car system. If you love collecting old cars and using them, this other scanner is the best choice for you. Both scanners are budget friendly and come under $100. If you love DIY, then you must love both of them. So the main thing about choosing one of them is your need and also what type or model of car you used. Both of the scanners mentioned here are best in their way. They have many useful features with strong coverage. One year of warranty and lifetime free software updates make it more customer friendly. Still, many professional technicians love to use both scanners in their garages.

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