Foxwell NT510 vs. NT530 vs. NT630

Foxwell NT510 vs. NT530 vs. NT630: Comparison of Mid-Range Scanners

Foxwell NT510 vs. NT530 vs. NT630People try to minimize their daily living costs. If you have been driving a vehicle for several years, you must know how to take care of your car and be familiar with the OBD2 scanner. The device can save your car’s maintenance costs that you usually pay annually at a mechanic shop. Many companies are famous for their car scanners, just like Foxwell. And here we are going to review and compare three products from Foxwell. These are NT510, NT530, and NT630. This article also tells you about their similarities and differences and recommends which one is perfect for you.

Is Foxwell a good OBD2 Scanner Brand?

Before jumping to the product comparison, I think you must know some details of the brand of Foxwell. This is a professional automotive diagnostic product, solution, and service supplier. With the help of the best engineers, manufacturing expertise designed every product, including OBD scanner and other automotive elements. Their passionate workers not only invent every product for the company’s profit but also try to satisfy their customers. 

This company is top-rated worldwide, and you can buy their product everywhere. They always try to make an innovative product that is easy to use, simple but smart, and suitable for every customer. That’s why all of their products are very popular among car owners and some car DIY mechanics so that they can quickly solve any issue with their car.  

Their primary mission is inventing new products for customers, changing the difficulties people face in the automotive world, and ensuring every customer is satisfied with their products. And that’s why they try to help you with their excellent customer service. You can quickly contact them whenever you face any issue, and a professional will help you there. And there is no advanced feature you get in there, but all their products are affordable.

Compare Table: Foxwell NT510 Vs. NT530 Vs. NT630


Foxwell NT510

Foxwell NT530

Foxwell NT630

Product Dimensions:7.87×1.5×3.94 inches 6.5×3.5×8.5 inches17.71×9.84×2.36 inches
Weight:1.79 pounds1.39 pounds2.65 pounds
Oil light control:YesYesNo
Reset the MIL:YesYesNo
EPB service:YesYesNo
DPF resignation: NoNoYes
Battery configuration:YesYesNo
Coding injector:YesYesNo
Live vehicle sensors data:NoYesNo
TPMS Diagnose:YesYesNo
Check Key FOB:YesYesNo
Read sensor data:NoYesYes


Foxwell NT630 Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool Details:

This scanner is mainly famous for reading engine faults at a low cost. It doesn’t have many innovative features, but if you need a reader to find the OBD code, this is the cheapest way to deal with it. You can find the issue only by using this scanner with the help of MIL light. This scanner’s compact and straightforward design makes it easy to use daily.Foxwell NT630 Pro

The advantage of this scanner is that it is the best scanner for new car owners, and in this price range, you can get live data and freeze frame3 data from the scanner. And this work process is not time-consuming but also speedy to give you the result. It also shows you the emission rate and the performance of the engine. So if you want to repair your car on your own and don’t want to waste money in the garage, this product is handy for you.

You get DTC to lock up and three-stages LED test lights, monitor the misfire in the engine, fuel system, air conditioning, IMMO function, O2 sensor, etc., in one device. You can perform a board monitor test with us, and after the test, you can reset the system. With the USB port, you can get a hard copy of the trouble in your car. With this feature, you also get three years of free servicing and lifetime free updates. So you don’t need to buy the new version from the company.

Setbacks of Foxwell NT630 Scanner:

But this device’s main problem is its tiny screen and short cable. With this issue, you can’t find a minor issue from the scanner screen, and you need to use the scanner in a fixed position in the car. You can’t do it here and there because the cord is short. And now, almost every person is using Apple, but this scanner faces issues with connecting with this product. So this is terrible news for every apple user.

Foxwell NT510 Bi-Directional Code Reader Review: 

Now, most scanners can read OBD2 code, but this Foxwell NT510 scanner can read both the OBD 1 and 2 code simultaneously. This scanner is manufactured in China, and you can get a one-year warranty and lifetime free software updates. This cost-effective scanner is perfect for small garages and DIY car lovers, independent in repairing their cars.  

The main advantage of this scanner is that it not only gives you live data but also some advanced functions like action, adaptation, and programming. It also provides an oil servicing light system, DPF regeneration, throttle body adjustment, etc. There are some same scanners for some exceptional car brands. It can support multiple languages like English, Spanish, French, Russian, Dutch, German, Swedish, etc., so you can change the language from the setting and use it with your preferred language. You can quickly test the car engine and reset the system with this scanner. MIL setting option is an additional option.Foxwell NT510 Bi-Directional Code Reader Reviews

It also records the live sensor data in the memory and provides a live data graph. These grapes are very easy to repair the car many times. Like other scanners, you also get freeze frame data from the NT510. You can also use this device to retrieve the ECU data. The TF memory card helps store data there so that you can use it in the future. With all this, you can also get access to SRS, ABS, engine, ECU, DPF, etc., systems for knowing about car performance. And you get all these things at a very affordable price.

Disadvantages of Foxwell NT510 OBD2 Device:

The main drawback of this scanner for me it’s the small screen. It’s complicated to find many minor faults in the small screen. And this scanner makes it worse for you. The cord is also not so lengthy. So you can’t move the scanner here and there while you sing it in the car. And this scanner can get you only OBD read; you don’t get any innovative feature in this device.

Features of the Foxwell NT530 Multi-System OBD2 Scanner:

The NT530 is famous for reading and erasing the OBD code from the car engine system. And just like other NT series products, this scanner can read the car’s OBD 1 and OBD2 codes. This unique device delivers OE-level issues for various brands of vehicles. But sometimes, some scanners are designed for particular care brands like BMW, AUDI, etc.

The features you get from this NT530 scanner are that you can read and write trouble code from the car engine system. You can also reset the MIL settings. You can access the powertrain, chassis, and body system with the help of the NT530 scanner. Like other Foxwell devices, you also get live data, freeze frame rate, ECU information, bidirectional test, etc., here. You can make it from the scanner memory if you want to learn about the past result. And you can make a printout from this for storing the data for further use.Foxwell NT530 Multi-System OBD2 Scanner

This NT530 scanner also supports advanced functions like coding the control system, SAS calibration, DPF regeneration, etc.; from time to time, you can upgrade it for free from the company. You also get multiple language choices and easy-to-use arranged keypads, shortcuts, etc., in one device. To operate this NT530 scanner properly, they also provide a user manual, which helps you solve any emergency issue. The product quality is outstanding and also very rugged. So you can use it daily.

Some Drawbacks of NT530:

In the box of the NT530 scanner, you can get the leading tools, diagnostic cable, USB cable, memory card, and a carrying pouch. So you need to take the bag and use it. Try to carry the annual book with you, because you don’t know where it is needed.

What are the Similarities?

After knowing about the essential quality and features, let’s see what is similar between these three scanners:

Display: all these three scanners are different in weight and dimension. But the screen size is the same for all these devices. It gets a 2.8 inches TFT color screen. But this does not come with a touch screen. That means you need to operate with the key it has. 

Operating system: there is no operating system you get with this scanner. As I told you before, this scanner quickly finds the issue from the engine but doesn’t come with advanced features. 

ABS: These three scanners can control the ABS or Airbag system. You know how much this Airbag is while you drive your car. You can reprogram it with the help of these three scanners.

Live data and frizzing frame data: you can get this in all three scanners. With that, you also gate live data graphs and can get a hard copy of code from the scanner. 

Foxwell NT510 Vs. NT530 Vs. NT630: Compare Features and Size

Compare Dimension and weight: 

  • Foxwell NT510: 7.87×1.5×3.94 inches and 1.79 pounds
  • NT530 From Foxwell: 6.5×3.5×8.5 inches and 1.39 pounds
  • Foxwell NT630: 17.71×9.84×2.36 inches and 2.65 pounds

Reset the MIL: You can reset the MIL or malfunction light using The Foxwell NT510 and NT530 scanner. But this is not possible with the help of an NT630 reader.

Other electronic systems: Nt510 and NT530 support almost every electronic system, but you don’t get this in the NT630 scanner.

Oil light control: With the help of NT510 and NT530, you can reset the oil control light. But NT630 can’t help you there.

EPB service: NT510 and NT530 scanners can support the EPB service, but NT630 can’t help you there,

DPF resignation: NT630 cant regenerate the DPF, but another two can do this job.

Language preference: you can choose many language preferences with English in the NT510 and NT530 scanner. But you can only get two languages in the NT630 scanner.

Coding injector: NT510 and NT530 are coding injector-type scanners, but NT630 doesn’t support this type of system.

Battery configuration: you can configure your battery with the help of the NT510 and NT530 scanner, but there is no option in this NT630 scanner.

Price comparison:

If you make a difference in these three scanners, the cheapest is NT630, and the most expensive is NT530. You read about all the details of this scanner, and that’s why you must know the difference in this price range. If you have a budget of around 120 dollars, then NT630 is the best for you. But if you get more then choose which one you want. But each scanner is excellent in quality and easy to use. So this price is worth it in my opinion.

There is the main difference between these three scanners. If you think NT510 and NT530 are almost the same types of scanners, then yes. You are right about that. But NT630 is a little bit lower in their feature section.

Recommendation: Which scanner is the winner?

Time to make the hard decision, which scanner is the winner? This isn’t easy because all scanners have their uniqueness. And it would help if you studied them first and then bought them. Because when you are a newbie in the car maintenance specialists world, don’t buy the expensive one. You are in the learning position and Foxwell NT630 is the best scanner for you. It’s a straightforward, affordable, and limited feature for primary car owners. On the other hand, If you know the basics, then you can buy either Foxwell NT510 or NT530.

Foxwell NT510 or NT530?

Here NT510 and NT530 are both the same as each other. I think the difference remains in outlook and hardware. But NT530 is more upgraded than the NT510 scanner. And the troubleshooting finding process is also faster than another scanner. And I know everyone likes fast-working devices. But if you don’t have any issue with these silly matters and want to have some money there, then the Foxwell NT510 scanner is the best choice for you. 

On the other hand, if the confusion between NT630 and NT530 or NT510, then for features, NR530 and NT510 are the winners. These are a bit more expensive than another scanner, but you get lots of extra useful working features from another two. And the size and weight are also very minor to the NT630 scanner. And you know carrying a lightweight scanner is very easy and comfortable. But if you don’t have the budget, then you can get an NT630 scanner.


How many updated versions are available in the market. My suggestion is before buying any scanner, at first look at the market, differentiate between them, then decide. With all Foxwell products, you can get a lifetime free update, so if you have an older version scanner, you can update it from the company for free.

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