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Henry L. Wilburn

Hi, I am Henry, the owner of this website. If you are a DIY car enthusiast like me and are looking for an all-purpose OBD2 scanner, you’ve come to the right place. With 5+ years of experience in the automobile industry, I have in-depth knowledge about most of the OBD2 scanners regarding their software versions, firmware, features, updates, and compatibility. I love reviewing these gadgets after using and testing them personally. As a result, I always try to provide my honest opinion on the overall product quality.

What technical skills do I have?

Vast technical and mechanical skills are required to be a specialist in this automotive sector. You need to update yourself continuously with new software and mechanical parts. My formal education, training, and job experiences have made me an expert in this sector. In 2018, I got certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). I also completed a vehicle maintenance and repair course at Nova Southeastern University. So I have skills in the following areas:

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Circuit Repair
  • The wiring and electronics
  • Automotive Repair
  • Vehicle sensor test
  • Fault diagnosis

Why did I start reviewing OBD2 scanners?

More than 70% of house owners in the USA and UK have at least one vehicle in their house. So there are huge numbers of people who often face problems when maintaining their cars or trucks. Because mechanics’ fees are constantly rising, you may need to fix minor issues yourself from time to time. And here comes the OBD2 scanner. But you can’t use any OBD2 scanner, as it must be compatible with your vehicle’s model and manufacturer year. That’s why I decided to help people choose a suitable OBD2 scanning device and solve the common vehicle problems themselves. I hope it will save your $300-$1000 mechanic bill annually.

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