How to Use the Autophix OM126P OBD2 Scanner

How to Use the Autophix OM126P OBD2 Scanner?

The Autophix OM126P is a diagnostic scan tool intended to identify and fix automobile issues. The precision and usability of this instrument make it a favorite among technicians and car owners. The Autophix OM126P is dependable and reasonably priced diagnostic equipment that may assist you in identifying and resolving issues with your car. We will go through how to utilize the Autophix OM126P in this article. 

How can you use Autophix om126p by following simple techniques? 

Although using the Autophix OM126P is not particularly challenging, you must apply some of the least tough strategies to reach the summit. Our staff has developed some of the most captivating methods to elaborate the best approach to use the Autophix om126p,   

Step 1

Installing the Scanner on your vehicle is the first step in using an Autophix om126p. Connecting the Autophix OM126P to your car is the first step toward utilizing it.

You may connect the Scanner to your car’s OBD-II port using the diagnostic cable that is included with it. The OBD-II port is often found underneath the dashboard on the car’s driver’s side. Once you’ve found the port, insert the diagnostic cable into it, then attach the other end to the Scanner. If you successfully accomplish the first step, the subsequent stages may appear extremely simple to you.

Step 2

Set the Scanner to “on” The Scanner should be turned on by pushing the power button after being connected to your car. It will take the Scanner a short while to start up. 

Make and model of the car The Scanner will ask you to choose the brand and model of your car after it has started up. Press the enter key after choosing the make and model of your car using the arrow keys on the Scanner.

Step 3

Choose the Diagnostics option. You will be asked to choose the diagnostic function after selecting the make and model of your car. Autophix OM126P can conduct a range of diagnostic operations, including reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), presenting freeze frame data, and executing emission tests. Select the diagnostic procedure you wish to run on the Scanner using the arrow keys, and then press the enter key.

Step 4

Complete the diagnostic test. The diagnostic test will be run by Autophix OM126P when you pick it, and the results will be shown on the Scanner’s screen. Your vehicle’s DTCs will be shown by the Scanner if there are any problems. In addition, the Scanner will show freeze frame information, which is a snapshot of the vehicle’s specifications at the moment the DTC was set.

Step 5 

Understanding the Results, You must analyze the findings when the diagnostic test is finished. The DTCs connected to the issue will be shown by the Scanner, along with a succinct explanation of the issue. You can apply these to determine the repairs required to resolve the problem. Remove the DTCs The DTCs linked to the issue can be cleared using Autophix OM126P if the required repairs have been done to your car. Choose the “Clear Codes” option from the Scanner’s menu and follow the on-screen directions to eliminate the DTCs. 

Advantages and drawbacks of the Autophix OM126P

It has a few disadvantages in addition to its numerous benefits. The followings are some benefits and negative aspects of the Autophix OM126P:Autophix OM126P

Excellent Advantages 

  • Simple to Use: The Autophix OM126P is simple, especially for people who need to be more skilled in auto diagnostics. You are guided step-by-step through the diagnostic procedure by its user-friendly interface. Accuracy: The Autophix OM126P is well-established. It may correctly identify car issues, preventing costly repairs and saving time. 
  • Vast coverage: OBDII-compliant cars are included in the scope of the full coverage provided by Autophix OM126P for a variety of automobiles. Easy to carry anywhere, the Autophix OM126P is a portable gadget. It is assessing issues while on the fly is now convenient for mechanics. Economical: Autophix OM126P is an economic diagnostic instrument that makes it available to a wide variety of car owners and mechanics.
  • Data Recording: The Autophix OM126P’s data recording feature enables you to capture and preserve the diagnostic data for further study or reference. 
  • Autophix OM126P is available to a wide variety of users worldwide thanks to its multilingual support for a number of languages.
  • Clear Display: The Autophix OM126P features a transparent, easily readable display that plainly displays the diagnostic information and codes. Rapid Results: The Autophix OM126P delivers rapid results, allowing for time savings and increased production. Within minutes, it can identify issues.

Severe Drawbacks:

Minimal Customer Support: The Autophix OM126P has minimal customer support, making it challenging to receive assistance or help if you run into any problems or issues with the tool. Lack of sophisticated functions: The Autophix OM126P needs to be improved in some of the sophisticated functions found in more expensive diagnostic instruments, which may restrict its applicability to some users. Limited Information: Autophix OM126P gives limited information regarding the diagnostic codes and problems, which may make it difficult to diagnose complicated situations.

Lack of App Support & Compatibility: An associated app for the Autophix OM126P may restrict its usage and functionality. Compared to more sophisticated diagnostic instruments, the Autophix OM126P has limited capability. It cannot do complex diagnostic operations such as programming or module coding. Some cars may not be compatible with Autophix OM126P because they need particular diagnostic equipment or software. Limited Updates can be so annoying for the users. Autophix OM126P has a limited update history and might not work with more recent car models. It has a lack of Wireless Connectivity. The Autophix OM126P requires a cable to be connected to the car because it lacks wireless connectivity.

Review- Autophix OM126P Car Engine Code Reader 

Vehicle engine issues can be identified with the Autophix OM126P for engine diagnostics. It can read and clear diagnostic fault codes, display real-time sensor data, and offer a plethora of additional details regarding the engine’s operation. Here are some of the applications of Autophix OM126P:

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Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Diagnostics: 

The Autophix OM126P may identify issues with ABS in automobiles. It can read and clear ABS diagnostic fault codes, provide real-time sensor data, and offer other details on the operation of the ABS system.

SRS Diagnostics: 

Autophix OM126P may also detect faults with automobiles’ Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS). It has the capacity to read and erase SRS diagnostic error codes, show real-time sensor data, and offer other details on the operation of the SRS system. 

Problems with a vehicle’s battery may be tested and diagnosed with the Autophix OM126P. It can determine the battery’s state, check its voltage, and suggest battery care or replacement.

Miscellaneous Diagnostics:

 Autophix OM126P may be used to diagnose many other problems in automobiles, such as problems with the fuel system, emissions system, and other mechanical elements. Vehicle diagnostics for the diagnosis of transmission-related issues include the Autophix OM126P. It can read and erase transmission diagnostic error codes, show real-time sensor data, and offer further details about the transmission operation. 


The advanced diagnostic tool Autophix OM126P can assist you in identifying and resolving issues with your car. This article’s instructions may be used to utilize the Autophix OM126P to run diagnostic tests, analyze the findings, and eliminate DTCs. Whether you are a car owner or a mechanic, Autophix OM126P is important in your toolset.

Although it has several drawbacks, its simplicity and precision make it a useful tool for mechanics and car owners. Understanding the benefits and limitations of Autophix OM126P before buying it will help you decide whether it will satisfy your diagnostic requirements.

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