Is the OBD scanner waterproof

Is the OBD scanner waterproof?

Is the OBD scanner waterproofAn OBD scanner is a must-have self-diagnostic tool for car owners. This device not only helps you make it easy to maintain the car, but sometimes it also finds some safety issues and shows you before any bad thing happens. That’s why every manufacturer tries to provide the best type of scanner with their latest designs. Every car scanner is unique in its way, and the price of this device mainly varies with the number of features and functions. But they don’t compromise the quality of their scanner. But what happens if your OBD scanner accidentally falls into the water? Is the device waterproof? Let’s find out the answer.

Are OBD scanners waterproof or not?

Come to the point now, as I told you before, the features depend on the price of the product. And water-resistant or waterproof is one kind of that. Most of the scanners are not waterproof. But the attaching cable sometimes came waterproof. But in the market, you can find a few of these kinds of OBD scanners. If you are interested in buying one, search this on Innova, Autel, etc., car scanner brands. They are famous for their best quality product with numerous functions. Some of these products are waterproof. So, if you are interested, you can google it, then buy it.

The price of this type of OBD2 scanner is higher than an ordinary one. And most of the time, this feature comes with a professional or premium type of scanner. And if you have an idea about the pricing of the OBD scanner, then you must know it’ll be expensive. This feature is not mandatory. Actually, that’s why this type of scanner is not common in the market. You can buy them from the manufacturer’s company on their official website if you don’t find any of them.

What to do when you accidentally wet your OBD scanner?

OBD scanner is mainly a part of the car that remains under the dashboard. So, wetting this part is not a common issue. That’s why most scanners don’t come with a waterproof facility. But if you accidentally wet this device, then you must know how to use it again. First, open your scanner completely, then clean it with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab or a small piece of dry cloth. Leave the scanner for complete dry-out, and after that, don’t attach the scanner to your car immediately. First, check whether the device is working properly or not. If you find the scanner is working just like before, then reattach this with your car. Otherwise, you have to throw it out and buy a new one. Don’t attach the scanner without examining it; if it’s damaged, it also can harm your car system.How to make your OBD2 scanner waterproof

How to make your OBD2 scanner waterproof?

If you already own any normal scanner but want to make it waterproof, you can buy an extra waterproof case for a scanner. You can find it on many online shopping platforms easily. And this case is very compatible, easy to handle, and mainly designed for storing this kind of scanner. It can cost around $30. So, buy a case and make any scanner waterproof very easily.

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