CR129 Series Comparison

CRP129 Series Comparison: Launch CRP129 Vs. CRP129E Vs. CRP129X

Faults with car accessories can make you mad when you can’t figure out the exact reason. I know because I have also gone through this problem recently. To maintain your favorite car, you will need a reliable OBD scanner because the trouble codes are a lifesaver for everyone in that situation. The launch is one of the most demanding automotive suppliers nowadays. You get different types of code readers with this brand, but every scanner looks the same to you. I know you get confused when it comes to Launch’s most popular CRP129 series. Launch CRP129 is the old version, while CRP129E and CRP129X are the upgraded versions. All are suitable for both DIY and professionals. So if you are puzzled about them, let’s dig into the scanner comparison article and help you through this confusion.

Is Launch Really a Good OBD2 Brand?

In the beginning, let’s talk about the manufacturer company called Launch. These UK-based automotive suppliers have been famous for developing car accessories for years. They always give you original products with a guarantee, easy-to-use, and affordable price. The most praising side of this company is they are very dedicated towards every customer. You can get any help from their customer care anytime. And they also give you fast and safe delivery at your doorstep. So you don’t need to worry about any damaged or broken product from them.

The launch team started its journey in 1992, now leading global automotive suppliers. There are 400 distributors in 60 countries under this brand. The engineers of the Launch always keep every customer’s need in their product and design this type of part that can satisfy you. But you know it’s impossible to fulfill all customers with one product. So there are many kinds of scanners you can find on the Launch Website. And it’s your job to inquire about those to find the best one for you. 

Comparison Table: Launch CRP129 Vs. CRP129E Vs. CRP129X


Launch CRP129

Launch CRP129E

Launch CRP129X

Item Dimensions:5.91 x 1.18 x 2.36 inches10.71 x 8.86 x 3.27 inches‎7.83 x 4.11 x 4.11 inches
Weight:‎1.43 pounds‎2.55 pounds1.32 pounds
Display:7.4 Inches5 Inches5 Inches
Battery Monitoring:Voltage testVoltage test, real-time monitoring & GraphingVoltage test, real-time monitoring & Graphing
Supported Vehicles:40+ Brands63+ Brands
(including hybrids)
57+ Brands
Read live PCM DataStream:NoYesYes
Suspension and Steering Systems:NoYesYes
Auto VIN:NoYesYes
EPS Reset:NoYesNo
Relearns TPMS:NoYesYes
Throttle Position Reset:NoYesYes

All About Launch CRP129 Scanner Series:

Here we were talking about a specific Launch product called the CRP129 series. I know when you go to the market, you also hear about two other versions of this model of scanner. Those are CRP129E and CRP129X. But you don’t know about the difference between these two parts. To refresh you, this article is here. You can get the fundamental differences between these three scanners.Launch CR129 Scanner

  • Full Diagnose Service

Before making any difference between Launch CRP129, CRP129E, and CRP129X scanner, first know some details about the primary device, the CRP129 scanner. This tool is popular as ENG/AT/ABS/SRS/EPB oil service light reset code reader, and this device is mainly designed for professional technicians. For daily use, you don’t need this type of device. This multi-functional device is perfect for professional work, and that’s why this is more expensive than a normal one. And I don’t think buying this for your regular use is worth it. You can read the data from this scanner and also erase it from there. Live data and freezing frame data are also available on this device. 

  • Display and Language Settings

Now, let’s talk about what you get in this device. At first, it had two color options: red and black. This device can give you total OBD2 code reading coverage with I/M readiness and an o2 sensor test. So that with trouble code reading and erasing, you also get to know about the performance of your car engine. The 7.4 inches, long screen helps you to see the fault in the display. And this device is easy to use and store for using its product. You get 8 language options in this scanner so that you can change the language from the setting very easily. With all this good quality, this scanner provides service to over 40 car models, from low budget to premium.Launch CR129 Scanner

  • Warranty and Software Update

Like all Au products, you also get a one-year warranty and a lifetime free online upgrade. These are also popular for their great quality customer service. That means you can get their help anywhere and anytime. They are always ready to help you out with any problem. All these three scanners are almost the same, and there is the basic feature that is common in each Launch CRP129, CRP129E, and CRP129X scanner.

What is the difference between Launch CRP129, CRP129E, and CRP129X?

All these three scanners are very popular because they are very easy to use, reliable, and perfect for reading the OBD trouble code from the car engine system. and that’s why in the market, these scanners are an easier and more popular tester in the same ratio. And the cost is the same for all these scanners. But what is the between these three scanners lest check:

Support OBD 2 functions:

All the three Launch CRP129, CRP129E, and CRP129X scanners support all OBD 2 functions. That means it gives you 10 test modes in one device. But the CRP129E gives you both live data and graphs in text format, which is unavailable for two scanners.


From looking, all three Launch CRP129, CRP129E, and CRP129X scanners are the same. It came with two color options, black and red, and a rubber housing on the outside of the reader. 

System Diagnosis:

Just like other products of this series, it also diagnoses 4-way, Engine, transmission, ABS, and SRS. These are also available in Launch CRP129, CRP129E, and CRP129X three scanners.CR129E Scanner

Battery monitoring system:

Only the CRP129 scanners need a voltage test for battery monitoring; the other two can support voltage read all-time real-time monitoring and graphing of the result.

Vehicle brand coverage:

Here is the main difference start, I think. The CRP129 supports more than 40 vehicle brands around the world. The number of companies is more in the CRP129x. And the last updated version is CRP129E, that’s why it supports not only diesel cars but also hybrid ones. And the number of supported cars is more than 63. 

Display details:

As the CRP129 is the oldest one, this is the most backdated on this list. It has only a 3.6 inches TFT LCD display. From this, CRP129X is one step ahead; it gets a 5 inches TFT LCD. But the best one is CRP129E because it has a touchscreen. And now people don’t like the button version, and they use a touch screen. That’s why many customers need this upgraded one.

Installing drivers:  

You know the CRP129 is a plug-in and ply-type straight code reader. So that it’s always ready to use; on the other hand, the other two scanners get a bigger screen, and you can use this to transfer data from the small screen to your tablet screen; for doing this, you also need to install some drivers into the reader. The CRP129E is the android-based scanner that helps you in installing and updating software. 

Rechargeable battery:

The CRP129 operates with a direct power connection from the battery. But another Launch CRP129E and CRP129X scanner come with a 400mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. And the battery is long-lasting; you don’t need to handle any cord with it.

DTC & PCM data streaming reading capability:

Only CRP129 can’t support this feature; another two have this system. You can read and erase DTC code from all these three Launch CRP129, CRP129E, and CRP129X scanners. But in the CRP129E, you can store the code and read the pending and permanent codes. After reading, you can again keep it in the DTC library, which is very useful for some future repair.Launch CR129X scanner

Control steering angle:

Between Launch CRP129, CRP129E, and CRP129X, these three scanners, only CRP129 can’t control the position of steering; the other two can. You can also print out any output from Launch CRP129 and CRP129X scanners. But CRP129 doesn’t have this type of option.

Extra Basic features:

You can get some essential elements in the CRP129E scanner. Like you can get access to the car engine, you can see what is going on there, it can talk about the airbag, check whether MIL is on or off, and disable this after fixing the issue. But you don’t get this in other Launch CRP129 and CRP129X scanners. 


As you see the difference between these three Launch CRP129, CRP129E, and CRP129 scanners, you must know which one has more features. And more features mean more money. That’s why the CRP129E is the most expensive on the on-is list, and the cheapest is the CRP129 scanner.

Launch CRP129 Vs. CRP129E Vs. CRP129X: Who is the winner?

It’s time to announce the winner among the Launch CRP129, CRP129E, and CRP129X scanners. And this is a very tough decision to make. So, if you are a car owner and need the scanner but use it rarely, then the CRP129, the basic one, is perfect for you. This is compact and simple to use. The features are limited, but you don’t need those features for regular use. And the price of the other two is also very high. You can store it easily after using it. So, for regular or cost-conscious customers, CRP129 is perfect.Launch CR129E Scanner

If you are a professional, then the CRP129E is the best. I know you must think that the CRP129X is also similar to this scanner, and it also comes at a higher price than the CRP129E one. The main difference is that the CRP129E is the most recent model, so it has more features than the older model. And this scanner also covers more car brands than the CRP129X one. The cost is a bit higher, but with all these valuable features, I think it is worth it. You use it on a daily basis, and you don’t need to deal with cable. You can just recharge the battery and then freely move the scanner here and there. And from this side, I think CRP129E is the perfect choice for the car mechanic.

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