If you work as a car mechanic, you must have several essential types of equipment so that you can solve almost all issues with the car. Not only as a mechanic but also as a car owner, you should have the tools to solve your own problems. Here is the list of 10 handy tools for automotive garages:

A multimeter

If you want to start repairing a car or other vehicle, you must diagnose it first to find out the problem. The Fluke 117 multimeter is the most popular one. The Crenova MS8233D, Neotec NT8233D Pro, etc., are also trustworthy and very popular. A trusted multimeter can quickly solve serious electrical tasks related to a vehicle. The display of a multimeter also shows the voltage, amperage, and resistance.

Impact wrench

You must use impact wrenches if you want to loosen or tighten the necessary nuts on problematic vehicles. Significantly, these wrenches are used to remove car tires’ lug nuts. Generally, an electric motor or compressed air powers the impact wrenches.

Cordless impact wrench

You can use a cordless impact wrench to refill your tire or solve tire-related issues anywhere. This impact wrench is a battery-charged product that can be used anywhere in an emergency. Moreover, there are some workspaces where you should take an impact wrench, but it is not possible to attach the electrical connection there. So, you can easily use a cordless impact wrench in this place.

Diagonal cutter

You can only cut or slice the wires using these cutters. So, when there is the necessity of fitting the cables in a perfect place with the proper dimensions, you can use these products.

AMP probe

An amp probe is also known as a current clamp or a current probe. It is defined as a handheld amp meter. This device includes a wire, a coil, and a U-shaped jaw. The device displays whether there is any current flowing through the wire. So, you can easily understand the electrical work of the circuits with this amp probe.

Vacuum pump

There are vacuum-controlled sensors and motors in each vehicle. If you want to test these, you have to use a vacuum pump. Moreover, you can use this pump to identify and repair your vehicle’s vacuum leaks. However, this pump is also used for flushing power steering fluids.

Hood light

These lights have been manufactured so that you can light up the entire engine compartment of your car on a dark night. Therefore, your car repair task will be easier. There are several hood lights that are prepared in such a way that they can easily fit your car’s engine.

Flexible funnel

When you recharge the fuel in your vehicle, the funnel is unnecessary. Because there are fuel guns available with a long pipe, but if you want to recharge your vehicle alone, you should use a flexible funnel. Therefore, you can easily pour a sufficient amount of fuel from a bottle into your vehicle. But you should be careful about the pipe of the funnel; if it is damaged, you should purchase a new one.


There are several sizes of screws that attach various parts of a car. If any part of the car is problematic, you must open it to repair it properly. So, a plier of the perfect size is essential.

Finger racket

There are some hex-head screws installed in places on a car that are so dark. So, the screws cannot be loosened by using any simple mechanical tool, including screwdrivers or wrenches. So, finger rackets are the necessary items that help turn the screw very easily to remove them from the vehicle. Then, you can open the other necessary parts of the vehicle and repair them if they are problematic.

Bottom lines

Both mechanics and vehicle users can use automotive electrical tools to solve common issues with their vehicles. However, as a user, you should have a clear concept of every device; otherwise, it would be difficult to use them.

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