OBD Fusion vs. Torque Pro Review

OBD Fusion vs. Torque Pro: Which One is the Best OBD2 App?

OBD Fusion vs. Torque Pro ReviewDay by day, transportation consumes most of the time. People love to use their personal cars, and taking care of them is not an easy job. That’s why many communication devices and OBD2 apps are now available on the market. Torque pro and OBD fusion are in the lead positions now. But what is the difference between these two types of car diagnostic apps? Let’s check this.

Quick Overview:

  • Torque Free Version: For Android Only
  • Torque Pro: Both Android and iOS
  • OBD Fusion Paid Version: Both Android (Minimum 4.0.3.) and iOS

Torque Pro Review: OBD2 App for the Android SystemTorque Pro Review

This is a specialized application for diagnosing your car’s issues associated with Android smartphones and tablets. This is a Bluetooth-enabled app for connecting with OBD adapters. This software is now very popular among Android users. More than one million people have used their Torque Pro. Ian Hawkins is the developer of this OBD2 software. And with that torque, give love a time-free version of Torque lite. And this lite version also gets great reviews from all users of Torque. There is also a pro version there, and this application comes with a complete set of OBD features, so this is a very good deal for any customer.

This application is mainly designed for Android users, but if you get the pro version, you can use it with your iOS device. With this device, you not only get all the OBD functions, but you can also get some code-clear features in there. And you can buy this application at a very reasonable price. If your budget is under $5, then you can easily buy its premium version.

OBD Fusion Review: Fast OBD App For iOS and Apple DeviceOBD Fusion Reviews

There are numerous Apple users now in society. That means OBD fusion allows you to locate the issue from the car using your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. And you can get the results directly on your device. This app is used not only as a diagnostic tool but also to check engine lights, create dashboards, read diagnostic codes, estimate fuel economy, etc. This application is perfect for a new veteran car owner. And this software has a customizable dashboard, so you can easily select different monitor layouts for various car engine systems. In the end, this application also gives you access to clear the code for further diagnosis. But for this, you need to shut down the engine. And you can also connect these apps with Wi-Fi. But this is mainly a Bluetooth-connected device.

What is the difference between Torque Pro and OBD Fusion?

Both OBD2 apps are mainly designed for use as diagnostic scans for every operating system phone or a tablet user. Now you may find that there are two parts to this operating system; one is Android, and the other one is Apple, the IOS system, or iPhone or iPad. And these two devices are specifically designed for these two types of users.


So the main difference between these two tools is that Torque apps (free version) are designed for Android users only, and OBD Fusion (free) is for Apple or iOS users. But both devices are mainly connected via Bluetooth to the car’s video adapter. You can also use your OBD Fusion on your Android phone, but this application needs to be upgraded to Android 4.0.3. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use this app on your Android phone.

Customer Review:

If you look at the statistics of customers between these two devices, then you will find some differences. The number of torque pro users is double that of OBD fusion users. So the review is also more of the OBD fusion you get on the market.

Price Comparison:

Both devices have almost the same price range. Both devices come from different developer companies. But Torque Pro is a little bit cheaper than OBD Fusion.

However, both apps are of high quality and fast. So choose the right diagnostic tool for your car depending on your vehicle’s user device.

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