OBDLink MX VS LX: Which Bluetooth Scanner you should Buy?

If you’re a startup mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, you will find that Bluetooth scanners are easy and fun to use. Bluetooth scanners are becoming popular as there has been a lot of improvement in this sector, which has led to the creation of better scan tools. Like conventional scan tools, Bluetooth scanners can perform most of the functions these scan tools carry out. The OBDLink MX and OBDLink LX Bluetooth scan tools are popular Bluetooth scanners on the market. Read this OBDLink MX VS LX article to find out the difference between them.

The biggest question is – which is the best Bluetooth scan tool to purchase? With lots of models and brands to choose from, selecting a reliable and high-performing OBD scan device is a must. In this review, we’re going to compare the OBDLink MX and OBDLink LX Bluetooth scanners. These are among the best Bluetooth diagnostic scanners on the market with outstanding features. Read our review and select a scan tool that meets your needs and budget.

Comparison Chart: OBDLink MX VS LX




Support Single-Wire CAN (GMLAN):YesNo
Support Ford Medium-Speed CAN (MS-CAN):YesNo
Scanner Weight:85.1 g113.4 g
iOS Support:NoNo
Transmission Data:YesNo
Pricing Idea:HighLow
Bluetooth Connectivity:YesYes
ABS/SRS Codes:YesNo
Ideal For:ProfessionalsDIYs/Beginners
Price:OBDLink MXCheck Today’s PriceOBDLink LXCheck Today’s Price

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OBDLink OBD2 MX Bluetooth Details

The OBDLink OBD2 MX Bluetooth scanner is a professional-grade OBD2 automotive scanner for windows and Android devices. This tool is extremely fast and provides accurate diagnostics. It comes with a free Android App and Windows Software which includes an OBDwiz license for windows and OBDLink App for Android. Moreover, this scan tool is compatible with 3rd party apps such as DashCommand, Torque, Harry’s Lap Timer, and much more.

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The wireless scan tool is very easy to install and doesn’t drain your battery like other conventional scanners. It also comes with hacker-proof wireless security that prevents hackers from accessing the device. It is compatible with most 1996 and newer cars and light trucks sold in the USA, with the exception of hybrid or electric vehicles. Furthermore, this gadget supports all 5 OBD2 protocols, plus SW-CAN (GM) and MS-CAN (Ford).

This device is very convenient to use and store due to its compact size. You will be able to update its software for free as it comes with a free lifetime software update for Windows. But if you have a MAC system, then you have to use Carista Bluetooth OBD2 for Ipad and iPhone. The company also provides a 3-year repair or replacement warranty. Thus, you can rest assured that this is not only a sturdy but as well a reliable Bluetooth scanner for your car diagnostic needs.
OBDLink OBD2 MXCheck Price

  • It saves your battery as it doesn’t drain the car battery
  • It has an LED indicator for easy use
  • Obdlink MX is compatible with a wide range of vehicles
  • It has a great customer support
  • It comes with a free lifetime software update
  • The tool is not easy to hack
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • It supports IOS(new version)


  • It doesn’t provide key programming

OBDLink LX Bluetooth Scan Tool Details

Sharing almost the same features as the OBDLink MX Bluetooth scan tool, the OBDLink LX Bluetooth scanner is slightly different as it lacks some advanced features, such as it doesn’t support SW-CAN (GM) and MS-CAN (Ford). This scan tool is also considered to be the fastest Bluetooth adapter on the market. Thus you should expect quick results whenever you diagnose your vehicle. In addition, the gadget is very accurate and compatible with both Android and Windows devices.

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However, you should note that this unit is not compatible with iOS devices. Installing the scanner is also simple, and the wireless connection will allow you to roam around the garage instead of sitting inside the car as you check what’s wrong with the car. It is also compatible with a lot of cars and light trucks made from 1996 and beyond. This is with the exception of hybrid or electric cars. Besides this, the scanner comes with a free Android App and Windows software. These are the OBDwiz for windows and OBDLink App for Android.

If you’re a DIY or serious car enthusiast looking for a reliable and affordable scan tool, this gadget will be a great option for you.
OBDLink LXCheck Price

  • It is very easy to use
  • It performs all OBD2 functions
  • The device cannot be hacked
  • It is highly compatible as it works with both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles
  • It is compatible with 3rd party apps
  • Obdlink lx has a wireless connection for convenient use
  • It has a 3-year warranty


Who is the Winner? OBDLink MX or LX?

The OBDLink MX and OBDLink LX are two amazing scan tools with similar features, but they differ slightly. They can be used to perform most of the basic functions such as reading live data, reading & clearing ABS/SRS codes, TPMS, and much more. Though the OBDLink MX is slightly more advanced than the OBDLink LX as it supports all 5 OBD-II protocols, plus SW-CAN (GM) and MS-CAN (Ford).

So, if you are ready to spend a few more coins in order to get the best Bluetooth scan tool, then the OBDLink MX is the best choice for you as it is less costly than Innova 3140g  Bluetooth scan tools. But if you want a basic but still high-performing Bluetooth scanner, then the OBDLink LX scanner is a good option.

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  1. I think that you need to edit your review. I have the OBDLink MX+ and it works fine with IOS. I have an I-Phone that I use to connect with it and it works great. Another benefit to this system is that it is not subscription based, so they don’t charge you every year to keep using it or nickle and dime you for every module option. This is extra important for the dyi or home mechanic who may go years between needing to use it. Let’s face it, unless you are making a living with these scanners, you will use it based upon the age of the family vehicles you are maintaining so its feast or famine depending on age. Don’t forget the three year warranty and free software updates and free vehicle enhancement option downloads. Hard to beat for the home mechanic.

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