P012B code for Ford F150 trucks

P012B code for Ford F150 trucks- Trouble code easy fix

P012B code for Ford F150 trucks

Meaning: Malfunctioning TCIP sensor circuit
Symptoms: limp mode, engine misfire, stalling, bad fuel mileage, loud noise
Reasons: Faulty turbocharger or supercharger inlet pressure sensor, electrical malfunction, damaged pin and connector, clogged air filter, damaged wire harnesses, faulty ECM
Affected parts: PCM, Supercharger, Turbocharger, Pressure Sensor
Repairing Cost: $100-$150
Seriousness: Medium
Related Trouble Codes: P012D, P012A, P012C

What is the meaning of the code P012B? 

This Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is mostly a generic transmission code with more or less the same kind of infrastructure as the trouble codes. The OBD2 is equipped with so many assumptions in a demographic condition with a pressure sensor that holds the upstream. In the end, this idle is nothing but a common one in the Ford F150. In simple words, the P012B code means the Turbocharger or Supercharger Inlet Pressure Sensor Circuit signal that denotes the code is logged for a single time. The vehicle’s powertrain control module (PCM) notes down the excessive sensor sand signal that receives the permanent outline from the acme of the betrayal sensing module.

A particular turbocharger or supercharger can enable the OBD2 codes into the realm of world data. Apart from Ford, there are other brands of cars that are really proven to detect such codes. These common cars are Honda, Subaru, Dodge, Nissan, Saturn, and so on. The repairing and restoration of these steps may vary depending on the brand and model of a vehicle. The volumetric efficiency, or the amount of air emancipated in the combustion chamber, is the amount of maximum pressure being introduced to the intake system if it gets outdated for diverging revolutions in a single chamber.P012B Code For Ford F150 Trucks

What are the symptoms of the P012B OBD2 code? 

If you observe closely, you will find a lot of vigorous and irreversible symptoms of DTC P012B. Our responsibility is to ensure that these symptoms never come back. So we need to detect these symptoms in a befitting manner. Let us have a close look into these symptoms of DTC P012B.

  • The vehicle might enter limp mode, which is more or less an idling state, or maybe called the stalemate situation of the car. The fail-safe mode might be in operation, and a state of emergency mode might be the most common scenario for the car.
  • You could be facing a bad overall performance shown by the vehicle, as engine misfiring or low productivity by the car is a common aspect. The engine noise could be so vexing that it could make you sick.
  • The issue of stalling could be so severe that it can cause internal harm and previous misinformation settings in the vehicle. One thing that can upset the car’s internal system is that it can cause a slump in fuel mileage.P012B OBD2 code

What are the common causes of the DTC P012B? 

There are so many common causes of exerting the DTC P012B, and we will try to cover all those aspects that cause this code to operate, and the activation of this code is quite a grudging one for the owner.

  • A faulty turbocharger or supercharger inlet pressure sensor is the prime cause of the DTC P012B.
  • The car’s electrical system sometimes misbehaves as there may be some sort of irregularity inside the main system.
  • Another cause is not that common, but we also need to depict that cause. The pin and connector may be corroded or collect some of the worn or tattered material in their main chamber.
  • The air filter of the fuel control system is one of the most amazing parts of the car, and you should ensure that there is no clogging or blockade in the air filtering system of the car.
  • Broken or damaged wire harnesses may be one of the biggest causes of engine failure. This DTC is set when the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor input is not within the anticipated calibrated value.
  • The ECM problem is the most devastating. It can dismantle the car without any presumption. The slow-responding MAP sensor or damaged MAP sensor could be one of the main reasons for the production of the P012B DTC.

How to troubleshoot DTC P012B? 

Diagnosing and repairing the DTC P012B is a tiresome job. You can not report this code by yourself if you are not qualified enough to maintain and repair the diagnostic trouble codes.

Tools you will need:

  • Basic wrench sets and screwdriver 
  • Battery check-up kits like the battery terminal cleaning agent
  • Multimeter and voltmeter
  • Basic socket incliner 
  • Manufacture specific manual book 
  • OBD2 code reader

Transmission Check

In the first stage, you must inspect the Transmission Control Protocol of the main internal proceedings. In addition, the harness for these sensors may sometimes feel the effect of being too vulgar and dilutive in some programming conditions. The throttle valve is seemingly attached to the intake manifold system. So you need to check and repair this energetic section of the vehicle.Transmission Check

Check fuse boxes

In the next phase, you need to check the condition of the fuse boxes. These fuse boxes are available in many colors and diversified so that the mechanic does not get confused over their synonymous look and stature.Check fuse boxes

Air Filters

Another dominating portion of the main engine is the air filters. They cannot be as diluted as clogged filters because they cause irreversible system damage. The air-to-fuel mixture ratio is entirely dependent on this air filtering system.Air Filters


Finally, you need to check and repair the faulty settings, wiring, and sensors so that they work synergically. Finally, repair the PCM and install an update of the most recent version of the ECM’s algorithms so that the software can be far more effective in transforming the vehicle.PCM & ECM

What is the cost of repairing DTC P012B?

The cost of diagnosing the P012B FORD code can vary by the place and condition of the car. Auto repair time and labor rates vary by state and location, vehicle model, and engine type. Typically, turbochargers are exhaust-driven systems, and superchargers operate through the belt. The turbo or supercharger inlet is initially the place where they can acquire free air on the air filter. Most auto repair shops charge between $100 to $150 per hour for diagnosis and repair of the P012B code for the Ford F150 truck.

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