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Underboost code P0299: Fix the issue with the turbocharger

P0299 codeAn OBD2 scanner helps to find an issue in the vehicle. If you own a car, then you must know about turbochargers or superchargers. This thing is mainly used for vehicles’ exhaust gas. There are two fans in there. One is a turbine fan, and the other one is a compressor fan. This supercharger is powered by the car’s engine, which rotates two fans to exhaust gas. So this supercharger is also a part of the car’s engine, and when it faces an issue, the OBD scanner finds this and sends a trouble code to the dashboard. Just like that, P0299 is one of these turbocharger-related codes.

Meaning of this P0299 trouble code:

The trouble code P0299 indicates the under-boost condition of the turbocharger. When the Engine Control Module or ECM finds any abnormal reading under the boost sensor from the turbocharger or supercharger, it indicates the trouble code P0299. At the top of the article, we learn what this turbo or supercharger is; it’s a significant part of every car. So when you find any issue related to this part, you need to fix this as soon as possible. Because a boosting super or turbocharger not only creates a problem with your car’s engine but also decreases the fuel economy, lessens the engine performance, and if it gets worse, it can also damage the car’s engine.

To prevent any worse situation, when the OBD scanner finds the code from the ECM, it blinks the check engine light on the dashboard and automatically puts the car in limp mode. And this limp mode mainly helps the vehicle’s engine stop any further damage from the super or turbocharger until the user fixes the issue. This limp mode is not a serious thing; it just turns off the less critical parts of the car, like the air conditioner, or reduces the speed of the vehicle.

Reason for this trouble code P0299:

To solve this issue from the car engine, you just need to know what is the reason for this issue. And most common reasons are:

  1. Fault in turbo or supercharger,
  2. Less oil pressure on the car engine,
  3. EGR system got damaged,
  4. Restriction in air taking,
  5. Damaged wires in the turbocharger,
  6. Defect in wastegate bypass regulator valve(V.W.),
  7. VGT vanes sticking(Ford),
  8. Fault in injector sensor(Ford),
  9. Damaged boost pressure sensor.

Common symptoms of the P0299 code:

Some common symptoms also notice trouble code P0299, and if you notice all these symptoms in your car, you can easily match it up with trouble code P0299 and easily fix the issue. The symptoms are:

  • Illuminated check engine light,
  • Automatically turn on limp mode,
  • Less engine power,
  • Mechanical noise from failing the turbo or supercharger.

The diagnosis process of the trouble code P0299:

To solve this code issue, you just need to know how to diagnose the problem from the car. Knowing the main reason is the main aim of fixing this issue. And if you are new to working with cars or love to DIY with vehicles, then you must know how to find the trouble there. For the first stage, a mechanic attaches an OBD scanner with the vehicle in port and checks the car system. from freeze frame data, and the technician did not provide all information about the car system. After fixing the issue, they clear the code from memory and then run the car for a test drive. 

If the code returns, then visual inception must perform in the turbo or supercharger, including the intake system, EGR system, and other related systems. After that, scan tools must again examine the suitable boost pressure sensor. And after that, all technicians inspect other sides, like all turbo to the supercharger, oil pressure, and intake system, for any leaks or restrictions.

Common Mistakes

If you are new to this work, you must make common mistakes in this diagnostic process. Because there are many reasons and symptoms that are the villain of this P0299 code, and so follow every step correctly to find the main reason behind this issue and then start solving it. And if you get confused, then don’t try any action on your own; go to a professional to get help. And I think it’ll cost you some money but save time. This is a hazardous issue, and if you don’t fix this correctly, you can end up with a more significant problem. 

How to fix trouble code P0299?

If you notice symptoms of P0299 in your car and are experiencing fixing your vehicle, then solving this issue is a straightforward task. You just need to follow some simple steps for this like:

  1. First, check the air intake system, including the air filter, cooler, and all the piping. If you find any restriction or leakage in there, fix the place.
  2. Now it’s your turn to check the turbo or supercharger off the car and see if there is leakage.
  3. Find any issue in the inlet or outlet pipes of this site,
  4. If you don’t find any issue there, then start to adjust the pressure boost sensor.
  5. After that, check whether the wastegate is working properly; if you don’t find any issue, it works fine.
  6. The last one is to check if the installation of this turbo or supercharger is proper or not. If there is any mistake in there, then it’s really common to face this kind of issue in your car. 


And these are the common situations of this troubling issue in the car. But before making any change in your car, find the actual issue. Without confirmation, don’t change any wire or pipe or even the car’s turbocharger. If you don’t find the main culprit before the change, you end up with the wrong adaptation of the parts but still have the issue. It’s just a total waste of money and time. So if you are unaware of the actual issue, just go to the mechanic and get help. They also fix the problem correctly, and you don’t need to get worried about further consequences.

How serious is this trouble code P0299?

Many people don’t know about the seriousness of this P0299 code in the scanner, and they also like it is safe to drive a car with this code in the dashboard. For their information in the primary stage, this code is not a big issue, but if you don’t fix it in time, then it can make a big fuss like mechanical failures, shrink the car engine performance, decrease the fuel efficiency, etc. additional you also hear the mechanical noise in driving time, and I know you don’t like this sound in driving time. So try to fix the issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, it starts to damage your car engine, making it a nightmare for you. It costs you more money than you thought to solve this issue and its related problems.How to fix trouble code P0299


  • What to do when I found this code while driving the car?

First, don’t get nervous. You can quickly drive your car with this trouble code. But you face some uncomfortable situations like hearing sounds from the engine, and the vehicle goes automatically in limp mode, reduces the car speed, etc., so you can ride your car but with other uncomfortable situations.

  • What is the Underboost of the turbocharger?

This condition happens for either hardware or software issues. This situation mainly prevents a car from reaching the expected boost level at a time. So it doesn’t deliver the best performance, and there are many reasons behind this kind of issue, like faulty wastegate. So if you encounter this type of issue in your car, try to fix this as soon as possible. 

  • How much does this trouble code P0299 cost to fix?

Fixing the budget for this one type of issue is a challenging job. All the budget depends on how much it affects your car. But if a vehicle faced this issue most recent time and you go to the technician in a timely, then it needs $100-$200 for solving this related any case, but if you don’t notice this problem and don’t fix the issue in time, it’s start affected other parts of the car and also grow more cost to resolve the issue.

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