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How to fix the P2074 code for the 6.7 Powerstroke engine?

P2074 codeThe 6.7 Powerstroke is an essential part of the latest Ford trucks. Ford Motor Company invented these Powerstroke engines with the Navistar in 1996. But Navistar broke its tie with Ford after 2010. Its Powerstroke is mainly used in diesel engine vehicles. The P2074 code is one kind of this issue, and it’s related to the air intake system. Most people don’t have any idea about this type of issue, and this article helps you a lot.

Meaning of P2074 code for 6.7 Powerstroke Ford trucks:

If you own a truck, then you must know every OBD scanner code has its own meaning. And this meaning mainly helps you to reveal the main reason for troubleshooting. This P2074 code mainly shows the issue related to Airflow or absolute pressure. The Power control module or PCM took the measurement of Airflow from the engine through the mass air flow or MAF sensor. To maintain the car’s best performance, you just need to learn about the proper ratio of air and fuel from PCM.

So when PCM faces an issue in finding the ratio of air and fuel compared with throttle opening duration, it shows trouble code P2704. There are many reasons behind this issue, but the main one is a fault in the MAF or air cooler of the vehicle.

Symptoms of the P2074 code:

You must notice some symptoms if your car faces an issue with MAF or the engine’s air cooling system; from this, you can easily identify the P2704 issue. The symptoms are :

  • Illuminated engine check light,
  • Lack of engine power,
  • Weak throttle response,
  • Rough and disturbing experience while driving the car,
  • Revolution per minute.

You also find this code directly from DTC, but you often face this kind of small issue. If you don’t get this at first, it could make a worse case in the future.

What causes the P2704 trouble code?

An OBD2 scanner is mainly used for any car to find any issue before an accident; this is a self-diagnostic device. So when it finds any issue in your car, it shows you a code that represents the issue of the vehicle. You just need to decode this and solve the problem as soon as possible. Just like that, code P2704 has also any fixed reason for happening. And the common sense for this issue is given below:

  • Defect in Mass air flow or MASS sensor,
  • Damaged in air cooler or its pipe,
  • Leakage in air filter,
  • Restriction in air charge cooler,
  • Leakage in the crankcase vent system.

This is the main villain of this issue. So before thinking about changing the total MAF or air cooler, first check all this from the list.

How to fix the 6.7 Powerstroke P2074 OBD2 Trouble Code?

We will discuss what the reason for this OBD2 trouble code is and how you can find the reason for the issue. We are now talking about the solution to get rid of this issue as soon as possible.

An issue in MAF:

Mainly, this code happens when the car has a problem with the MAF sensor. So first, you need to check whether this sensor is working correctly or not. To know the rate of the Airflow, this sensor attaches to the car. MAF first measures the Airflow ratio from the engine and then sends this value to the PCM. And after that, PCM commands the fuel injector to pass the proper amount of fuel into the engine. So when MAFs face an issue, there is no solution without changing the fault one.An issue in MAF

To change the MAF from its old place, you first need to open the hood of the car and then cut off all electrical connectors with the MAF sensor. Then remove the clamps to disconnect the MAF from its place. Now remove the old sensor and add the new one in there, and attach this sensor in its place with the clamps. At last, reconnect all the previous connections, and your job is done. 

Fault in EGT:

The Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor is used to measure the temperature of the exhaust gas and converts this into voltage. After that, PCM can read this. So when this sensor gets damaged or faulty, this creates a P27104 error code. When it becomes an issue, it needs to be changed. This EGT sensor is located in front of the DPF or diesel particulate filter. Then disconnect all electrical connectors connected with the sensor. Open the EGT sensor from its old place by unscrewing bolts with a socket wrench. After that, replace the old one with a new EGT, tighten the sensor with a wrench, and reconnect all previously disconnected electrical connectors. And then, make sure the sensor is working just fine by driving a test. Fault in EGT

Faulty Air Filter:

An air filter is mainly used to supply fresh air into the engine and ensure no contaminated air enters there. But after using this filter for a long time, it gets old and dirty. When it starts to malfunction,  the limit of air supply is also decreased from early, and this time, PCM finds an issue in the engine and shows trouble code P2704. For the primary step, you can fix this by just cleaning the filter, but if it remains the same and shows the same trouble code, then you need to get rid of your old air filter.Faulty Air Filter

For the 6.7 Powerstroke engine, at first, locate the vehicle’s air filter, unscrew the supporting bolts, and pull out the damaged air filter from there. Clean the old place with a vacuum cleaner or wipe it out with a soft cotton pad or cloth. And replace the old one with a new filter, replace it on the filter location, and secure it with the bolts. And your replacement is done in a very easy way.


These are the three main reasons for the P2704 fault code in cars. But sometimes, if a car’s air cooler pipe gets damaged, it also creates trouble for passing cold air into the engine. And that time scanner faces this trouble code. To solve this issue, you just need to find the damaged pipe and replace it with a good one. 

After performing every change or replacement, clear the code from memory and run the car for a test drive. Then find whether the code is coming back again or not. If there is no error code in the dashboard, your problem is solved, and it’s ready to use. But if you find the code again, you need to contact a professional. They can help you out. It costs you more but also saves you some time.

Is this P2704 code serious for driving?

A car engine needs to maintain the ratio of the car’s fuel and air. And PCM needs to keep this number, so when it got issued, the performance of the 6.7 Powerstroke engine also decreased, which is not what you expect. And this issue also makes you uncomfortable while you are driving the car. So it’s really not suggested to drive the car while you get this P2704 code in the dashboard.

If you find it while driving, you can complete your job but then fix the issue as soon as possible because this minor issue can create big trouble in the future, and by solving that, you also lose a lot of money from before. But if you know this and fix the car in time, it costs not more than $100. And if you are an expert in this area, you can do this without getting help from a professional. And it also saves you some money from mechanic costs. 


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