8 Tire Changing Equipment You Must Keep in Your Car

There is no guarantee that a vehicle’s tires will run smoothly while driving, as they can puncture or crack at any time. There are some tools that are essential for changing your vehicle’s tires.

What tools do you need to change the car’s tires?

The following types of tools will save you from rushing to the mechanical store for tire changing:

i) A spare tire

A tire on your vehicle can be damaged at any time. So, you must keep a spare tire in the vehicle so that you can replace it immediately and run the vehicle again.

ii) A wheel wrench

A wheel wrench is necessary for tightening and loosening the essential nuts of a vehicle’s wheel. So, you must keep the wrench with you because you cannot open the tire without opening the wheel of your vehicle.

iii) Locking wheel nut adaptor

This adaptor is necessary for installing and removing the wheel nuts. So, you must remove the wheel from your vehicle when you want to change the tire.

iv) Hand gloves

If you want to keep yourself safe from the germs or dirt of the wheel, you should wear protective hand gloves. Otherwise, your health can be affected.

v) Screwdrivers

If you want to open the wheel of your vehicle to repair it immediately, you must have some screwdrivers that match the size of your vehicle’s screws. They will help you remove the screws that are strictly attached to the vehicle.

vi) Jack stands

When you need to change the tire on your vehicle, you must lift it up. To do the task, you must use a jack stand. This item is very popular with automobile mechanics because it makes the tire-changing process easier by lifting up the vehicle.

vii) Reflective jacket

Although the equipment is not so popular, drivers use it when they repair their vehicles beside the road. Significantly, this dress is so crucial to saving you from any unwanted accident at midnight when you try to repair the wheel because the drivers of other vehicles can easily identify you.

viii) Torchlight

If the wheel or tire problem happens at midnight, you have to light up the part of your vehicle where the wheel is located. Removing and installing the nuts and bolts in the dark will be impossible without a flashlight.

How can I change the tire on my car?

If your vehicle’s tire leaks suddenly, you should take the necessary steps to fix it. Here are some easy steps:

  1. Park and empty the vehicle: First, you should carefully control the brake because it does not remain in a good position after losing the tire. Park it safely and empty the car.
  2. Jack up the vehicle: If you face a tire issue in your vehicle at midnight, you should turn on the torch. Now, you can easily find all of your vehicle’s parts. Take the car jack and try to lift your vehicle.
  3. Remove the screws: Take screwdrivers and wrenches to remove the nuts and screws from your vehicle’s tire.
  4. Remove the old one: After removing the nuts and screws from the wheel, the wheel will automatically come out of the car. Place the wheel at the side of the car.
  5. Install the new tire: Finally, get the new tire and set it on your vehicle. Now, you can install the nuts and screws. Double-check them before starting the car

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