What tools do you need to change transmission fluid?

Changing the transmission fluid is an essential task for every vehicle owner. There are some essential tools needed to change the transmission fluid. In this article, we are going to discuss the most common ones.

7 Tools needed to change transmission fluid

Drain pan

When the transmission fluid falls down, the drain pan will hold the entire fluid and allow it to accumulate inside. Otherwise, the liquid will make the surface dirty. On the other hand, when you use a drain pan, you can easily move the transmission fluid to another bottle or anywhere.


It is not an easy task to refill transmission fluid without a funnel. If you directly pour the fluid, there is a chance of falling down. So you must use a funnel.

A set of wrenches or socket wrench

You may have to remove some nuts, screws, and bolts while changing the transmission fluid in your vehicle. So, it would be best if you used wrenches with adjustable sizes for the nuts to easily remove them.

Safety goggles and hand gloves

You must use these types of protective equipment during every repair task on your vehicle. Therefore, you can ensure the safety of your skis and eyes. Several harmful chemicals in a vehicle’s oil can easily affect several parts of our bodies.

Torque wrench 

The torque wrench is essential to controlling and applying a specific torque. It is an essential tool to apply to the wheels of vehicles. The vehicle’s wheels’ fasteners, such as bolts or nuts, are opened using the wrench. Moreover, when you reinstall the nuts and bolts, you can use these wrenches to give the nuts a specific torque value.

Transmission fluid

If you cannot collect the correct transmission fluid type and quality, your vehicle will not perform well. So, it would help if you collected the specific transmission fluid that is suggested by your vehicle manufacturer. The owner’s manual includes the brand name of the product. So, you must follow the manual whenever you want to change it.

Gasket adhesive

The gasket adhesive is pressure and temperature-resistant. If you want to prevent the leakage of moisture, fluid, or gas from your vehicle, you must use a gasket adhesive. The gasket adhesive can withstand any vibration or other extreme temperature variations.

Why changing transmission fluid is necessary

Generally, we can change the transmission fluid in a car every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Every vehicle has a user manual. You should look at the user manual and learn about the time period for fluid use in the vehicle. If your vehicle’s manufacturer says to change the fluid within 40 thousand miles, you must not cross the limit; otherwise, the vehicle may not perform well.

Symptoms of bad transmission fluid

There is a simple way to check whether the transmission fluid in your vehicle should be changed.

  1. First, you have to drive your car for several minutes to heat up the fluid. So it is better to check the fluid immediately.
  2. You have to use a dipstick to check the fluid. First, wipe the stick carefully and dip it into the fluid. Now take it back and check the fluid.
  3. If the color of the fluid on the dipstick is dark, you can understand that it should be changed immediately. But, still, if it has a light color, you should not take any other step.

Bottom Lines

Timely changing the transmission fluid in a vehicle may increase its working ability and durability. So, you must change the fluid and check the level of the fluid with the help of an expert. However, you can change it yourself if you are an experience driver.

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