Actron CP9580A OBD II scanner

Actron CP9580A Enhanced AutoScanner Plus Review

  • 4.3 million verified fixes specific to the vehicle’s make, model, year and engine
  • CodeConnect offers real fixes to the problem like the check engine light and fix it from the CodeConnect database
  • AutoScanner Plus will show you on the screen which codes does it have on the CodeConnect details available
  • This Actron’s AutoScanner Plus account of domestic ABS code coverage
  • Records live engine data and it can display live real time data
  • ABS code is capable to read and erase code for most of 1996 & newer vehicles
  • Displays all 9 modes of global OBD II data, and displays enhanced code definitions
  • Device is updatable via USB and has ability to print data to your computer

Why you should buy it?

  • Comfortable, small, manageable
  • It can be regularly updated and has one of the largest databases with over 4.3 million verified fixes specific to the vehicle’s make and the year of engine
  • You do not need additional equipment such as a smartphone or tablet because this is all in one
  • Excellent price performance ratio
  • The greatest potential with a machine which will ensure a smooth and professional work


  • Overlooked


Actron CP9580A is OBD2 scanner with CodeConnect, OBD II, CAN, Trilingual and Expanded ABS Coverage Scan Tool that will change your approach to your car’s handling. The tool has everything you need for a professional and amateurIt is important to note that the tool is able to be used everywhere so you do not need to have anything extra (such as a smartphone or tablet). Actron CP9580A has a DTC display. It can show more than crawl errors and explanations. You can click only a few buttons and you’ll see everything you’ve just pulled out of your vehicle. Product manufacturers have extensive experience of over 40 years in this field. Therefore, they are true professionals in this market so they made their product particularly strong and impregnable for this price-quality ratio. This is the best AutoScanner you can buy.