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Ancel AD410 Review 2021 [Enhanced obd ii Vehicle Code Reader]

If you want to know why the check engine light is on before taking your vehicle to a mechanic, then the Ancel AD410 is an excellent OBD scanning tool for you. The Ancel AD410 is a sleek and compact device that helps you know why the CEL is on and the problem your car is facing. This will, in turn, help you see the cost upfront so that the mechanic doesn’t charge you more. It is the upgraded version of the Ancel Ad310 scan device. Read this Ancel AD410 review to know more about this Enhanced OBD II Vehicle Code Reader.

The Ancel AD410 is an entry-level scanner but with slightly more features than its counterparts. The device can diagnose 9 OBD2 test modes, which is exceptional for its price. Furthermore, it has advanced functions such as EVAP system tests. Also, the scan tool is affordable considering other devices like Innova 3030h code reader and Foxwell NT630 Elite OBD2 scanner. The device can also be updated via the internet and only works with vehicles with 12v batteries. So, you should check for compatibility before buying.

Technical Specifications of the ANCEL AD410 Enhanced OBD II Vehicle Code Reader Automotive OBD2 Scanner


Ancel AD410

Display: 2. 4″ TFT true color (262K) LCD display
I/M Readiness STATUS: Yes
Reads freeze frame data: Yes
Display Live Data: Yes
Read/Clears codes: Yes
Vehicle Info Retrieval: Yes
Operating Voltage 12 Volts
OBDII Protocol: ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, and CAN
Multilingual menu options & code definitions: English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Russian, and Portuguese
Dimensions: 9 x 6.3 x 1.6 inches
Weight: 12 ounces
Software upgrade: Lifetime upgrade
Ancel AD310 Vehicle Coverage: Works on most 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars, and newer OBD II & CAN domestic or import vehicles
built-in DTC lookup library: Yes
Price: Ancel AD410Check Today’s Price

If you’ve been looking for an affordable but advanced entry-level scan tool for your car, you should read this Ancel AD410 review to the end and find out whether this is a perfect scanner for you.

Ancel AD410 Review 2021

Sleek and compact design

Similar to many other basic code readers, the Ancel AD410 is a small and compact unit that is easy to use and handle. The price range is also different when comparing Ancel ad310 vs Ancel ad410. Upgraded Ancel AD410 is quite costly than the previous version. It features a durable plastic housing that can withstand impact and survive the harsh workshop environment. Additionally, the device comes with an OBDII cable that is easily connected to the carport to diagnose the vehicle.

Since it is compact in design, storing and transporting the Ancel AD410 scan tool is smooth and seamless.

User-friendly interface

Besides its durable construction, the Ancel AD410 diagnostic scanner is simple to use by even newbies. This is thanks to the clear hotkeys and large 2.4-inch TFT true color LCD display. So, the user will see results very clearly. Additionally, the clear hotkeys make performing different diagnostic tests easy, as you don’t have to refer to the user manual. However, if you’ve any challenges using the device, you can always refer to the user manual to avoid making mistakes. The manual is included in the purchase.

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Multilingual menu

Another vital component of the Ancel AD410 is its multilingual menu. Most diagnostic scanners come in two or three languages, but this scanner comes with more. It features English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Finnish, and Dutch. With such diverse language options, many users will be comfortable using this unit in a language that they understand best.

Extensive vehicle coverage

Despite being a small and compact device, the Ancel AD410 diagnostic code reader can be utilized to diagnose different car makes and models. It is compatible with most OBD2 compliant vehicles sold in the USA and manufactured from the year 1996 or newer. Also, it supports various OBD2 protocols such as ISO9141, KWP2000, CAN, J1850 VPW, and J1850 PWM. As a result, the user can use it to diagnose different vehicles. So between ad410 vs ad310, the Ancel AD410 will give you more functionality and updated features.
Ancel AD410Check Today’s Price

Covers a broader range of functions

Even though the Ancel AD410 diagnostic code reader is a basic scanner, it still performs more tasks than most entry-level scan tools. This car scanner can read and clear fault codes for both manufacturer’s specific and generic obd2 codes for diagnostic procedures. Additionally, you can use it for other functions, such as to display data or select any item for live data graphing. Also, it can view freeze frame data and perform I/M readiness to test misfire. Another critical function that you can test using this device is the smog check. Also, it is very easy to clear the trouble codes and reset the engine light of your car. With these functions, you can diagnose a lot of vehicle problems.

Enhanced OBD2 diagnostics

Apart from performing most of the basic OBD2 functions, this device can also be used to test the O2 sensor ad EVAP system test. EVAP in full means evaporative control. This system is vital as it is used to start a leak test on a car’s EVAP system by monitoring the integrity of the fuel tank system.

On the other hand, the O2 sensor test is created to monitor and adjust air/fuel mixture, which will assist in identifying and troubleshooting problems connected to fuel efficiency and vehicle emission.

Built-in DTC lookup library

With the built-in DTC lookup library, you will never have to worry about what the error codes mean. The manual retrieval and code definitions help you to understand the issue your car is facing. This thereafter helps you to estimate the cost of repairs as you prepare to visit the mechanic.

Displays vehicle information

Another vital feature of this diagnostic scanner is the AutoVin function with TFT LCD display. This helps the user to quickly identify the car make, model, and year. This data is displayed with the help of a vehicle identification number, calibration ID, and calibration verification number. But if you want a more advanced larger screen display, then you can choose OTC Encore  WI-FI Enabled Diagnostic Tool.

Lifetime free software upgrades

If you have the latest vehicle model or intend to have one in the future, there is nothing to panic about as the manufacturer provides free software updates. Upgrading the software allows the user to have the latest bugs and add the most recent DTC or parameters. All you need is to visit the Ancel website, download the software, and update your device using the instructions provided. You just need a USB cable to connect it with your laptop or PC.

Pros of the Ancel AD410 Code Reader

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Reads and clears error codes
  • I/M readiness status
  • Views freeze frame data
  • DTC lookup helps users know what the error codes mean
  • The color display shows all the results of the diagnosis
  • It is internet updateable
  • The product has a good customer rating

Cons of the Ancel AD410 obd2 scanner

  • It does not support all the 10 OBD2 test modes. You can use the Launch CRP Touch Pro OBD2 tool to get all these test mode reports.
  • The scanner depends on the vehicle’s power to work

Bottom line
If you’ve been looking for a reliable and versatile entry-level scan tool, then the Ancel AD410 is an excellent option. This scanner features a sleek and compact design that is simple to use and keep. The unit is well-labeled with a large screen for easy reading of error codes. It is also easy to use, that even startup mechanics won’t have any problem using it. Also, it performs many essential OBD2 functions, which makes it be suitable for startup mechanics and car enthusiasts.

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Overall, this is a wonderful scanner that won’t break your bank but will help you know why the check engine light is on and help you understand what the problem is with the DTC lookup library. I hope you have got a clear idea after reading this Ancel AD410 review article.


Question: What problems can an OBD2 scan tool detect?
Answer: It depends on the level of your scan tool. Is it an entry-level scanner, mid-range scanner, or advanced scanner? Through it is an entry-level scan tool, but it can perform a wide range of functions. Most OBDII code readers are meant to cover all the aspects that entail car use, such as fuel, pressure, temperature, and other elements of the vehicle. But it can’t perform like a professional automotive vehicle OBD2 scanner. The more advanced the OBD2 scanner is, the more functions it can detect or diagnose. So, choose accordingly. In this case, the Ancel AD410 is an entry-level scan tool; this covers most of the basic diagnostic functions.

Question: What should I do if the check engine light stays on?
Answer: If you notice that the check engine light is on, there is no cause for panic. Instead, you should have your car checked using an OBD2 scanner. If you have a scanner, you can pull your vehicle on the roadside and examine it. But if you don’t have one, you can proceed to your destination and have it inspected by a car technician later. The noblest thing to do when your vehicle’s check engine light comes on is to tighten the gas cap or replace it. And if the light doesn’t disappear, then you should visit a mechanic to have it checked and repaired.

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