Ancel VD500 vs. Ancel VD700

Ancel VD500 vs. VD700: Review and Comparison in Detail

Ancel VD500 vs. Ancel VD700ANCEL code readers can help in the diagnosis of complex car systems by resting or checking engine faults. Reading this comparison article may help you avoid making costly mistakes when selecting a diagnostic scan kit for your vehicle. The Ancel VD500 and VD700 are the best options for Volkswagen, AUDI, and SKODA. So, if you want to pick the best scanner for your garage, here you can check all the service functions and comparison details.

Comparison Chart: Ancel VD500 vs. VD700 OBD2 Scanner

FeaturesAncel VD500Ancel VD700
Dimensions:9.25 x 6.9 x 1.8 inches9 x 9 x 2 inches
Weight:12 ounces1.2 pounds
Display:2.8-inch screen (black and white)2.8-inch color display
I/M Readiness: NoYes
Freeze Frame Data: NoNo
Emissions Test:NoYes
DPF Regeneration:NoYes
O2 Sensor Test: NoNo
EVAP System Test:NoYes
Battery Maintenance:  NoYes
Fuel Injector Coding:NoYes
SAS Calibration: NoYes
Read/Clear Codes:  YesYes
Language Support: English and German.English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
Price:Check PriceCheck Price

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Ancel VD700 OBD2 Scanner Review: Best For Volkswagen

The Ancel VD700 diagnostic scan outperforms the VD500. It is designed specifically for automotive manufacturers such as Volkswagen, AUDI, SKODA, and SEAT. Its ability to diagnose non-VAG engine systems is limited to 16-pin automobiles sold in the United States after 1996. While this may be terrible news for non-VAG vehicle owners, VAG vehicle owners will be pleased to learn that this scanning gadget can perform a thorough system diagnosis on their vehicles.

It also has more than 9 service functions. This device is quite light, weighing only 1.2 pounds. It is portable and can comfortably fit into your pocket. We observed that this device could intuitively retrieve your VIN and also read/erase data. According to our Ancel Vd700 review, it has a free lifetime software update, 11 display languages, and works without a battery or the need for charging.Ancel VD700 OBD2 Scanner

With the VD700 OBD-II scan, you may quickly understand the definitions of fault codes generated by scans. Once the problem has been corrected, it may read data streams and turn off the warning light. This device suffers from incompatibility with Macbooks. It also lacks a Bluetooth function. Thus you must be rooted in the vehicle to use this gadget.

Ancel VD500 scanner Review: Best for VW/AUDI/SKODA/SEAT

The Ancel Vd500 scan tool is the predecessor to the VD700, and it is ideal for DIY enthusiasts who only need to do basic vehicle servicing activities. This tool’s greatest strength is its small size, but it is also constrained by fewer features. Users who can not understand English or German should avoid using this tool because it is designed with these two display languages in mind. It can read, delete, and display the definition of DTCs, eliminating the need to contact a mechanic to understand the interpretation.

It can perform an oil service reset, TPS reset, and Electrical Park Brake reset. However, it cannot perform DPF reset, battery registration, or steering angle learning, among other things. However, given that it is significantly less expensive than its equivalent, one may refrain from condemning this item. This may not be appropriate for expert mechanics, but DIY fans who know next to nothing about car diagnosis may find it useful.VD500 can read and clear engine trouble codes, as well as read non-Volkswagen vehicle information. However, it cannot read ABS, SRS, or gearbox codes.

Ancel VD500 can perform Oil Service Reset, EPB Reset, Throttle Position Adaption, full system diagnostics, and more for VAG series vehicles (Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi). As a result, you can read and clear the codes for the engine, SRS, ABS, gearbox, SAS, ESP, TPMS, and IMMO.

You will be taken to the main menu when you connect to a car. You can then pick between a VAG specialized diagnostic and a standard OBD2 diagnostic (for non-VAG cars). It will then display all of the possible systems and pull their codes.Ancel VD500 scanner

You’ll be relieved to see that the scanner includes code definitions to help you grasp each issue. You can then decide whether to take the car to a mechanic or fix it yourself. It swiftly updates the software and information via the Internet via a PC connection.

What are the common things between Ancel VD500 and VD700?

The list of common key features of these two scanner are given below:

  • Live data
  • Reading and clearing the code from the system
  • Cable connectivity
  • Has all TPMS features
  • Reset the warning light
  • Support all OBD protocols
  • Easy to use
  • Battery operated
  • No LED light indicator
  • Perfect for VAG autos
  • Multi-language options

What is the difference between Ancel VD500 and VD700 scanner?

The differences between these two scanners are minimal, and they are as follows:

  • Price: The Ancel VD700 vs. VD500 diagnostic scan devices are priced differently on the market. The Ancel D500 is more affordable compared to VD700. But note that the price points are prone to changes nevertheless, the Ancel VD500 is expected to be the lowest of all since it is less sophisticated than the rest.
  • Software Update: You can’t update any of these products directly from the device; you’ll need to use a PC for that. The only difference is that you must use a PC that is compatible with these software updates. You can upgrade your Ancel VD700 devices using either a Mac or Windows operating system, but the VD500 can only be done with Windows.
  • Relearn TPMS: The Ancel VD700 OBD-II scan tool is built with this function, but it can only work on VAG vehicles. For instance, Volkswagen, SEAT, and SKODA.

Ancel VD700 vs. VD500: Final Verdict

This post on Ancel VD700 and VD500 review and comparison should have shed more light on the advantages and disadvantages of each of these diagnostic scan devices. Both read and clear ECU, gearbox, ABS, SAS, and SRS codes. The ANCEL VD700, on the other hand, only provides a few more advanced diagnostics than the VD500. In addition to battery registration, it can be used for DPF regeneration and injector modification. So, before you buy any of these OBD-II scan instruments, make sure you read this post or recommend it to a friend who wants advice on such and such. This will protect you from the risk of making a poor tool investment. That being stated, let’s call it a day.

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