Core Differences Between Ancel BM700 and BM500 Scanners

ancel-bm700-vs-bm500Ancel is a well-known brand in the area of automotive scanners. Their scanners are simple to operate, and customers enjoy using them. Today, we will discuss their most exciting two scanners, the Ancel BM700 and BM500. These scanners are mainly designed for BMW cars from 1998 to 2019. So this comparison article is for you if these two scanners are on your wish list.

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Ancel BM500 vs BM700: Core Comparison

DifferencesAncel BM500Ancel BM700
Injector Coding:NoYes
DTC & I/M Readiness Hotkeys:NoYes
DPF Regeneration:NoYes
EGS Adaptation:NoYes
SAS Calibration:NoYes
TPMS Services:NoYes
Life-Time Free Updates:YesNo

Is the Ancel OBD2 Scanner Brand Really Good?

If you own a car, you should be familiar with the Ancel brand and its OBD2 scanner. Its mission is to supply authentic automobile tools such as  TPMS tools, Auto-lock card readers, OBD2 CAN code readers, and so on. With all this, they also provide a one-year warranty. The most impressive aspect of their product is that they provide 24-hour customer service. So, they can assist you via phone calls or email if you have a problem at any time and from any location.

Ancel strives to deliver the best car repairing tool using original components at the lowest possible price. And there are numerous tool options available; each product is best and meets distinct consumer wants. And we’re talking about their most popular two-car fixing instruments, the BM700 and BM500. We first discuss some product features before delving into the primary differences between these scanners.

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Ancel BM700 BMW Scanner: Quick Overview

Due to its simplicity of use, the Ancel BM BM700 automobile engine problem scanner is quite popular. This scanner can first scan the code swiftly. The vehicle’s DTC is then easily defined after that. Frame-freezing data is also provided by this scanner. It may also determine the emission rate before monitoring its condition. If you’ve never driven before, this gadget is amazing.Ancel BM700

In addition to Asia and Europe, the Ancel BM700 scanner is famous in the United States. This scanner lets you quickly check the engine light and identify the OBD2 code. For figuring out troubleshooting issues, this scanner is helpful. This scanner may be simply connected to a car and controlled with a regular button by utilizing a USB cord. This scanner’s battery status feature lets you know how the batteries are doing. The power supply, audio system, power steering, and engine braking are other controls that are included with this scanner.

Let us start with its extremely small size. This is not a device worth bothering to carry. Because the Ancel BM700 is small, it is easy to transport. It not only clears the DTC from the engine, but it also clears the OBD2 monitoring status from memory. You may also check the performance of your car engine with this feature of detecting emission rate. This scanner comes with one OBD2 scanner diagnostic reset tool and one user handbook. This manual is simple to use, so keep it handy when using this scanner. With the help of this handbook book, you may not only reset the system but also solve any problem.

Ancel BM500 Mini BMW Scanner Review

We discussed the Ancel BM500 before talking about the scanner. The CAN bus code is typically scanned using this. There is a one-click-ready key mechanism included with the Ancel BM500. This gadget has a built-in speaker and a TFT display. And you already know that Ancel always strives to accommodate customer needs in a single high-quality scanner by taking into account their demands. The Ancel BM500 model is among the best examples.Ancel BM500

Using this little equipment, users may swiftly road test, examine the emission rate, and determine whether the car is fixed or not. It also provides color codes so you can immediately identify a problem with your car engine.

From 1998 until 2019, this scanner was created specifically for the BMW Mini Rolls Royce edition. Finding the MIL makes it easy to pinpoint the location and cause of the issue in the car. You may review the frozen frame data, emission rate, PCM data stream, and other data using the Ancel  BM500 scanner in addition to turning off the MIL light. Additionally, this scanner is easy to use and is quickly updated online. Additionally, it comes with lifetime free online upgrades, so you won’t have to pay anything after purchasing it.

Similar to earlier Ancel scanners, it is portable and lightweight, making them simple to operate. You won’t have to worry about it because the gadget won’t need to be charged before a long journey. You may easily test this device using the power of your automobile. The pricing also enables the Ancel BM500 to be affordable but of great quality.

Similarities Between Ancel BM700 and BM500 Scanners:

  • Operating system: both scanners support windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. And you can easily update this with the help of the internet. And every scanner comes with a lifetime free software update. So no need to pay any penny to get an updated scanner. 
  • System diagnosis: Ancel BM500 and BM700 have a complete diagnosis system. 
  • Read and Clear codes: All two scanners can read the OBD2 code and retrieve the code also.
  • One-touch or I/M readiness key: The Ancel BM700 and BM500 all have this one-touch or I/M readiness key. So there is no difference on this side.
  • Freeze frame data: all these two scanners can easily give freeze frame data, so anyone can easily find where the issue is.
  • View car information: you can get your vehicle information in these two scanners.
  • View live data: The Ancel BM500 and BM700 can give live data on display.
  • Vehicle support: both scanners are specially designed to check the engine of OBD2-supported BMW cars.
  • Battery: All two scanners are powered by a single battery. In addition, you don’t need to attach the scanner to the car’s battery and don’t use a cable. So you can easily move the scanner here and there.

Ancel BM700 vs. BM500: All the Key Differences

It is now time to distinguish between these scanners. In terms of software and operation, all of these scanners are the same type. The biggest distinction was on their bout side, also known as the hardware side. So, let us examine the differences between these two scanners:

  • Dimensions: there is a difference between this BM500 and BM700 scanner. The weight of the BM500 is 9.13*6.38*1.54 inches; on the other hand, BM700 is 6.1*4*1.2 inches. So the BM500 is smaller than the other one. A smaller one is the best option if you want a handy one.
  • Weight: the weight of the scanner also differs from the dimension of the devices. And BM500 is 12.6 ounces, and BM700 is 20.8 ounces. So BM500 is the lighter scanner on the list.
  • Budget: If your budget is less than $100, you can acquire a BM500 scanner. However, the other two are functionally identical. As a result, the price for both devices is the same. If your budget exceeds $150, you can select any scanner you wish. However, the Ancel BM700 is the most expensive because it is the brand’s last edition scanner; hence it has more features than the other two.
  • O2 monitor test: the Ancel BM700 can test the oxygen of your car engine. But BM500 can’t run this test.


Both scanners are designed for BMW cars and similar, but the BM700 has more functions. That’s why the scanner’s price is more than the BM500. But both devices are very easy to use, and their compatible design makes them easy to carry everywhere. Windows operating systems make both scanners faster, and users can easily update this with a USB cable. Ancel offers lifetime free updates with those two scanners. So that users can easily get updated scanners without paying any money.

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