Comparison between MS309,MS300 and AL319

Autel MS309 Vs. MS300 Vs. AL319: How to Compare?

I know finding the best car is tough. After you end up with your new vehicle, start looking for the best scanner for maintaining your car. OBD2 codes are a lifesaver for every car owner. There are many trouble codes used to show you the trouble with your car’s engine and its performance. In the world of OBD2 car scanners, Autel is one of the leading brands. Every scanner is straightforward, and people love to use them. From their many products today, we will talk about their most exciting three scanners, which are the MS309, MS300, and AL319. This article is perfect for you if these three scanners are on your bucket list.

Why should you choose Autel?

If you own a car, you must know about this Autel brand for its OBD2 scanner. And this USA-based company is famous for their best quality car product at an affordable price. Their motto is to provide original car tools like Maxi TPMS tools, Auto-lock card reader, OBD2 CAN code reader, MAXI check scan tools, etc. with all this, they also provide a one-year warranty. The most impressive part of their product is you can get 24 hours customer service from them. So if you face any issue anytime and anywhere, they can help you through phone calls or email.

Autel aims to provide the best car repairing tool at the best price with original products. And there are many tools options you can get in there; every product is best and fulfills different customer needs. And here we are talking about their most demanding three-car repairing tools,  MS309, MS300, and AL319. At first, we learned about some of the product details, and then we discussed the main difference between this three-car scanner.

Comparison Table: Autel MS309 Vs. MS300 Vs. AL319


Autel MS309



Product Dimensions:4.3 x 2.7 x 0.8 inches6.3 x 2 x 9.1 inches4.6 x 2.8 x 0.7 inches
Weight:8 Ounces8.8 ounces6.3 Ounces
Display:Backlit, 128×64 pixel display2 lines, Backlit LCD, 8 characters eachTFT color display (220 x 176 dpi)
Storage Temperature:-20 to 70 ℃ (-4 to 158 ℉)-4 to 158 ℉ (-20 to 70 ℃)-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 F°)
Operating Temp:0 to 60 ℃ (32 to 140 ℉)32 to 122 ℉0 to 60°C (32 to 140 F°)
Multilingual Support:YesNoYes
Internet Updatable:NoNoYes
Freeze Frame:YesNoYes
Vehicle Information:YesYesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Check Price

Key Features of the Autel MaxiScan MS300 Scanner:

First, talking about the Autel MaxiScan MS300 scanner. People love this scanner because this is very easy to use. If you want to know the reason behind your engine, check the light, plug in the scanner and then read the code. This scanner gets a backlit LCD with two lines and eight characters. The operating temperature is 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. And you can operate this scanner with the DC power of your car in 12V. And this Autel MaxiScan MS300 is very handy in size. It’s only 113*74*21mm in dimension in length and 250g in weight.Autel MaxiScan MS300 Scanner

This little Autel MaxiScan MS300 is very easy to operate. That’s why this is very popular in Asian and European vehicles. You can quickly retrieve generic code with this scanner and decode the manufacturer and DTC. You get a 16-pin OBD with this Autel MaxiScan MS300, so you don’t need to buy an additional cable. And this scanner works from the power of a vehicle, so no external battery needs to use this. This also helps you with Controller Area Network or CAN protocols.

Quick Overview: Autel MaxiScan MS309 OBD2 Scan Tool

The car engine trouble scanner Autel MaxiScan MS309 is also trendy for its easy use. This scanner can quickly scan the code at first. After that, it defines the DTC of the vehicle effortlessly. You also get frame-freezing data from this scanner. Additionally, it can check the emission rate and then monitor its status. If you are new with your car, this is an excellent device.

Like Autel MaxiScan MS300, this scanner is also trendy in the USA, like in Asia and European cars. With this scanner, you can quickly check the engine light and find the OBD2 code. This scanner is beneficial for decoding trouble issues. With all this, you can also shut down the engine light, clear the codes and reset the monitor using only this Autel MaxiScan MS309 scanner. You get a screen showing the trouble code with definition and freeze frame data. People often find issues operating this scanner with one language, but this scanner gives you multiple languages like English, Spanish, Japanese, French, and German. You don’t need any battery to operate this scanner, and it can work directly with the power from the storm.Autel MaxiScan MS309 Scanner

Let us talk about its very minimal size. This is not an excellent device for bothering to carry. This Autel MaxiScan MS309 is compact, so you can easily take it. It not only erases the DTC from the engine but also removes all OBD2 monitoring status from memory. And with this capability of measuring emission rate, you can check the performance of your car engine. In the package of this scanner, you get one OBD2 scanner diagnostic reset tool and one user manual. This manual is straightforward to use, so keep it with you when you use this scanner. You can not only reset the system but also solve any issue with the help of this manual book. It gives you a step-by-step process to solve many OBD car problems. And this scanner is very budget-friendly. So you don’t need to worry about your pocket money.

Autel AutoLink AL319 Affordable Scanner Details:

Before discussing the maxi scanner, we spoke about Autel Auto link AL319. This is mainly designed to scan the CAN bus code. Autel Auto link AL319 has a one-click readiness key system. In this device, you get a TFT screen with a built-in speaker. And you know Autel always considers customer needs and tries to match their maximum need in one best quality scanner. This Autel AutoLink AL319 is one of the best examples. Users can easily road test, check the emission rate, and verify whether the car is repaired or not very quickly using this tiny device. And it also gives you color codes so you can quickly notice an issue with your car engine.Autel AutoLink AL319 Scanner

With this Autel Auto link AL319 scanner, you get a bright color LED with a built-in speaker. So that you can visualize not only the fault but also hear the sound of it. Like other Autel scanners, you can check the OBD2 code in your car and retrieve the code. When you notice the MIL In the vehicle, you can easily find where the problem happens and why. You can check the freeze frame data, emission rate, PCM data stream, etc., and shut down the MIL light with the help of the Autel AutoLink AL319 scanner. And this scanner is straightforward to use, and you can easily update it with the help of the internet.

Like other Autel scanners, it is also convenient in size and weight and easily manageable. You don’t need to worry about charging the device for use on a long drive. You can quickly assess this device with the power of your car. The price also allows the Autel motto, which is affordable but made with an excellent quality element.

Autel MS300 Vs. MS309 Vs. AL319: What are the differences?

You just read the description and specification of these three Autel MS300, MS309, and AL 319 scanners above. Now it’s time to draw the difference between this scanner. All these scanners are the same type in software and working principle. The main difference lay in their bout side part, which means the hardware side. So let us check the difference f these three scanners:

  • Compare Display Size: 

Autel MS300: This scanner has a backlit LCD screen with two lines and eight characters in each line.

MS309 From Autel: the Backlit display of this screen is 128×64 megapixel picture quality.

Autel AL319:  Autel uses a TFT color display with 220×176 dpi in this AutoLink AL319 scanner.

  • The difference in dimension and weight:

Autel AL319: 117×72×18 mm is the dimension of the scanner, and its weight is 0.18 kg or 0.39 lb without cable. If you attach the line, it’s 0.21kg or .46 lb.

Latest Autel MS309: the dimension of this MS309 is 110.3×69.5×20.2 mm and weight is NW:180 g(0.39lb) and GW: 210g(0.46lb).

Autel MS300: the dimension of this model is 113×74×21 mm, and the weight is 250 g(.55lb).

  • Operating and storage temperature:

Knowing the operating and storing temperature is essential for every electrical device. The operation temperature of  Autel MS309 and AL319 is 32 to 140 Fahrenheit. But the operating temperature of the Autel MS300 is 32 to 122 degrees white. And these three scanner storage temperatures are the same, -20 to 70°C.

  • External power:

Like before, the external power range of the Autel MS309 and Al319 is the same. It can operate in 8 to 18 Volt via car battery. But the MS300 scanner can only be used with DC 12 Volt power. But neither device has a rechargeable battery, so you need to give it a power supply to work.

  • Price comparison:

The Autel MS300 is the oldest version of the scanner. That’s why you can get limited functions from this device, and the price is also lower than the other two. You can get this scanner if your budget is under $40. But the other two are just the same on the functional side. And that is why the price is also the same for both devices. You can choose whatever scanner you want if your budget is more than $100. But the most expensive one is Autel MS309 because this is their brand’s last edition scanner, so you get more features than the other two.

  • Compare other key features:

Read and Clear codes: All three scanners can read the OBD2 code and retrieve the code also.

One-touch or I/M readiness key: The Autel MS300, MS309, and AL319 all have this one-touch or I/M readiness there is no difference on this side.

Freeze frame data: the Autel MS300 can’t give you any information about freeze frame data, but another two can give you this rate.

View car information: you can get your vehicle information in these three scanners.

View live data: The Autel MS300, MS309, and AL319 can give live data on display.

O2 monitor test: the Autel MS300 and MS309 can test the oxygen of your car engine. But AL319 can’t run this test.

On-board monitor test: the main drawback of these three scanners is that no one has this on-board monitoring test quality.

Battery: all these three scanners operate with the direct power of the vehicle. And there is no option for the battery in this device, and you need to attach the scanner with the car power to use it.

There are fundamental similarities and dissimilarities between these three scanners. And these are the significant differences, but I don’t think that’s a lot. 

Autel MS319, MS309, or AL300: Who is the winner?

Deciding on the same type of scanner is a tough decision. These three scanners are from the Autel brand. So there is no difference in the product quality of these three scanners. The difference remains in size, dimension, display, and some features of these three scanners. The MS309 is the updated one, and the MS300 is the oldest one. If you want to decide between these two, I will say pick the Autel MS309. It was more expensive than the other one. But this has updated software, which is faster than the MS300. It’s also easy to carry everywhere, and the operating power is variable in the MS309. So, you can easily use this in your car.

On the other hand, MS309 and AL319 are almost identical. Some features are different, but most of the functions are similar. But as an updated one, MS309 is more valuable than AutoLink. But AL319 is better than MS300. The MS300 is the oldest version. It also has larger dimensions than the other two scanners. So my suggestion is that if you want to buy a DIY scanner, then the MS300 is perfect. It doesn’t give you many features, but it is easy to understand. It’s affordable in price and valuable to new owners.

But of all three scanners, the Autel MS309 is the best one. It’s updated, easy to use, and has lots of features. The price is a little bit higher than the other two scanners. And the most exciting part is that you can get a lifetime free software update from Autel. And this is great for everyone. You don’t need to pay any additional charges.

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