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Autel AutoLink AL319 Review 2023 [Cheapest OBD2 Scanner]

The Autel Autolink AL319 will be one of the best OBD2 code readers on the market in 2023. It is ideal for beginners and DIY enthusiasts. Additionally, it has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for beginners to use the scanner.
Furthermore, the Autel AL319 scan tool performs most of the basic code reader functions and has a patent for a one-click icon monitor.

Even though the scan tool appears to be basic, it delivers more tasks than most of its competitors. Some of these functions include freeze frame data, check manufacturer-specific and generic codes, read and clear fault codes, data stream, live data, and much more. Also, the price range is far lower than the Autel Al619 Autolink scan tool or Autel Al519 enhanced OBD2 device. Read this Autel AutoLink AL319 review to know more about this Autel OBD2 scanner automotive engine fault code reader CAN scan tool.

Comparison: Autel MS309 Vs. MS300 Vs. AL319

Autel AutoLink AL319 Review in 2023

Since the Autel Autolink AL319 diagnostic code reader is a plug and plays unit, you don’t need to have mechanical experience to operate the scanner. After all, it will explain the codes and help you know where the problem is.

Similar to many entry-level scan tools, the Autel Autlink AL319 cannot be utilized to perform functions such as component tests and O2 sensor tests. However, it is ideal for performing basic functions and clearing the check engine light.

To find out more about this affordable and reliable entry-level scanner from Autel, continue reading.

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Pros of the Autel AutoLink AL319 obd2 scanner

  • Intuitive user interface
  • I/M monitor buttons allow the user to quickly check error codes
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Multilingual menu
  • Extensive vehicle coverage
  • Freeze frame data
  • Straightforward to use with the plug-and-play function
  • One-year warranty

Cons of the Autel AL319 code reader

Technical Specifications:


Autel Autolink AL319 Scanner

Display:TFT color display (220 x 176 dpi)
I/M Readiness STATUS:Yes
Reads freeze frame data:Yes
Display Live Data:Yes
Read/Clears codes:Yes
Quick access to emissions readiness status:Yes
Operating Temperature:0 to 60°C (32 to 140 F°)
External Power:8.0 to 18.0 V power provided via vehicle battery
Multilingual menu options & code definitions:7 languages (English, French, Spanish, etc.)
Dimensions:63 x 17.7 x 92.5 inches
Weight:6.2 ounces
Storage Temperature:-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 F°)
Autel Autolink AL319 Vehicle Coverage:Mazda, Kia, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Scion, Subaru, Hyundai, Honda, Acura, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Daihatsu, Mahindra, Toyota, Hyundai, Lexus, Scion, Kia, Proton, Perodua, Abarth, Alfa, BMW, Porsche, Benz, Audi, Mini, Peugeot, VW, Fiat, Lexus, Renault, LandRover, Skoda, Volvo, Seat, Sprinter, Jaguar, Lancia, Smart, Sprinter, Sprinter, CitroenDodge, Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, GM, Opel Etc…
Warranty:12-month warranty
Price:Autel AutoLink AL319Check Today’s Price

Sturdy and compact construction

  • Durable plastic construction
  • Last longer
  • Compact & Lightweight

Autel brand manufactures different scanners for various purposes. Finding a compact and versatile scanner is very challenging. But that’s not the case with the Autel Autolink AL319 diagnostic scanner. This device is durably made to withstand harsh conditions. It features a sturdy plastic housing that will ensure that the unit lasts longer.

Additionally, it has a long cable that will allow the user to have ample time to diagnose engine problems while seated in the driver’s seat comfortably. With its compact construction, storing or transporting the unit is also smooth.

User-friendly interface

  • Smooth hotkey
  • TFT color screen
  • I/M readiness button

One of the reasons why many DIYers and domestic car drivers love this unit is that it is easy to use. The Autel AL319 diagnostic code reader features well-labeled hotkeys for a quick and smooth diagnosis of your vehicle. You don’t have to refer to the user manual in order to diagnose your vehicle. Moreover, essential functions like the I/M readiness key have a button that you can press instantly instead of searching it in the menus bar.

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The scan tool also features a large TFT color display that shows all the results undertaken. Also, it has a built-in speaker that delivers audible results in case the screen is not clear, or you’re performing other functions and have no time to look up at the screen.

Extensive vehicle coverage

  • Broad vehicle coverage
  • Support all OBD2 protocols
  • Diagnose Asian, American, and European vehicles

Regardless of its compact design, the Autel Autolink AL319 works with a broader range of vehicles. It is compatible with all 1996 and newer OBD2-compliant vehicles. Some of the famous cars make that this scanner functions with include Honda, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and much more. Most of the cars that this scanner is compatible with are made in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Always find out if the vehicle (s) you intend to diagnose is compatible with the scanner that you’re buying. What’s surprising about this scan tool is that it supports all OBD2 protocols. These are J1850 VPW, CAN, J1850 PWM, KWP2000, and ISO9141.Autel AutoLink AL319Check Today’s Price

Performs several services

  • Perform all the basic functions
  • Plug-and-play device
  • Require cable to connect

It is not an OBD2 scanning device for professionals. If you want a basic scanner that can deliver a vast range of functions, then this is a good option. You can use the code reader to read & clear error codes, freeze data, and live data, and read vehicle information and I/M readiness status. The best part is that accessing these functions is very easy as it is a plug-and-play device. This means that you don’t need to charge a battery, as the moment you insert the cable’s pin into the OBD2 port, the scanner starts to function.

Multilingual menu & warranty

  • Support 7 different languages
  • One year warranty

Whether you live in Europe, Asia, or the USA, you will still be able to diagnose your vehicle regardless of the language that you use. The scanner offers its definitions in 7 languages, and some of them include English, French, and Spanish. So the tool is slightly more advanced than the Actron CP9125 pocket scanner.

If you’ve never used an Autel scanner before, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. This is because the manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty to buyers of the scanner.

Who will buy the Autel Autolink AL319 diagnostic scanner?

With such exceptional features, the Autel Autolink AL319 is a perfect code reader for startup mechanics, DIY enthusiasts, and domestic drivers. Also, it can be used by mechanics who want to check basic OBD2 functions on several vehicle makes and models.

But when it comes to special and advanced functions, this unit is lacking. As a result, it is not ideal for professional technicians or busy car repair workshops. At such a fantastic price, most startup mechanics and DIYers will find it to be a viable option as most of them don’t need advanced or special functions.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Autel Autolink AL319 scan tool will assist you in reading and clearing both generic and manufacturer-specific codes on most vehicles. Since it is affordable, this device won’t cost you a lot, but it will assist you in understanding why the CEL light is on and what you need to do to get rid of it. If you don’t want to visit the mechanic, you can check what the code means online and how to fix it.

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All-in-all, beginners and startup mechanics will enjoy using this scan tool as it has a user-friendly design and a multilingual menu. At such a fantastic price, you get more than just a basic scanner. I hope you have got a clear idea after reading this Autel AutoLink AL319 review article.


Question: The check engine light is blinking – what is the problem?
Answer: If the car dashboard light is blinking, this shows that there is a severe engine problem, such as a damaged catalyst that may be misfiring. In such a case, the issue should be addressed immediately. However, you can still drive your vehicle even with the check engine light on. To be safe, you should avoid driving your car at high speed and don’t carry heavy loads. Otherwise, you should have the damaged catalyst changed as soon as possible.

Question: Does this scan tool show drive cycle readiness status?
Answer: Yes, it does. The scanner has an I/M readiness function that shows the details of each major readiness emission monitor. The good news is that Autel Autolink features a button that allows the user to quickly access the I/M readiness even without having to search through the menus. On top of that, there is a lamp on the scan tool that shows if any emission monitor is not ready.

Question: Does this scanner tells you the code and explains what it means, or does it only tell you the code?
Answer: Yes, it does. This scan tool not only reads and erases error codes but also tells you what the OBD2 code means. However, if you want more explanation on what to do with the code or what particular part to repair, you will have to search for more information online.

Question: Does the Autel AL319 scanner explain the error codes?
Answer: It shows basic codes with explanations but not the reasons or fixes.

Question: Can the scanner check drive cycle readiness?
Answer: Yes, AL319 features I/M Readiness Mode that shows drive cycle readiness data.

Question: Is it possible to reset the CEL?
Answer: Yes, the scanner can turn off the check engine light.

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