There are various types of OBD2 models that the Autel brand has produced over the years. Not all models need to see the decent amount of success they cherish. Some of their scanners have almost the same functions, and some models have a wide variety of attributes. This article will compare the Autel brand’s signature scanner items, the AL539 and AL539B. Frankly speaking, the model AL539B is normally the updated version of the previous model, which is the AutoLink AL539. In this comparison article, we will presume the vital matches and the dissimilarities between the two colossal models. This is an extensive review that will help you clearly understand which one applies to you.

Comparison Table: Autel AL539 VS AL539B


Autel AL539

Autel AL539B

Display Measurement:TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)TFT color display (220 x 176 dpi)
Weight:2.3 pounds2.44 pounds
Dimension:74.8 x 31.5 x 102.36 inches11.61 x 9.8 x 3.31 inches
Vehicle Coverage:Some protocols are missingKWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, and CAN
EVAP Technology:NOYES
Battery Check Technology:NOYES
Price:Check PriceCheck Price

What are the similarities between Autel AL539B and AL539?

There are tons of similarities between the models of the Autel al539 and al539b. Both the models inherit mostly of the same qualities, and if we see more cautiously, then we will apprehend some core similarities between these two models. Let us explore the cognitive similarities between the two.

The live streaming data scanning is both scanners’ most fantastic feature. Live data streaming makes it quite common and easier to diagnose the data that are exerted by the scanning tool. The freeze frame data is another tremendous option where you can extract and freeze the data as many times as you can. 

Both the scanners are specially designed to work with most OBD2 compliant Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles, including those equipped with the universal protocol. The gadgets can scan more than thousands of vehicles and includes the Acura, Audi, Bentley, Benz, BMW, Bugatti, Chrysler, Citroen, Dodge, Daewoo, Ford, Fiat, GM, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, LandRover, Lexus, Maybach, Mazda, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan and many more.

Both the car scanners can diagnose thousands of data and monitor the top to bottom of the cars. The full OBD2 scanning consists of the ABS, SAS, SRS, DPF, BMS, OCV, and many more internal features, including the fuel level check, the viscosity of the oil check, and checking related to the main engine system. 

A worth-mentioning fact is that both the scanner supports the intuitive online application feature and the manual called RepairSlotuion2. A competitive structure of software also comes with the package, and no other software seems more cognitive than this software package. The most interesting fact is that the software package is completely free of cost when it comes to the scanning device.

Autel AL539 Vs. AL539B: What are the Differences?

We have seen some essential matching factors, but it is time for extensive research about some of the brilliant diversities between these two.  

The prime difference between these two is that AL539B has a battery testing or diagnosis feature, which is absent in the AL539 model. The BMS feature is considered one of the most crucial features in a vehicle. If the BMS diagnosis can be made with proper care, there is a proper chance that the battery will die at the nearest possible time. Regular checkings of these BMS systems can rejuvenate the battery’s overall condition. The BMS diagnosis includes Battery modeling, Cell balancing, individual cell voltages, pack current and temperature, Control charge and discharge conditions, Thermal management, Estimation, and many more other features. If you buy the Autel AL539B model, you can avail all these features. In the section of the BMS, the Autel AL539B is a clear winner over the Autel AL539.

The display or interface of the scanning device is so crucial for easily apprehending the freeze frame data and the live stream data. If the screen is too small, then there is a chance that the data may seem obscured. Autel AL539 has a screen dimension of 320 by 240 dots per inch, and the screen is of a TFT color display, making it possible to read out the data that appears on the screen. On the other hand, the Autel AL539B occupies the screen dimension of 220 by 176 dots per inch, which is relatively smaller than the previous one. And it is common sense that the bigger the screen, the greater the ease. So if we consider the dimension of the screen, then Autel AL539 is far ahead of the Autel AL539B.Autel AL539 Vs. AL539B Scanner

As we have said earlier, the Autel AL539B is the upgraded version of the Autel AL539, and some authentic diagnosis features have been added in the latest edition; that’s why Autel AL539B is more expensive than the Autel AL539. You can get an Autel AL539 for around seventy dollars, whereas if you want to buy the Autel AL539B model, you have to pay twenty to thirty dollars more. It suggests that Autel AL539 is more budget-friendly than the Autel AL539B model.

If we see the specification of the two products, then we come to know that both of one product have a different amount of weight. Autel AL539 weighs more or less ‎2.3 pounds. On the contrary, the Autel AL539B has a weight of 2.44 pounds, which means the latter occupies a larger weight than the former one.

The dimension of a product is the initial criteria that the customers check after the price factor. Items that are more compact and lighter create more impressions. Autel AL539 has an overall dimension of 74.8 by 31.5 by 102.36 inches; on the contrary, Autel AL539B has an entire dimension of ‎11.61 by 9.8 by 3.31 inches which is far more compact than the previous scanner, so it is easier to carry anywhere as it occupies only a small space. 

In Autel AL539B, you can find a unique feature missing from the Autel AL539 scanner, the special 3-in-1 Combo feature. You got three outstanding features in a scanner. Autel AL539B is an OBD2 Scanner, a Multimeter, and a Battery Tester simultaneously. When you find that the MIL is illuminating due to some internal car issues, you must connect the scanner with the port of the car and perform a full-fledged scanning of the entire car, If you sneak out that there is something fishy in the battery segment then you can imply the scanner to check the resistance, and here it acts a Multimeter, and it can also check the voltage of the battery. And last but not least, it can also examine the condition of the battery. Here it acts like a Battery Test. These features are completely absent in the Autel AL539 model. similarities between AL539B and AL539

The full form of the EVAP is the Evaporative Emission Control System that is responsible for detaining the toxic gasoline vapors from the fuel tank. It is very much crucial to check the EVAP. The Autel AL539B  model has the advantage of scanning this portion; it can scam the Emission Control System and can detect where the fault has occurred, whereas this remarkable feature is also not available in the AL539 Autel version.

Autel AL539B has more vehicle coverage than its previous version and is compatible with the OBD1 and OBD2 versions. It occupies all OBDII protocols like KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, and CAN, whereas some of the protocols may be missing in the Autel AL539 version.

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Autel AL539B and AL539 are compatible with all the vehicles made after 1996 and newer vehicles that support the OBD2 format. The Autel scanning devices are nearly the same, but the only huge difference is that Autel AL539B provides a substantive battery test absent in the Autel AL539 model. The battery voltage and resistance check are very much important for any car. Both models are quite easy to use and work rapidly, but if you want some additional features by paying 20$ more, then we recommend you buy the Autel AL539B model, as this will cover all the proceedings you need.


Autel AL539B is designed in a comprehensive manner that it can scan almost all the insides and features. Autel is a renowned brand for the scanning of vehicles. You can undoubtedly perform any kind of scanning module you want.

The most interesting fact about this device is that you can print and have a hard copy of all the results. The only work you need to perform is to connect the device with a pc or a laptop, and the rest will be done automatically. A clear printable format is very much necessary to obtain all the results with a clear image.  

Autel is providing you with a comprehensive carrying case with the model Autel AL539. This eases the carrying and remains the device safe and secured from any kind of Adversities. 

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