Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT Scanner

Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT: Bi-Directional ECU OBD2 Review

To diagnose your car deeply, you need a professional OBD2 scanner, and there are many scanners available on the market. In the modern era, people love updated digital gadgets because they are easy to use, and anybody can operate them with the help of a mobile phone. If you are a professional or experienced car enthusiast, you must know about the Maxicom MK906BT digital scanner from the Autel brand. But you still don’t know about the details of this device. So, this Autel MaxiCom MK906BT review article is going to help you further in making a decision.

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Technical Specification of Autel Maxicom MK906BT OBD2 Scanner

FeaturesAutel MaxiCOM MK906BT
Screen Size:8 inch
Wi-Fi:2.4 & 5 GHz
Net Weight:1.1 Kg
Camera:Rear 8.0 Megapixel
Battery Capacity:10000mAh
Android Version:Android 4.4.2
Auto VIN:Yes
Auto SCAN:Yes
J2534 Compatible:No
ECU Programming:No
Language Supported:English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian
Price:Check Today’s Price on Amazon

What is this Autel Maxicom MK906BT scanner?

Many scanners are now trendy for their advanced features. Just like that the Maxicom MK906BT is one of them. It’s now prevalent for its digital system. This product is the best addition to the Maxicom company. You get a wireless diagnostic with an 8.0-inch wide LED screen and can operate it with touch. The most exciting part about this product is that it is a wireless device, and you can use it with a mobile phone. And it’s built with the Android operating system, which is why it’s capable of diagnostic O.E. level. There are also more than 31 special features you can get to reboot the whole system profoundly and fix the hidden problem. You can operate the car’s health from a long distance with a wireless system.Maxicom MK906BT OBD2 scanner

First, check the essential features of the Autel-Maxicom scanner:

  • Power LED,
  • 8 inches capacitive touch screen,
  • ambient light sensor,
  • Mini SD card slot6,
  • Microphone,
  • HDMI port,
  • Dc power supply port,
  • Headset jack,
  • USB port,
  • Power button,
  • Camera lens,
  • Camera flash etc.

What are the pros of the Autel Maxicom MK906BT automotive scan tool?

The MK906BT scanner is full of surprises for me. Because you just got tons of new and beneficial features in one device. And this is just a dream come accurate type scanner for all car owners. Let us see what features you can get from this device:

  1. A very powerful Samsung Exynos Hexa-core Processor,
  2. You can get 32GB SSD internal space for storing many codes into it and get better car performance.
  3. You also get an 8-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and a flashlight,
  4. The 8 inches capacitive touch screen can quickly help you find the issue. 
  5. You can get wifi access anywhere  because it supports this system,
  6. The USB port lets you connect the scanner to your tablet to find any tiny fault in the car. 
  7. MK906Bt has a unique design that enhances its durability.
  8. You also use the microphone in this scanner for listening to any sound or as an entertainment thing.
  9. It comes with a lithium-polymer battery that gives you up to 14 hours of backup.
  10. Android operating system 4.4.2 give you access to multitasking with this device,
  11. It can give you access to go to the deepest side of the ECU, and you can directly command the ECU without getting help from any O.E. system,
  12. Easy to use, and if you are facing a problem, you can get help from their customer service. They are very responsible on this side, so don’t worry about using these car accessories.
  13. You can get live data, functional tests, and ECU information and command it directly, matching the running code only on a device called Autel Maxicom MK906BT.
  14. It gets smart VIN technology which is very popular, so they can identify the vehicle.
  15. It has a remote so that you can control this device in a fixed area.

Primary features you get from Autel Maxicom MK906BT:

So let us check what feature you can get from the Autel Maxicom MK906BT scanner:Aulet Maxicom MK906BT scanner

A modern professional OBD2 scanner:

Invention is a natural process in the world. And upgrading the scanner is just like a part of that. In 2021 Autel Maxicom invented the MK906BT scanner, an upgraded version of MK908. This new model is cheaper and lighter but more valuable and powerful than the previous one. And this MK906BT version is wireless, and the B.T. module frees you from entangled cables. This device supports around 14 languages which is a considerable quantity. 

Huge brand support:

This is a perfect choice if you want Bi-directional control in a device. This Autel-maxima contains bi-directional control. It also has an O.E. level of complete diagnostic system. Every tiny detail is captured and shown to you from the car, and there is no minor issue escaping from this device. For that, many luxury brands believe it and use it in their cars like Maserati, Bently, etc., and this device fits every vehicle perfectly.

All Advanced scanning features:

You won’t believe this scanner has given you more than 31 features. And for this reason, you don’t need to buy or install multiple devices in your car. The feature you get in this device is oil reset, SAS reset, brake reset, etc., so that you can control a whole bunch of systems in your car with only one device, the Maxima MK906BT scanner.

HDMI support:

You must notify the HDMI port in the scanner equipment. And this is an essential but rare thing in scanners still. And you must know with the help of this port, and you can connect a tablet for a wider screen to read the info from the scanner. So you can quickly get any tiny fault from the scanner, which is sometimes hard to find on a small screen.

Finish the bounding with the O.E. setting:

I know it’s a very daring seg for Maxia that it just helps you finish using the O.E. setting in the scanner. Without the help of O.E., you can enter the deepest part of the ECU, and from there, you can examine the ignition time, tune the oil injection, tune the auto gearbox shift point, etc . so Autel Maxima MK906BT just limit your work and cut off the distance between the freezing steels and you.

Efficiently operate with ECU:

Without the help of O.E., you can directly use the ECU with the help of Autel Maxima MK906BT. So you can instantly give the command into the ECU without any receiver and conduct any test in your car. Shift or shut down your car windows, turn on or off the window wipers, etc., and you also love any issue before your vehicle stops working.

Popular all over the world:

This device is an excellent invention of science, and it just makes it easy to take care of your car. That’s why this scanner tool is top-rated all over the world. If you live outside of the USA, you can use this because of the worldwide demand for this Autel Maxicom MK906BT. If you get confused about how to control it, you can send an email to their website, and they will give you a clear response that helps you out of this confusion.

Supports freezing frame and live data:

Autel Maxicom MK906BT is an excellent quality scanner that offers an insightful look into your car engine and covers the other system. With this scanner’s help, you can look at what is going on underneath the hood of the car. And you can read the freeze frame data, review the live data from there and then clear the code from memory from the engine or any other system like Automatic transmission, anti-lock braking, etc.freezing frame live data

Multiple language options:

The scanner can usually give the reader one or two language support. But the scanner tools provide you with access in 14 languages, which is a big deal for many car owners/ because buying and installing multiple scanners for different languages is very costly and problematic. You can get German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and English. That’s why this device Is popular all over the world.

Excellent Customer Support:

Autel-Maxicom MK906b is famous worldwide, and you must know the time zone is not the same in every country. But this company tries to cover everything with their service as much as possible. You can get help from any corner of the world from their customer care. Just email your confusion or struggle with this device; they will clear your confusion and help you with the issue.

Extra hardware option:

The MaxiCOM MK906Bt gives you the right to expand hardware. With the help of a microphone and headset port, you can connect your headphones to the HDMI port and analyze the result on a broader screen. And you also combine it with wifi smartphone via a USB cable. And every port is beneficial now and then.

Access to social media: This scanner has an android system and an entertainment device. So that if you are getting bored in the car, you can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., with the help of the MK906BT scanner.

Longevity of Battery:

This scanner has a 10,000mAh battery, and the voltage is 3.7. and this battery helps you to use this scanner one day without charging it. So I think it’s time to say good, but the issue of battery charging your face with another scanner.

My Review of the Autel Maxicom MK906BT Scanner:

As before, we learn about what you get in this scanner. So let us see why you need this scanner in your car:

Powerful than an ordinary scanner:

This MK906Bt scanner is a faster, more powerful, and more robust scanner on the market. This contains the Android operating system 4.4.2, and the precision is Samsung Exynos 5260 6 core. With that, you also get a 64G SSD hard drive. From showing the result, you also get an 8 inches capacitive touch screen. And this also supports remote diagnostic feedback or response, data stream recording or playback, and the vehicle’s health. With all these features, it also comes with a two-month warranty. 

Controlling option of ECU:

You must know how it’s essential to maintain the ECU with any scanner. And for that, you don’t need any O.E. or any receiver. You can directly control the ECU with the help of the Maxicom MK906BT scanner so that you can change your car system’s program directly to fasten your car as much as you want.

The latest version of the scanner in the market:

The latest version of the scanner not only gives you many features but also helps you control all over the car quickly, and this scanner also has a Bidirectional control or Actuator test. So that you can command the E.C. directly, read the data from ECU to determine the system’s integrity, then monitor the actuators’ output. And all this helps you quickly find the fault in a specific system or subsystem.

Multiple reset services in one device:

If you own a car, you must know you need to install a different type of device to reset the car system now and then. But in this Autel Maxicom MK9066BT, you get more than 31 reset options. You can use this to reset oil, EPB, TPMS, BMS, etc., with the help of this single scanner. And having one device instead of many saves you money and time. You don’t need to use multiple devices for any reset issue, and you can fix this with only one scanner.

Available all over the world:

Yes, you heard it right. This scanner model is beneficial and comes with many new and upgraded features. People love this device because it gives them about 14 language instructions and 31+ features to reset many systems in the car. And no other device can provide this type of help on any device. That’s why people worldwide love this Autel Maxicom MK906BT professional scanner. And almost every car brand supports this scanner. S you don’t think about car quality with this device. This is very popular in the market, so you don’t need to worry about repair processes anywhere.

Conclusion: Is this Autel Maxicom MK906BT worth buying?

Now maintaining the cable connection is a tricky job. And when you need multiple devices to control every system, it’s a nightmare for you. But this Autel MK906Bt comes with a Bluetooth system that gives you a wireless communication system. You don’t need to worry about the cable connection. On the other hand, this device covers almost all types of car brands, from low-budget to premium ones. So you don’t need to worry about its repair or decoding process all over the world. And the rare 8-megapixel camera provides you with digital inception. Autel MK906BT

So from many sides, this Autel MK906Bt scanner is a perfect choice for every car owner. And you can buy it anywhere because they give customer service in every corner of the world. Of its popularity, you also don’t think about the maintenance specialists if you face any issues with this. With all this, you also get two months of guarantee. 


  • How many hours can I get battery backup from the Autel Maxicom MK906BT scanner?

If you fully recharge it, you can use it for up to 14 hours. It comes with a built-in lithium-polymer battery.

  • What is the difference between MK906Bt and MS906BT?

The MK906BT and MS906Bt are both the same in their functionality. But the difference between these two scanners is their hardware appearance. Also, Autel MS906BT supports only English, while Autel MK906BT supports 14 different languages without charging any additional cost.

  • How advanced is Maxisys MK906BT compared to Maxisys MS906?

Features that Autel’s MS906 doesn’t offer, but the MS906BT does are an inspection camera, ECU coding, and oscilloscope functions.

  • MK906BT vs. MK908P: Which one is the latest version?

Autel MK908P is the updated version that offers more advanced features and services. But the price is far higher than the Autel MK906BT.

  • Autel MK908 vs. Autel MS906bt: Which one is more advanced?

MK908 is more advanced. Here is why:

FeaturesAutel MK908Autel MS906bt
Display:10 inches8 inches
Battery Life:15000 mAh10000 mAh
Continuous Backup: 14 hours8 hours
Connection:WirelessMaxiVCI V100

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