Autel Maxisys Elite II reviews

What is Autel Maxisys Elite II Scanner?(Review & Compare with Elite/MS909)

If you are a professional car mechanic or garage owner, then you must understand the OBD2 codes. They immensely help in maintaining the performance of your car. But deep scanning requires an advanced scanner to find and fix the issue. And there are many professional scanners now available on the market. Every scanner gives you a different type of decoding and resting options. Maxisys is one of the famous names on the professional scanner list, and their latest addition is the Maxisys Elite 2, which is more intelligent than the previous one. For further details, you must read the whole Autel Maxisys Elite II review article carefully.

How good is this Maxisys Elite 2 automotive diagnostic tool?

As I told you before, this is the latest edition of Maxisys Elite scanner, and it has more features than the previous one. This scanner has an upgraded android operating system with the world’s fastest mobile processor called NVIDIA Tegra. With this, it also has 9.7 inches capacitive touch screen, which helps you quickly find fault with its high resolution up to 2048*1536. This second version of the elite scanner provides you with faster scan results than the older one and gives you access to the ECU. The Maxisys Elite 2 has a better battery than the old one, so you can use this more time than the Maxisys Elite.Maxisys Elite 2 OBD2 Scanner

Quick Summary: All the Features

To know any scanner details, you must know how many functions they offer because the number of these items determines how helpful this device is for your car. And the Maxisys Elite 2 parts are:

  1. 9.7 capatative ratina display,
  2. Built-in microphone with port,
  3. Battery status LED bar for knowing the amount of charge.
  4. 5mp front camera,
  5. 10 mp rare camera with autofocus and flashlight,
  6. Ambient light sensor,
  7. USB port,
  8. HDMI port,
  9. Headphone jack,
  10. DC power supply input port,
  11. OTG/mini USB port,
  12. Mini SD slot,
  13. Removable battery,
  14. Collapsible stand for hands-free viewing,
  15. lock/power button.

This device can operate with AC/DC supply, rechargeable battery, and vehicle power.. so you don’t need to worry about recharging this scanner anywhere.

Comparison: Autel MaxiSys Elite Vs. MaxiSys Elite II Vs. Maxisys MS909

FeaturesAutel MaxiSys EliteMaxiSys Elite IIAutel Maxisys MS909
Operating SystemAndroid 4.4Latest Android 7.0Android 7.0
CPUNvidia T40SSamsung Exynos8895 (8 Core)Samsung Exynos8895 (8 Core)
Speed4*A15 1.8G4*M2 2.3G & 4*A53 1.7G4*M2 2.3G & 4*A53 1.7G
Throttle Position Sensor10105
Back Camera8M16M16M
Remote Expert serviceNoYesYes
Battery testNoYesYes

Key features of this Maxisys Elite 2 OBD2 scanner:

As you know about the function of this Maxisys Elite 2 scanner, you just need to know what is the feature it gives to you:Maxisys Elite 2 OBD2 scanner

Support all 36+ OBD2 functions:

The main reason for using this Maxisys Elite 2 is to decode the trouble code of the OBD2 scanner. With the help of OEM software, this device can unlock the trouble code of any car. So that you can read and clear DTC from the vehicle, data log PIDS, collect sensor data, etc., and do some Autel scan tools like power train the diagnostic data, frame freezing rate, emission data rate, oxygen sensor data, VIN, etc.

Support ECU system:

This Maxisys Elite 2 scanner lets you get the deepest in the ECU system. With this scanner’s help, you can replace the software and programmer in the ECU. You can also load control functions in any static control module, update data in previously installed control modules, etc.

Enhance the car performance:

Autel Maxisys Elite 2 helps to enhance the performance of the car like you can refresh many hidden features in your vehicle like auto start-stop, reverse the lit mirrors, etc. only this scanner helps you to optimize the OE settings like setting the alarm, door locking, etc. by doing this you enhance the performance of the car. That is why this scanner not only scans the car’s trouble but also increases the car’s performance.

38+ extra maintaining options:

Yes, you read it right. You can get more than 36 maintenance options in this Maxisys Elite 2 scanner. You can use this scanner for oil reset, injector coding, BMS serving, airbag reset, battery reset, IMMO critical service, EPB reset, etc., so you don’t need to install another device to maintain your car. So this Maxisys Elite 2 saves some device space and extra money. You can reset the sensitivity of the ABS with the help of the Maxisys Elite 2 scanner.

Cloud service:

Nowadays, cloud service is the most helpful for every car owner and mechanic. And with this Maxisys Elite 2, you can get help from the cloud anywhere and anytime. It also has a cloud manager that saves all previous issues. And sometimes, it’s essential to check eh car history to make any significant changes in the vehicle.

Worldwide vehicle coverage:

This scanner is beneficial and gives you more than 38 maintenance options. That’s why this is very popular all over the world. And this scanner support all most 90% of car in the world. And for this reason, you can use this anywhere in the world and get service there. it support  AUDI,BMW,BENZ,FORD,NISSAN,MITSUBISHI,MINI,FIAT etc top car brand. 

Immo keys: 

If you don’t know what this feature is, let me tell you abo this. With this immo keys function, you can replace your car’s old key with the new one if you accidentally lose it. Not only keys, but you also change the lost essential information and reprogram the key replacement. And this feature is primarily available in most Asian and low-grade American cars with a low-grated anti-theft system. But you don’t get this in premium cars like BMW, BENZ, etc. 

Get access to many hidden features:

There are many hidden features available in your car that you don’t know about. And you can handle it with the help of this Maxisys Elite 2 scanner. The Maxisys Elite 2 is very helpful to the older one. And These are the main features of this automotive scanner. 

Our Review and Opinion on the Autel Maxisys Elite 2 Scanner:

You know about the functionality and features of this Maxisys Elite 2 automotive scanner. Let’s understand why you need to install this in your car:Autel Maxisys Elite 2 Scanner

  • Worldwide service:

This Maxisys Elite 2 scanner is famous worldwide. If you think about their company’s customer service, I assure you that you can get the best service anywhere in the world—this scanner supports up to 90% of car brands worldwide. And customers are very stratified with their service. That’s why you can get any help from anywhere and anytime.

  • Intelligent diagnosis:

This Autel Maxisys Elite 2 OBD2 has a thoughtful diagnosis process. That means you can get the OE of the technical service Bulletin or TSB for any official fault statement. T also minimizes this process. You can find the details of DTC, its analysis, and the exact solution from this professional OBD2 scanner, which saves you some time as well as money.

  • Clear manual:

The most fantastic part of this Maxisys Elite 2 scanner is that you can find the solution step by step. Sometimes it also gives you some maintenance tips and ideas for different solutions. And you get this through a graphic or video to get a clear view of your problem and solution.

  • Huge maintenance option:

One of the most valuable parts of this Maxisys Elite 2 scanner is it gives you more than 36 maintenance options for your car. And for that, you don’t need to buy another device, and you can operate your vehicle’s performance with one scanner. Like oil light reset, ABS bleeding, IMMO service, battery reset, airbag control, injector coding, etc.

I know that if you are new in this car world, then fixing errors and maintenance is the most difficult central part for you. But this Maxisys Elite II auto scanner will help you a lot. Especially, If you are a professional mechanic or want to be a mechanic Autel Maxisys Elite 2 scanner is a must-have tool for you.

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