Autel MaxiSYS Elite Vs. Elite 2 Vs. Ultra: Don’t Buy Before You Compare

If you are new to the OBD2 system, then this article is not for you. Because in this article, we will talk about two of the most advanced OBD2 devices that only suit professional car mechanics. Many brands are popular in the market for diagnosing trouble codes, but only a few offer advanced diagnostic functions. Autel is one of those that has been in the industry for decades, and they are trustworthy for all car professionals. Two of their most advanced scan tools are the Autel MaxiSYS Elite and Elite II. So here we will compare those two scanners and learn some basics about the Autel company.

Why should you choose the Autel brand for a professional OBD2 scanner?

This china based automotive parts supplier Autel is very popular for their excellent quality product. The main motto of every device is to satisfy every customer. Thousand of engineers worked hard night and day to profit from the market and make every customer happy. They produce every range of car parts and scanners. And their affordable device has excellent quality. You can think that the product is also wrong when the price is low. But this is not right for their product. The cost mainly depends on the number of features you get from one device. Otherwise, every product is top-notch in quality.

Autel is not only famous in china or USA but also very popular worldwide. And they care about every customer and provide 24/7 customer care, where an engineer is always ready to help you with any issue you face. And you get a manual with every product, which provides step-by-step guidance for any subject. So try to keep it with you every time you use their product. 

Here we are talking about their OBD2 scanner. This is the best-selling product, and people love it because it’s so budget-friendly, easy to use, and gives you the result very fast. And from all the scanners, we are talking about three specific scanners: Maxisys Elite, Elite 2, and Ultra. So first learn about these three scanners at first:

Comparison Chart: Autel MaxiSYS Elite Vs. Elite 2 Vs. Ultra


Autel MaxiSYS Elite

MaxiSYS Elite II

Maxisys Ultra

Item Dimensions:19 x  17 x 7 inches25.7 x 16.9 x 7.25 inches14.43 x 11.06 x 1.34 inches
Display Size:9.7 Inches9.7 Inches12.9 Inches
Operating System:Android 4.4.4Android 7.0Android 7.0
Software Updates:2 Year FREE1 Year FREE1 Year FREE
Battery:15,400 mAh15,400 mAh18,000 mAh
Camera:8MP8MP5MP & 16MP Front and Rear
Processor:Octa-core 1.8GHzOcta-core processorOcta-core 2.3GHz + 1.7GHz
Removable Battey:YesYesNo
Battery tester:YesYesNo
Repair Data:YesYesNo
DTCs display:NoYesYes

Autel MaxiSYS Elite: All the OBD2 Features

The elite version product is designed with highly advanced innovative diagnostic tools, making it a faster and more intuitive Android operating system than other ordinary scanners. They use NVIDIA Tegra 4, also known as the world’s fastest processor for mobile. With 9.7 inches Retina display, you get ultra-high resolution in the display. And this device gives you the best job in every job related to vehicle diagnosis and analysis of the advanced level ECU program. All these new things make this scanner 2x faster than other ordinary scanners. And the extended battery life and intelligent power-saving options make it perfect for everyone. Autel MaxiSYS Elite

It has complete system coverage of around 80+ cars worldwide, including Asia and Europe. You can quickly diagnose the OBD 2 code with the help of exceptional OE-level functionality. And this also helps in the ECU coding and programming. With the automatic system and software update, you don’t need to think about updating the system, and it takes itself with the help of the internet. You also get interactive data logging sessions to keep many important data, customer info, previous issues, etc., in there. Android system Kitkat 4.4.4 make it faster than other scanners, and you also get 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM in one device. The 8 mp camera is beneficial in the visual inception into the car system. There is also a microphone port, dual speaker, and 3 bands 3.5mm headset jack. With all the audio sector, you can easily hear the issue. 

Autel MaxiSYS Elite II: Quick overview

This scanner is the updated version of Autel Elite. And that’s why you get 2× faster results from the older one. The display is also more sensitive and capacitive so that you can use this scanner with your gloved, moistened, even greasy hand. And the ergonomically angled docking station gives you maximum optimum visibility, and the intelligent device also saves power on its own.Autel MaxiSYS Elite II Scanner

The description of this scanner is just like the Autel Elite one, and there is just a new technical service bulletin search listing added. Additionally, there is a guided procedure for DTC analysis with repairing the fault code with one scanner. Other than that, all features and outlook remain the same as the previous version. But the process also rises, as I told you before. The product price depends on the number of features. So this new one is a little more expensive than the other older version of the scanner. But I guarantee you that you will love the new one more than the older one.

Review of the Autel Maxisys Ultra Advanced OBD2 Device:

This scanner is also called an upgraded version of Autel elite. Ultra version of scanner mainly designed for professionals. And that’s why it has too many features in one device. The 12.9-inch touch screen with android 7.0 means the most upgraded one and is powered by an octa-core processor. And you know this is the maximum upgrading now in any device. All these things make the scanner faster than ever. You get built-in 256GB memory which is enormous, I think. And just like another scanner, you get proper guidance and test components for the confirmation of repairs to the car engine system. You get Autoauth access with all updated versions of other scanners on one device. 

This scanner has more than 36  features—5 in 1 VCM with multiple functions like VCI, oscilloscope, waveform generator, etc. One step intelligent diagnosis process helps you to get a clear picture of car status, fault code, depth analysis for ultra features, etc., from DTC. With the help of the OE level topology model, you get the vehicle crux more clearly, .and the faster diagnosis process just enhances the efficiency of the work and saves some time. You also get 10+ extra and advanced functions in this scanner. Multiple repairment guides also make it easy to solve any issue quickly.Autel Maxisys Ultra OBD2 Scanner

The most important part of this scanner is this it covers almost all cars in the world, including Ford, BMW, BENZ, etc. Professional people love this product because it comes with Bluetooth technology. And you must know that operating a scanner with a cable is a very hard job to do, enhancing the scanner’s performance. 

What features are the same among them?

Above we just know about the details of every scanner. Let’s the difference between scanners to remove your confusion:

Wireless OBD2 Device:

The main common thing in these three scanners in s the wireless operating process. That means you can use it without using any cable. Carrying wire is a very hard job in the field of work. And Autel Maxisys relieves the pain and gives you a wireless product.

Bluetooth connectivity:

Autel Maxisys Elite, Ultra, and Elite 2, all three scanners have Bluetooth connectivity. So that you can easily pass the data and connect the device with your tablet or any big screen,n, etc., this is a very good feature for professionals to find any tiny fault in the engine which is hard to notice on the small screen.

Advanced service function:

You get more than 36 features in one device in every Autel maxisys elite, elite, 2, and ultra scanner. That means one scanner is enough for many jobs.

Microphone connector:

All Autel maxisys elite, elite 2, and the ultra scanner have one microphone port, and sometimes technicians need this to hear the sound of the engine to find the issue in there.


For visual inception, the camera is the best choice for all. And all three Autel maxisys elite, elite 2, and the ultra scanner have a front and rare camera that provides you a high-quality picture.

Wifi connectivity:

You need an internet connection to update your scanner, and these three have these features. And with this wifi connectivity, you can easily update your scanner or use this as an entertainment device for some time.

Ful system diagnostic:

Autel maxisys elite, elite 2, and ultra scanner can use to diagnose all systems in your car. It’s a very smart device and got many features that help you diagnose the whole system of the vehicle. That is why this scanner is the first and favorite choice for professionals and not a perfect choice for a single car owner.

Autel MaxiSYS Elite Vs. Elite II Vs. Ultra: Notable Differences

Android version:

Start talking about the android version of every scanner. Here the most updated one is Ultra, and that is why it gets Android 7, KitKat. And another Elite 2 also gets this android system, but the oldest one still gets the android 4.0 version. 


The memory storage is different from each other. Here the oldest one is the elite scanner, and it memory 32GB. And elite 2 is the second version of this scanner, and you get 64-128GB of memory access in this scanner. And the most updated one is the ultra scanner, and it has 256GB of memory. For professionals, this is a very important thing to buy this scanner, I think. You can store every past result in this memory, and this is very important sometimes to repair any old car. 


Only Autel elite scanner got Nvidia T40S processor, and another two got most powerful octa-core processors from Samsung. And that makes it the fastest scanner of the year. But Ultra is faster than elite 2 because it gets more RAM and ROM.

Battery capacity:

In this section, the Autel elite and elite two got the same 15000 mAh battery capacity, but the Ultra is the latest one, and you get 18000 mAh battery capacity there. So you get more backup than the other two scanners.

Screen size:

You get 9.7 inches most sensitive captative touch screen in both Autel elite and elite 2 scanners, but Ultra gives you more, and it has 12.9 inches big screen so that you can easily find any minor fault from the scanner. 

Guide function:

Each scanner of the Autel gives you very good instruction on function. But from the ultra scanner, you can get advanced advice about function, and now most of the cars are very updated, you need advanced one most of the time. 

Vehicle coverage:

Autel maxisys elite, elite 2, and ultra scanner can cover many car brands. But you get 80+ brand coverage with elite and elite 2 scanners. But Autel Ultra covers 99.99% of car brands all over the world. So that one scanner is enough for any brand of car.

Auto VIN with scanning:

You get all information about your vehicle from Autel maxisys series, but only Autel ultra can scan the license of the car with its advanced technology.

Multimeter and waveform generator:

You get a high-quality oscilloscope with MP408, which gives you a multimeter and waveform generator with Ultra. But in other two scanners have a normal kind of oscilloscope. So you don’t get extra features in there.

Price comparison:

I told you before that the price doesn’t depend on the product quality; it depends on the features of the scanner. From that perspective, Autel ultra is a smarter device than the other two. That is why this is the most expensive one on this list. Then elite 2 and most cheap of this two is the oldest one, elite. 

Compare other technical features:

VCI:  you get VCI Maxiflush elite in both Autel elite and elite 2 scanners, but it’s different in the ultra scanner. It has Maxiflush VCMI.

DTC analysis: you can get the details from Autel maxisys elite and ultra series, but only the Ultra scanner gives you the analytical result of the system.

Solution of the trouble code: as the newest scanner, only Ultra has this feature that fixed the fault code in the care system. And another two are unable to do it.

After the scan of the DTC display: just like above, you get this job in the ultra version of the scanner. And Autel elite and elite 2 don’t do this scan.

Get OEM info: you can get OEM info from the Autel ultra scanner. But elite and elite 2 don’t have this ability.

Battery test: I think this is a very useful and important feature for every scanner. But you don’t get this feature in Autel elite scanner. And the other two have this function.  

DoIP/CAN FD protocols: you get access to the CAN FD with the Autel Ultra scanner. But the other two don’t give you this access. 

CAN bus checker: Autel Ultra checks the CAN bus, and this is very useful for any professional. The other two don’t get this check ability.

NON-OBD2 adaptors: you get non-OBD 2 adaptors with Autel elite 2 scanners, but it’s not coming with Ultra or elite scanner of Autel.

5 in 1 VCMI: it’s included with Autel ultra scanner, and you don’t get it with elite or elite 2.

Recommendation: Which professional scanner is the winner?

Now from all sides, Autel Ultra is the best scanner. It’s updated, innovative, and got many extra features than the other two scanners. If you think about the money, I believe this scanner is worth every penny. Don’t get confused and buy the Ultra scanner for your car repairing garage. This scanner is a little bit bigger than the other two. If you want a small one, then the other two are perfect. You got almost every feature there, and it is also easy to use and cheap in price. So buy with your preference. But the best one on every side is the Ultra scanner. You don’t need any additional device to repair any code in the system.

And all these three scanners are wireless. You don’t need to worry about a cable. And built-in batter just gives you more backup. With the huge memory, you can store any important information or older car history there. No need to attach any external memory for that. The Ultra scanner is faster than the other two scanners, so it saves your time more than the other two. This scanner gets you coverage of most of the brands in the market. That means one scanner is enough. 

In the end, if you want one scanner for multiple jobs, then go with Autel ultra. This scanner really is the best replacement for the other two. It’s an updated and most powerful processor, which saves you time. In my opinion, Autel ultra is the best choice for the professional field. This saves your time in diagnosis and money for other extra features.

Final Thought

We reach the bottom of this debate about which one is the best and why. And I think the result is variable. At first, all these three scanners are not for beginner use. Autel designed this scanner specially for professional reasons. So all these three scanners are perfect for the technician. And the price is also very high, and you don’t need that many features for using it in your car. So if you want to buy it for your vehicle, then I think to check a normal scanner, don’t waste money on it. 

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