Autel MD802 vs MD808 vs MD806 Scanner

How to compare Autel MD802 with MD808 and MD806?

Autel is a famous OBD2 brand, and its scan tools come with several unique features. You will find huge collections with an attractive outlook, efficient working, accurate results, and an admirable warranty. There are several models of Autel that are trusted for their excellent features and advantages. From those, Autel MaxiDIAG MD802, MD808, and MD806 have different characteristics with a few similarities. Now we will compare them and pick the best one considering the exceptional features.

Are there any similarities between Autel MD802, MD808, and MD806?

Autel’s products are user-friendly and come with a lot of features that ensure the consumer’s satisfaction. Suppose you want to get Autel MD804, but MD802 and MD806 are available. When you know the similarities between the three different models of Autel, you can quickly decide to buy one of the alternatives.

  • All are Battery Powered

Each of the three scanners runs on battery power. Among them, Autel MD806 itself works for battery registration and reset. It will check and give a solution to your scanner’s battery issue. Autel MD808 is related to battery maintenance services. The MaxiDIAG MD802 is powered by a single AA battery.

  • All Offers Full OBD II Coverage

Providing global OBD II coverage is a significant advantage of the scanner, suitable for use in any country with English language. The Autel MD806 scan device provides global OBD II coverage. But, all can use it in English. So, it has no limitation on working worldwide. Autel MD 808 has an electronic engine management system. It works to identify the OBD II codes and also works for solving the issues.

  • Clear Trouble Codes

Autel MD 802, MD 806, and 808 have another common feature. Both three devices show you error codes on the screen and remove them. If your vehicle’s condition is good, you can quickly solve the problem without the help of a maintenance specialist.

  • All show Live Datastream

It is an excellent feature for any OBD II scanner. The Autel MD 802, MD 806, and MD 808 scanners from the Autel can present you with your car’s or other vehicle’s live data. You can see the vehicle’s speed, braking condition, malfunction, misfire in any part of the car, or other issues live on screen.

Autel MD802 Vs. MD808  Vs. MD806: In-depth Comparison

Autel MD808 is a comparatively newer model of Autel. So, it has relatively more advantages than the other ones. On the other hand, the Autel MD802 is the oldest model. So, its features are comparatively lower than the others. Now I am showing you the essential characteristics of Autel MD 802, MD 806, and MD 808 to make the differentiating process easier for you.

MaxiDIAG Comparison Table: Autel MD802 Vs. MD808  Vs. MD806


Autel MD802

Autel MD808

Autel MD806

Display:TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)4.0 inch LCD with 800×480 resolution4.0 inch LCD with 800×480 resolution
Product Dimensions:7.8″ x 4.1″ x 1.5″16″ x 12″ x 5.7″8.3″ x 3.6″ x 1.4″
Connectivity:Micro SD Card (16GB)Micro SD Card (16GB)Mini USB: 2.0; Micro SD Card (16GB)
System Coverage:All SystemsEngine, Transmission, ABS, SRSEngine, Transmission, ABS, SRS
Memory:32M+16G32MB, 166 MHz32MB, 166 MHz
Battery Management:NoYesYes
Throttle Services:NoYesYes
Battery Registration and Reset:NoYesYes
Price:Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
  • Compare Product Weight

Autel MD806 is 3.59 lb (57.44 oz) in weight, MD808P is 4.55, and MD802 is 1.1 lb (17.6 oz). Comparatively, the Autel MD 808 is the heaviest of the three devices. Although heavier weights are harder to carry, people choose them as a modern device with several advantages.

  • Differences in Product Dimensions

Different Autel products are in various dimensions. The MD 808 of Autel is the biggest one among the three. It is 16″ × 12″ × 5.7″ in size. The size will take more space to place with its heavier weight. Autel MD802 Vs. MD808  Vs. MD806

  • Language Support

Only the Autel MD 806 supports multiple languages. Autel MD802 and MD804 are, however, in English. So, if you are comfortable with your native language and want to make the device more accessible, buy the MD 806. It supports the following languages: Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Polish, Dutch, and Swedish.

  • Autel MaxiDIAG MD802 Don’t Show Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Data

Measuring wheel position and angle and fixing where the vehicle wants to run is the central task of steering angle. The driver determines the destination, and the angle allows him to run according to the steering maintenance. The Autel MD808 and MD806 can diagnose the car’s steering angle sensor data, but the MD802 cannot. The sensor is absent in the Autel MD 802 scanner.  

Recommendation: Which one Should You Buy?

As a well-reputed company, Autel is always one of the best. Their products are also efficient in fulfilling public demand. Here is my suggestion-

Who should buy the Autel Maxidiag MD808 scanner?

If you do not feel any problem using a product with a significant dimension and weight, you can use the Autel MD 808 with some valuable features. The SAS feature is available in the Autel MD808.Autel MD808 Scanner

Autel MD806 Best Suit For:

Suppose you are not familiar with the English language. It is hard for you to understand the trouble codes. You must try to find an alternative to the scanner, and the new one should be in your language. The Autel 806 has different language settings to control and get the results. If your language is within the limitations of Autel MD 806, you can use it easily. The SAS feature is also available on the Autel Maxidiag MD806. So, when you want both language support and SAS features, the Autel MD806 is ready for you.Autel MD806 Scanner

Who Should Buy Autel MD802 OBD2 Device?

Suppose you need to find an affordable one and don’t need the SAS feature. Then you can take an Autel MD802 that has all the essential scanning features.

Autel’s reputation and admirable features made it a desired scanner for all classes of vehicle users. Some exceptional features of Autel also make it suitable for both beginners and professionals.Autel MD 802 OBD2 Scanner


  • Is Autel A Chinese Brand?

Although the first producer of Autel was China, there are some critical ways of achieving the goals of Autel. To attract people, Autel uses the term “Made in the USA” on their latest products. It is aimed at attracting customers and also creating a strong customer relationship.

  • Is Autel A Good Brand?

Autel’s products are efficient in building a solid customer relationship. Moreover, their products are used in multipurpose vehicles. Its variation in the different models is admirable. The attractive outlook and quick-solve feature make Autel good to use with every car.

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